Clocks�Telling Time by mB83oa


									Clocks…Telling Time
      By:Julie Keith
      For: EDU 506
       Dr. B. Lewis
      June 28, 2000
Clocks…Telling Time
 This PowerPoint will
  teach you to tell time.
  You will learn the
  parts of a clock and
  how to read the time
  to the nearest hour and
Clocks…Telling Time

 Tell time by the hour,
 Tell time by the half-hour,
 Read clock times written, and
 Read clock times as numbers.
    Clocks…Telling Time
 The shortest hand on this clock
  is red. It is the hour hand. The
  hour hand is the number written
  and spoken first.
 When it is pointing directly at
  the number that is the hour.
 It is written 11:00
 It is spoken eleven o’clock.
Clocks…Telling Time
 Now it is your turn.
 What color is the hour
 What number is it
  pointing toward?
 The time is:

 4:00 or four o’clock
  Clocks…Telling Time
 The short hour hand
  can also come between
  two numbers. The
  number that comes
  first is the hour.
 What numbers is the
  short hand between?
 Which number comes
 The hour is:
 1: ??
    Clocks…Telling Time
 The longest hand tells the
  minutes. The minutes are
  spoken and written last.
 When the long minute hand
  touches 12 it means
 When the long minute hand
  touches the 6 it means thirty
  minutes are past (:30).
   Clocks…Telling Time
     Now let us practice:
7:30                         10:30
seven-thirty                 ten-thirty

               5:30          3:00
o’clock        five-thirty   three o’clock
  Thank you.

Have fun telling

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