IC3 Lesson 16 SG by 4pHbs4


									IC3 Lesson 16 Study Guide

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____    1. One common example of desktop publishing is newsletters.
____    2. Your document can have a header or footer, but not both.
____    3. When you insert page numbers in a document, the page number will appear in a header or a footer.
____    4. Footnotes and endnotes are linked to an in-text reference symbol--usually a letter or numeral in superscript.
____    5. To work with a graphic, you must select it.
____    6. Because a text box is a graphic, you can resize and position it like other graphics.
____    7. Styles are not included in templates.
____    8. An organization chart is an example of the type of graphic you can create with WordArt.
____    9. Blog is an abbreviated version of the term “Web logon.”
____ 10. The advantage of SMS over e-mail is that SMS can go with you anywhere, making communication
         convenient and more efficient.

Modified True/False
Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the identified word or phrase to make the statement true.

____ 11. Placeholder text in fields prompts you for the information. ____________________
____ 12. A header is information and/or graphics that print in the bottom margin of the page. ____________________
____ 13. When you start to enter calendar terms, such as the month, the day of the week, or the current date,
         AutoComplete will show the complete term in a ScreenTip. ____________________
____ 14. Footnotes are placed together at the end of the document. ____________________
____ 15. Use one of the circle corner sizing handles to reduce or enlarge a graphic proportionally, changing both
         dimensions of the graphic approximately equally. ____________________

Complete each statement.

       16. A ____________________ is a headline that spreads the full width of the page.
       17. Building blocks often include ____________________, which indicate where you can insert variable text or
       18. A ____________________ is information and/or graphics that print in the top margin of the page.
       19. ____________________ are non-text items such as digital photos, scanned images, and pictures.
       20. When you ____________________ a graphic, you cut off portions of the graphic that you do not want to

             Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition.

             a.   Clip art
             b.   AutoShape
             c.   Drawing object
             d.   SmartArt graphic
             e.   WordArt
____   21.   A shape, curve, or line used to create your own graphic.
____   22.   Built-in, predesigned, and formatted graphics which you can use to illustrate concepts and ideas.
____   23.   A drawing that is ready to insert in a document.
____   24.   A feature that enables you to transform text into a graphic.
____   25.   A predesigned drawing object, such as a star, an arrow, or a rectangle.
IC3 Lesson 16 Study Guide
Answer Section


      1.   ANS:   T         PTS:   1
      2.   ANS:   F         PTS:   1
      3.   ANS:   T         PTS:   1
      4.   ANS:   T         PTS:   1
      5.   ANS:   T         PTS:   1
      6.   ANS:   T         PTS:   1
      7.   ANS:   F         PTS:   1
      8.   ANS:   F         PTS:   1
      9.   ANS:   F         PTS:   1
     10.   ANS:   T         PTS:   1


     11. ANS: T                        PTS: 1
     12. ANS: F, footer

         PTS: 1
     13. ANS: T                        PTS: 1
     14. ANS: F
         End notes

         PTS: 1
     15. ANS: T                        PTS: 1


     16. ANS: banner

         PTS: 1
     17. ANS: fields

         PTS: 1
     18. ANS: header

         PTS: 1
     19. ANS: Graphics

         PTS: 1
     20. ANS: crop
         PTS: 1


   21.   ANS:   C   PTS:   1
   22.   ANS:   D   PTS:   1
   23.   ANS:   A   PTS:   1
   24.   ANS:   E   PTS:   1
   25.   ANS:   B   PTS:   1

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