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									              KSD Technology-Integrated Unit Template

                                                                                     Date     August 2, 2004

Unit Overview
Title                              Early Settlers of Washington State: Shaping a Culture.

Unit Summary                       Students will learn about the various cultural societies who contributed to
                                   making Washington the community it is today. They will apply inquiry skills,
                                   and communicate their learning through Inspiration, Excel, PowerPoint and
                                   Word to create a personal resource of information to revisit and share.
Essential Academic Learning Requirements:
Reading GLEs: The student reads different materials for a variety of purposes. 3.1 Read to learn new
information. Reading 2.1 Demonstrate evidence of reading comprehension. State the main idea of an
informational/expository text passage and provide 3 or more text based details that support it.

Social Studies: History 1: Student Examines and understands main ideas, eras, themes, developments,
turning points, chronology, and cause-effect relationships in Washington State History. H 1.2 Understand
events, trends, individuals, and movements shaping Washington State History. 1.3: examine the influence of
culture on Washington State History
Economics 1: students understand the impact of scarcity on their personal lives and on the households,
business, governments, and societies in which they are participants.
 E1.1 Understand that the condition of scarcity requires people to choose among alternatives and bear the
consequences of that choice.
 Geography: 3. The student observes and analyzes the interaction between people, the environment, and
culture. 3.3 Examine cultural characteristics, transmission, diffusion and interaction.

Writing: 2. The student writes in a variety of forms for different audiences and purposes. 2.3 write in a variety
of forms including journals, essays, and research reports.

KSD Curriculum Frameworks (or SLOs):
Writing Focus: Writes clearly and effectively narrows topic and selects relevant details to elaborate.
Synthesizes information from more than one resource, especially for informational writing or to respond to a
question or prompt (3.1, 1.1)

Social Studies Targets: Who were the first people of Washington and how did they use their environment to
meet their basic needs?
        o Who were the cultural groups who immigrated to Washington prior to 1889 and how and why did
            they come, and where did they settle?
        o Examine the challenges and the conflicts the settlers faced.
        o Identify economic opportunities that encouraged settlers to relocate in Washington. Explain how all
            regions specialize in different economic opportunities.
        o 2.2.1 Observe and describe the human characteristics of the local area and Washington State
        o 3.1.1a Identify choices individuals have in how they interact with the environment
             KSD Technology-Integrated Unit Template

KSD Technology:
    Student Tech Standards: I. Student as information navigator a. Information acquisition: use online and
    electronic resources to communicate, collaborate and retrieve information.
    Technology incorporated into the lesson plan would be:
     interactive map that shows where various cultural communities settled in Washington State
    compare and contrast map illustrating a Native American tribe of WA State with another settler group
    such as the Finnish or Asian cultures
    electronic document Journal created in PowerPoint with questions that encourage writing about cause
    and effect relationships pertaining to the settling of WA St
    Research Folder with web links appropriate for their research assignment.
Learning Outcomes (Enduring Understandings) – (relates UBD worksheet 5.1)
Students will learn that there are diverse communities that make up the culture of Washington State; the
diverse immigrants who settled prior to 1890 and Native Americans. The rapid population growth between
1800-1890 witnessed cultures coming together and natural resources fostering a robust economy. The rapid
coming together of different cultures impacted the Native Americans already thriving in Washington. As
students learn about the development of Washington as a state and diverse culture, students will learn to apply
the skills note taking, organizing data with thinking maps, reading from a variety of resources to collect
information. Students will write essays in their journal about how the culture was impacted by rapid growth,
thriving industries as an emerging multicultural society; cause and effect questions will touch on this theme.
Students will work in cooperative groups, present information to their peers and use a variety of technology to
gather and be assessed of their learning.
Please note, a unit on Washington State Native Americans is pre-taught prior to the lesson.
Overarching Essential Question(s) – (relates to UBD worksheet 5.5 and/or 6.3)
       Why do people leave their home and find a new one?
       How can people influence a place they’ve settled?
       What attracted immigrants to various regions of Washington State?
       How can the state of the economy influence growth?
       If you put many people of different cultures together in one place would you expect that they get along?
        Why or why not?
Evidence of Learning Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of rapid growth
in Washington State as it developed from a territory and rapidly grew to statehood. The Students
will produce a journal on PowerPoint. Many of the entries will require the student to describe
changes in Washington as it develops into a territory and state. Students will be asked to
examine cause and effect relationships between events that occurred during the rapid growth
of the area based on cultural changes, economic growth, historical and geographic significance. An interactive
map will be updated by students that illustrates where growth developed, what motivated the growth, and which
settlers came to build.
Management Strategies: Students will have access to computer lab for 45 minutes each day. Instructor will also
schedule the computer carts for the class the during the American Expansionist portion of the unit.
              KSD Technology-Integrated Unit Template

Unit Implementation – Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction
      Instructional Activities                    Time            Grouping        Scaffolds          Assessments
Early Explorers of WA. State.                 Total of 5 days    Students can     Research        Teacher will
Delivery: Lecture & Group                     ( 1hour block      work in          on web:          conduct informal
Collaboration, Pair Collaboration, Class      each day)          groups up to     teacher          assessment of
Discussion                                    1.5 – 2 days:      3 students or                     students as they
                                                                                  folders of web
Students will use inquiry skills in pair      Students           independentl     sites with       work
collaboration to research the series of       research           y while          appropriate      collaboratively.
events in which Washington State was                             researching.     research.        Teacher also
                                               2 days:
discovered and claimed by European                                     ···                         checks to be sure
Explorers. Students may use Encarta or                           Class as a                        all students are
                                              collaboration to
the internet files gathered by the                               whole                             updating their
                                              complete the
teacher.                                                         contributes                       journal and map
                                              timeline of
A guide of inquiry questions is                                  information to                    regularly.
                                              events and
generated by the teacher. The teacher         2 days:            complete the                       (The PowerPoint
provides a folder of internet files for the   class              timeline of      Students         will be assessed at
students to research on the computer,         discussion         events from      will keep        the end of the unit
and books in the classroom to find their                         1500’s to        an ongoing       as the entries
                                              1 day:
answers. The class will meet together                            1820’s.          journal of       accumulate
for interactive writing to create a           Q&A and            Lecture &                         throughout the unit.)
                                              Assessment                          discovery
timeline of events and discuss the                               Discussion.      in
motivations of explorers and the effect       piece.
                                                                 Students         PowerPoint
of explorers’ arrival on the Native                              journal by
Americans.                                                       themselves       Excel-
Independent writing: Students will write
in a journal after most lessons to
                                                                  Students       map to plot
document their learning. Writing will be
                                                                 have the         where
for a variety of purposes.
                                                                 option to        explorers &
(Instructor will pre-teach inquiry skills                        organize their   settlers
prior; they will be reinforced.)                                 notes in         established
                                                                 Inspiration.     (ongoing
                                                                                  each phase
                                                                                  of unit.)
             KSD Technology-Integrated Unit Template

Early Settlers: A melting Pot of         7 Days (1 hour   Whole group,                       Geographic Map-
Cultures 1820’s-1890                     each day)        pair             - Journal         informal
                                         Day1 & 2:        collaboration,                     assessment-are
A. (American Expansionists)              Lecture 1.       individual                         students keeping
                                         Day 3:           work                               the map up?.
Missionaries, westward movement                                            Geographic
                                         Lecture 2.       Inspiration:     map of
 Delivery: Lecture/Discussion
                                         Day 4:           note taking -    settlers.         TESA: EDRO
Students Pair Share review                                optional
                                         Lecture 3.                                          (equitable
1. reasons for expansion: manifest                        electronically                     distribution of
destiny, scarcity                        Day 5:
                                         Lecture 4.                                          response
read trade book: The Children of the                                                         opportunities)
Westward Trail (pgs 43-50)               Day 6:
                                                                                             Clipboard sheet to keep
pair collaboration, note taking (in      Lecture 5                                           remarks
graphic organizers) pair A/B checking,   Day 7:
class discussion                         Lecture 6
2. Cost of Moving: Selling everything
you own, buy what you need for the
next year.
Students will read: A Packet Of Seeds,
by Deborah Hopkins
3. What resources attracted settlers?
4. Edging out Native Americans
5. The New economy of WA
6. Cause and effect of change on
Native Americans

Early Settlers: A Melting Pot of         3 Days (1        Whole group,     Inspiration:      Inspiration: 2
Cultures 1820’s-1890. Europeans          hour/day)        pair             Thinking          thinking skills maps:
(Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian          Lecture/         collaboration,   Maps to           40 total
Settlers)                                Discussion       individual       describe
 Delivery: Lecture, Reading a trade      Documentation                                       Informal
                                                                           of Nordic
book: Our One and Only Amelia May,                                         Community.        assessment to
Discussion                                                                 Venn              ascertain if students
Note taking and compare/contrast with                                      Diagram-          are cooperating in
graphic organizers.                                                        Compare/cont      pair groups and if
                                                                           rast Nordic       they are updating
                                                                           Community to      their interactive
                                                                                             map and journal.
                                                                           Update            Student Reflection:
                                                                           Interactive       Teacher
                                                                           Map               Conference for
                                                                           PowerPoint        continuing
                                                                           : update          assessment of
                                                                           Journal           journal writing.
              KSD Technology-Integrated Unit Template

Early Settlers: A Melting Pot of             2 days (1 hour    Whole group,     - Venn         Venn Diagram:
Cultures 1820’s-1890. Asian Delivery:        each)             pair/share       diagram        20 points
Lecture, Discussion Asian citizens                                              comparing
came to the area with great hopes fed                                           Asian
by the Gold Rush and railroad                                                   Culture to
expansion. Asians came to make a                                                Native
better living; they saw their destiny in a                                      Culture
place of rich natural resources and a
                                                                                - Update
prospering economy. Yet Asians were
treated no better than the Native                                               Interactive
Americans who were on the bottom of                                             Map
the social scale.
                                                                                - Journal

The State of Washington by 1890:             2 days (1 hour    Entire Group                    Interactive
Lecture/Discussion, and Presentations        each)             Individual                      Geographic Map:
Final Discussion                                               work.                           40 points
Review; pulling all information together.
Complete Interactive geographical map
and                                                                                            Journal: 100 points
Allow students to share (optional for
each student) PowerPoint Journals
Accommodation Options
ELL / IP Students                 Heterogynous grouping, use of computer for all activities for students with
                                  motor impairment, ELL may create drawings to add to writing prompts
Highly-Capable Students           Extra Credit to create diorama of a cultural community in WA, can create
                                  additional journal entries in PowerPoint.
Prerequisite Skills               Students will be able to inquire by internet research using Encarta. They will be
                                  able to access research folders prepared by the instructor, they will be able to
                                  create graphic organizers, and use the following software: Inspiration, Excel,
                                  PowerPoint and Word. They will be able to read expository text, write for a
                                  variety of purposed, including explaining a cause and effect relationship, letter,
                                  poster making.
                 KSD Technology-Integrated Unit Template

Materials and Resources Required for Unit
Adopted Print Materials:
Adopted and other Audio/Visual:
Supplemental Resources (including Internet resources): See research folder for electronic files (scaffold).
    The Children of the Westward Trail By: Rebecca Stefoff
    Our One and Only Amelia May, by Jennifer L. Holm,
    Washington, The Early Years by Carol L. Sanderson and Charlotte A. Williams
    A Packet Of Seeds, by Deborah Hopkins
Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed.)
X    Computer(s)                    VCR                         X    Projection System
    Printer                         Video Camera                    Camera
    Digital Camera              X       Scanner                     Video Conferencing
    Television                      Laserdisc                       Other
Technology – Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)
X    Word                           FrontPage                   X    KidPix
X    Excel                      X       Internet Explorer       X    Inspiration
    PowerPoint                      SchoolKiT                       Clicker 4
    Publisher                   X       Encarta                     Image Blender/Photo Editor

First and Last Name                 Ruth Markert
Grade Level                         4
Email                               Ruth.Markert@kent.k12.wa.us

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