THE WOODS OF BRUSHY CREEK HOA, Inc.
                        Date: February 15, 2010
                      Monthly HOA Board Meeting

1.      Call to Order/Establish a Quorum

     Board President, Shean Dalton, called the meeting to order at 6:08 p.m. Board
     members in attendance were:

            Shean Dalton, President
            Lynn Cox, Secretary
            Dan Marcott, Member at Large and ACC Chair

     Debra Johnson, Property Manager from Goodwin Management, was also present.

2.      President’s Comments

     Shean Dalton updated the homeowners on the new signage at the entrance of the
     neighborhood and that is was near completion. A walk-through will occur and the
     remaining balance owed to the contractor will be paid. Williamson County has
     repaired some neighborhood sidewalks and they have been willing to do so upon
     notice of a problem.

     There was a request from a homeowner that the HOA enter into a Subordination
     Agreement as the homeowner was closing on a home equity loan. Since the
     money was not being used for improvement to the property, the Board agreed that
     a 60-day notice agreement would be signed by the President to insure that the
     HOA would be paid any outstanding monies should the property ever be
     foreclosed upon. By signing the 60-day Agreement, there would not be a delay in
     the homeowners closing date and the homeowners 2010 dues would be paid at
     closing. A Motion was made by Dan Marcott to sign the 60-day notice agreement
     and seconded by Lynn Cox.

3.      Treasurer’s Financial and Budget Report

     Clint Horn, Treasurer provided his report to the Board and Debra Johnson,
     Property Manager via e-mail as he was not able to attend the meeting. His report
     reflects a breakout of expenses for the month of January 2010 and totals
     $5,783.52. President Shean Dalton commented that the report reflects
     improvement on receipt of HOA dues for 2010 over 2009.

4.      Committee Reports
              Landscaping Committee – Nancy McCabe proposed giving the Blue
               Ribbon Awards once a quarter to save costs of printing the awards.
               The Yard of the Month would continue. Shean Dalton said that she
               had a budget of $800.00 a year and thanked her for trying to save the
               association money.
              Website Committee – Shean Dalton reported that the website had been
               updated. The quarterly newsletter will be posted in late March and was
               confirmed later by Patty Langlet. The September 2009 – January 2010
               yard of the month winners were posted. The monthly meeting dates
               and times will be posted along with an agenda for each monthly
               meeting so homeowners will know what will be discussed at the
               meetings should they have an interest in a particular item.
              Neighborhood Watch Committee – Walt Kluchki submitted his
               monthly report to the Board listing violations his committee had
               observed. He made a recommendation that the HOA evoke the
               DCC&R, Article VI, Sec 5: addressing the problem of repeated noise,
               drug use, etc. from certain problematic residences since the WCSD
               have not in the past been the most effective way in correcting the
               complaints by neighboring residents. The Board will discuss this
               recommendation and report to the homeowners following their
               research into the legalities of this recommendation.
              Newsletter Committee – Patty Langlet reported that she would have the
               next newsletter out by March 26 and that the deadline to submit
               articles, etc. would be March 5.
              Pool Committee- Dan Marcott reported that opening day would be
               April 1, 2010. Signs would be put up for picking up pool keys on
               Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings prior to the opening and
               that homeowners should watch for those dates. Pool key costs would
               remain at $120.00 for 2010. Approximately 70 homeowners purchased
               pool keys for 2009 season. Minor repairs would be made prior to
               April 1. There will be an occupancy number sign posted at the
               entrance of the pool in the near future.
              Social/Welcome Committee – There was no report from this

5.      Old Business


6.      New Business

     Homeowner, John McLemore gave a report pertaining to possible refunds owed
     to certain homeowners because of the Round Rock water contract changes and the
     developers in the Woods of Brushy Creek. The report was informative and
     President, Shean Dalton thanked Mr. McLemore for his efforts in informing the
     community of his findings. Any homeowners affected should contact Mr.
     McLemore directly as this is not an issue for the HOA Board.

     Additional discussion was had regarding forming an Infractions Committee to
     better communicate directly with homeowners prior to written violation notices
     going out. No decisions were made at this time.

     Dan Marcott reported that there were six (6) inquiries regarding architectural
     requests from homeowners.

     Shean Dalton reported that some corner hedges would be trimmed back because
     of safety concerns.

7.      Adjourn

     With no further business, Dan Marcott moved that the meeting be adjourned and
     Lynn Cox seconded the Motion.

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