Developing images using repeating patterns a computer graphics package with a range of tools and edit features clip art scanner

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					                                                    FDG109 - Extending Subject Knowledge in ICT

Resources required to cover QCA Scheme of Work for
QCA Unit                     Computer software              Hardware                  Other materials
Unit 1A An introduction to    object-based graphics
                               package, eg ‘My World’
                               with screens which
                               represent real or fantasy
                              simple adventure
                              painting program with
                               stamps or motifs
                              clip art

Unit 1B Using a word bank     word processor with           mouse                    collection of written text,
                               talking word bank facility                               eg posters, signs, labels
                              word bank

Unit 1C                       multimedia program, eg        tape recorder            sound tapes
Th Information around us
                               talking book, adventure                                 assorted pictures
                               game                                                    samples of text from
                                                                                        different sources and for
                                                                                        different purposes
                                                                                       pictures of signs and
                                                                                        symbols in everyday life

Unit 1D                       word processor with a                                   a variety of large and
Labelling & clasifying
                               word bank and graphic                                    small coloured balls and
                               insert capability                                        blocks
                              word bank with shapes,                                  size and shape labels
                               sizes and colours                                       pictures of the objects
                                                                                        on cards

Unit 1E                       graphing package for                                    pictures showing modes
Representing information
graphically - pictograms       creating pictograms                                      of transport
                                                                                       a picture of a street
                                                                                       a collection of shapes
Unit 1F                                                      tape recorder            cards showing each
Understanding instructions
and making things happen                                     battery-operated toys     stage in a recipe
                                                             remote-controlled toy

Unit 2A                       word processor                                          printed sheets showing
Writing stories:
communicating information     examples of older                                        pictures with empty
using text                     children’s word                                          speech bubbles
                               processing                                              published children’s
                              text files                                               books

Unit 2B                       a graphics package with                                 books showing the work
Creating pictures
                               a range of tools and edit                                of artists

                                                      FDG109 - Extending Subject Knowledge in ICT

Unit 2C                        a CD-ROM
Finding information
                                encyclopedia that can
                                be searched by menu,
                                index and key word
Unit 2D                                                     one, or more, floor         a large map of an
Routes: controlling a floor
turtle                                                       turtles which follows        imaginary treasure
                                                             instructions such as         island, marked with
                                                             forward 10, right 5          treasure spots
                                                                                         A4 copies of the
                                                                                          treasure map for
                                                                                          recording instructions
Unit 2E                        a graphing program to
Questions and answers
                                create pictograms with a
                                selection of prepared
                                picture sets
                               a binary tree program
                                with a selection of
                                prepared data files
                               a database with a
                                prepared data file for
                                demonstration purposes
Unit 3A                        graphics package                                         a range of greeting
Combining text and
graphics                       word processor                                            cards
                               a CD-ROM with pictures
                                or a clip art file
Unit 3B                        music composition           electronic keyboard with    CD-ROM of musical
Manipulating sound
                                software with icons to       a range of sounds and        instruments
                                represent musical            the ability to store and    musical cards showing
                                phrases                      play sequences               pictures of various
                                                            tape recorders               musical instruments
                                                                                          whose sound can be
                                                                                          recreated on an electric

Unit 3C                        a computer database                                      measuring equipment
Introduction to databases
                                with the information                                      such as scales, height
                                from the record cards                                     measures and rulers
                                                                                         a set of paper-based
                                                                                          record cards

Unit 3D                        a computer simulation
Exploring simulations
                                which allows the user to
                                make choices, enter
                                data, explore
                                consequences, and to
                                freeze position, eg an
                                adventure game
Unit 3E                        e-mail with address
Unit 4A                        word processor                                           newspaper articles
Writing for different
audiences                      text files
Unit 4B                        a computer graphics         scanner, digital camera
Developing images using
repeating patterns              package with a range of
                                tools and edit features
                               clip art

                                                    FDG109 - Extending Subject Knowledge in ICT

Unit 4C                      a branching database                                     a variety of objects for
Branching databases
                              with a prepared data file                                 ‘keying out’, such as
                              of one of the above                                       labelled rocks, pictures
                                                                                        of plants, household

Unit 4D                      graphing package                                         examples of different
Collecting and presenting
information:                 measuring equipment                                       graphs
questionnaires and pie       data handling package
Unit 4E                      a version of LOGO that        a floor turtle            worksheets of
Modelling effects on
screen                        includes the commands                                     sequences
                              clear, penup and                                         graph paper
                              pendown and which
                              allows final results to be
                              printed out

Unit 5A                      object-based drawing
Graphical modelling
Unit 5B                      a variety of prepared
Analysing data and asking
questions: using              databases including a
complex searches              database on birds
                             data-handling software
                              that uses logical
                              operators including
                              ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ for
                              searching data
                             Internet access
Unit 5C                      prepared data files
Evaluating information,
checking accuracy and         containing errors
questioning plausibility
Unit 5D                      spreadsheet software                                     a variety of receipts
Introduction to
spreadsheets                 a prepared spreadsheet
Unit 5E                                                     control box
Controlling devices
                                                            simple switches and
                                                             output devices such as
                                                             buzzers, lights and
                                                             small motors
Unit 5F                                                     datalogging equipment     traditional thermometer,
Monitoring environmental
conditions and changes                                                                  beakers
Unit 6A                      multimedia authoring          microphone                printouts of sample
Multimedia presentation
                              package                                                   pages
                             CD-ROMs (Internet

Unit 6B                      spreadsheet software                                     a variety of receipts
Spreadsheet modelling
Unit 6C                                                     control box               output devices, such as
Control and monitoring –
What happens when...?                                                                   bulbs, small motors and
                                                                                       input devices, such as
                                                                                        pressure pads and light
Unit 6D                      a range of bookmarked         internet access           a range of printed
                              internet sites prepared                                   information sources
                              by the teacher                                            from CD-ROM or
                             word processing or DTP                                    internet
                              package                                                  a range of newspapers


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