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					                                                     Techniques of Supervision
                                                         Fall 2008 Midterm
                                                       Professor Steven Isler
                                                          October 22, 2008
Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

____     1. Three of four supervisors are promoted from within

____     2. Attendance- Professor Isler believes that you should treat employees fairly and equally, per Bill Cosby.

____     3. An extra year of high school adds one million dollars to a worker’s lifetime earnings

____     4. A wise supervisor will realize that he or she will have no voice in changing company policies; the best
            practice is simply to accept any problems caused by ineffective policies.

____     5. The systematic approach is almost always a good way to attack any management problem.

____     6. Of the five distinct stages that help the new supervisor make a smoother transition to management the first is
                     called taking hold

____     7. Attendance- Professor Isler’s father looked Bill Clinton right in the eyes and said “Don’t forget the colored

____     8. Unity of command is the idea is that an employee should receive instructions from no more than three

____     9. The application form must not include information about an applicant's education.

____    10. Management principles can be thought of as universally applicable guidelines for carrying out the
                  management process and they were first identified by Henri Fayola French Engineer and Director of

____    11. Managers accomplish useful work by planning, directing, and coordinating the work of others.

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____    12. Compared with higher-level managers, supervisors typically spend:
            a. More time planning.                      c. Less time managing.
            b. More time directing.                     d. Less time supervising.

____    13. The basic means of solving operating problems is to:
            a. Reorganize the department.
            b. Find some way to motivate employees to greater productivity.
            c. Find and remove the cause of the problem.
            d. Make effective decisions routinely and automatically.
____   14. Effective supervisors should do all of the following except:
           a. Recognize the existence of a problem or the need for a decision.
           b. Never make decisions based on "intuition."
           c. Anticipate potential trouble spots.
           d. Identify opportunities for improvement.

____   15. Laura knows her plant superintendent personally. When she has a problem, she often bypasses her own
           superior and gets an answer directly from the plant superintendent. Which management principle does she
           directly violate?
           a. Chain of command.                           c. Division of work.
           b. Unity of command.                           d. Unity of direction.

____   16. The final step of the problem-solving process is:
           a. Choosing a solution.                           c. Planning and carrying out actions.
           b. Decision making.                               d. Evaluating solutions.

____   17. Max Weber identified four factors that make work unique. He called the system a:
           a. assumptive maturation                      c. chain of authority
           b. dealie do                                  d. Bureaucracy.

____   18. Attendance- Professor Isler’s favorite U.S. Supreme Court Justice is

           a.   Justice Thurgood Marshall who said “It is c.     William Rehnquist who said “The young
                about time that the Supreme Court had a          man knows the rules, but the old man
                colored face in the place.”                      knows the exceptions.”

           b.   Oliver Wendell Holmes who said “Three     d. Justice Jackson who said “Where we love
                generations of imbeciles are enough”           is home, home that our feet may leave, but
                                                               not our hearts.”
____   19. Nassif wants to maintain a record of each worker's training needs. Which of the following would be an
           important part of that record?
           a. Indicate what each worker can already do.
           b. Indicate what each worker doesn't need to be able to do.
           c. Plan ahead for what each worker has to learn.
           d. All of the above.

____   20. The first step in the planning process should be:
           a. Establishing procedures.                       c. Developing budgets.
           b. Setting goals.                                 d. Making work assignments.

____   21. Making a list of all the tasks that must be performed by the organization to accomplish its objectives is the
           first step in:
           a. Organizing.                                    c. Division of labor.
           b. Organizational culture.                        d. Supervising.

____   22. On June 20, 2008 Doobie Rollemtite was extremely excited because it was his first day as a Judge. Dobbie was
           graduated from Swisher Sweet Law School and could not wait to put on is long black robe and preside over
           his first labor law case.
           John and Ellen McWhorter appeared before Judge Rollemtite seeking to have their status as “supervisors”

           Judge Dobbie has asked you to check into the relevant federal law. What law(s) would be most helpful to the

           a.   Taft-Hartley Act of 1947                   c. The Fayol Act of 1932
           b.   Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938           d. A and C

____   23. The general rule about company policies is that they:
           a. Apply mostly to personnel matters and are set and used only by supervisors.
           b. Have little to do with supervisors, since they are set and used mainly by
               higher-management levels.
           c. Are set at higher-management levels but are actually turned into action by supervisors.
           d. Should be communicated to workers by supervisors but will have little practical effect on

____   24. Attendance- Which of the following was said in class?

           a.   I would fire my grandma if she did not get c. Once I was going to fire a guy and before I
                the job done                                  did I had him take out the trash.
           b.   Would I hire a woman, Never!               d. Dude, let’s take a break I have to do
                                                              number two

____   25. Typically, the most demanding skills of a supervisor are those related to:
           a. Technical decisions.                        c. Human relations.
           b. Administrative duties.                      d. Operational planning.

____   26. ____ is defined by the number of activities for which a manager can effectively assume responsibility or by
           the number of employees she or he can effectively supervise.
           a. Span of control.                              c. Organizational culture.
           b. Delegation.                                   d. Accountability.

____   27. Jennie asks her employees for their opinions about improving working conditions. This is likely to produce:
           a. Questioning of her ability as a supervisor.
           b. A work force that ignores work rules.
           c. Greater job satisfaction.
           d. Decreases in productivity.

____   28. One thing that the supervisor of the office maintenance crew and the chief executive officer of a market
           research firm have in common is the need to:
           a. Decide on corporate strategy.
           b. Take over actual hands-on work when the need arises.
           c. Learn and use technical quantitative management tools.
           d. Make decisions and solve problems.

____   29. Phyllis wants to be an effective supervisory coach. To do so, she must:
           a. Watch for improvement opportunities.
           b. Ask open-ended questions of her employees.
           c. Give timely feedback in a constructive manner.
           d. All of the above.
____   30. When the basic cause of a problem is unknown:
           a. Alternative solutions must first be carefully evaluated.
           b. A process of elimination must be used to find the cause.
           c. The supervisor can take no action until the situation gets bad enough to reveal the cause.
           d. The supervisor should take immediate corrective action anyway, even if this involves trial
              and error.

____   31. Clara is showing Bob the prescribed way to keep the records for the jobs he will run on the computer he
           operates. She is explaining:
           a. Policies.                                  c. Procedures.
           b. Objectives.                                d. Programs.

____   32. Delegating can go wrong if you:
           a. Overload a subordinate beyond the limits of his or her ability.
           b. Fail to delegate the necessary authority to match responsibility.
           c. Under control or over control the work that you have delegated.
           d. All of the above.

____   33. ABC Foods Inc. has divided its restaurant businesses into three separate chains reporting to headquarters:
           Japanese Gardens, Western Family Dining, and Quick and Good Burgers. This is an example of what kind of
           organizational structure?
           a. Product (or divisional).                    c. Customer.
           b. Geographic.                                 d. Matrix.

____   34. In 2007 Lionel, a construction worker was injured in a job-site accident at Pork Chop Junction, California, a
           small town of three hundred people. In 2006, in a case called Smo v. Poe, the California Supreme Court
           ruled that all construction workers injured in job-site accidents must first seek to get Workers’ Compensation
           before suing their employer. Lionel filed a Workers’ Compensation claim and found out that his employer
           never had Workers’ Compensation insurance. Which of the following is true with respect to these facts?

           a.   Lionel’s employer has violated California    Lionel’s employer has not violated
                law because Workers’ Compensation            California law because Workers’
                insurance is mandatory in California         Compensation insurance is not mandatory
                                                             in California
           b.   Lionel’s employer has violated California d. Lionel’s employer has not violated
                law because Workers’ Compensation            California law because Workers’
                insurance is mandatory in California only    Compensation insurance is not mandatory
                for construction workers                     in California for construction workers

____   35. Of the following, which is a key word associated with leading?
           a. Leadership.                                 c. Motivation.
           b. Communication.                              d. All of the above.

____   36. Attendance-

                            The summer wind Came blowing in From across the sea It lingered there So
                            warm and fair To walk with me All summer long We sang a song And
                            strolled on golden sand Two sweethearts And the summer wind.

                            Who was the only “real person to sing this song?
           a.   Earl “Father” Hines                         c. The “Chairman of the Board” Frank
           b.   Scatman Crothers                            d. Satchmo

____   37. The best questions that an interviewer can ask a job candidate are ones that:
           a. Require only "yes" or "no" answers.
           b. Are very direct and to the point.
           c. Ask what, where, why, when, and who.
           d. Discourage the candidate from talking too much about him or herself.

____   38. The state legislature of Delaware became concerned that local businesses are allowing unfair questions to be
           asked during the interview process. The problem stemmed from the excessive abuses of the state’s
           ex-Governor who felt that “A woman’s place was in the kitchen.” After extensive legislative hearing and
           debate, a new law was enacted that required anyone interviewing new candidates must limit all questions to
           those that have already been deemed appropriate by the federal courts. Trawler is a Delaware resident
           fisherman who seeks to hire a new secretary. Trawler asked his wife Cruiser to conduct the interview as he
           would be “Gone Fishing.” He asked Cruiser to use our usual questions. During the interview Trawler asked
           the following questions of Brigantine:

            1. Are you married?
           2. Does your husband support your decision to work?
           3. Do you have children under the age of five?
           4. What form of birth control do you use?

           Brigantine was not amused and seeks your advice as to the questions asked. Which of the following would be
           the best advice?
           a.   All questions asked were illegal            c. Only question four was illegal
           b.   Only question three was illegal             d. None of the questions were illegal

____   39. Responsibility without ____ in effect makes the supervisor powerless.
           a. Delegation.                                  c. Authority.
           b. A job description.                           d. Accountability.

____   40. A supervisor can often make work more enjoyable for employees by:
           a. Clearly directing every step in a task.
           b. Defining all directives in absolute terms, such as "always" and "never."
           c. Encouraging workers to complain among themselves if they wish as long as the
               complaints are never brought to the attention of the supervisor.
           d. Viewing much of the supervisory job as helping employees work effectively while
               allowing them some discretion.

____   41. To be fair to all employees, training should:
           a. Occur at the same speed for all employees.
           b. Take place off the job.
           c. Never involve a coworker as a trainer.
           d. Take place at different speeds depending on the situation.

____   42. Which of the following statements most nearly describes the priorities of managers?
           a. First, employees; then self; finally, organizational goals.
           b. First, organizational goals; then, self; finally, employees.
           c. First, organizational goals; then, employees; finally, self.
           d. First, employees; then, organizational goals; finally, self.

____   43. Attendance-
           Who was the late great Gregg Anderson?

           a.   The first person to be a California CPA     c.   Professor Isler’s mentor
                and tax attorney
           b.   A manager at KPMG who fired Professor       d. The inventor of the theory “everyone
                Isler                                          lowers themselves to the lowest
                                                               expectations of their manager

____   44. Each of the following is a defining characteristic of a problem except:
           a. Demands resolution by decisive action.
           b. Requires considerable thought and skill in finding solutions.
           c. Can be avoided by good management practice.
           d. An unsettled matter.

____   45. Carol has to suspend an employee because he has been caught gambling while on the job. Of the following
           statements, her best approach would be:
           a. "I know you weren't doing any harm, but the book says you have to be suspended."
           b. "I have to suspend you; if the boss heard about your gambling, he'd be furious."
           c. "Gambling is illegal and immoral; if the company would allow it, I'd see that you got
               worse treatment than just a suspension."
           d. "You know the rules; anyone found gambling faces an automatic suspension."

____   46. Centralized organizations:
           a. Have few levels of management.                c. Give employees much freedom to act.
           b. Exert tight controls.                         d. All of the above.

____   47. Which of the following is not an acceptable question to ask a job candidate?
           a. Can you describe your last job?
           b. What kind of an attendance record have you had in the last year?
           c. Have you ever been arrested?
           d. Do you have the legal right to work in the United States?

____   48. The management process is:
           a. Performed once each year.
           b. Carried on continuously throughout operations.
           c. Performed once each quarter.
           d. Only used when work conditions change, as when a new order arrives.
____   49. The best single measure of morale is generally considered to be:
           a. Absenteeism.                                 c. Production levels.
           b. Employee turnover.                           d. Promotion rates.

____   50. Supervisory responsibilities are becoming:
           a. Less oriented to the human concerns of employees.
           b. More narrowly concerned with the technical aspects of work.
           c. More oriented to the human concerns of employees.
           d. Less dependent on the skills demanded by the management process.

____   51. Attendance-Which of the following statements, if any, is true with respect to Professor Isler’s dog Micah?

           a.   He loves to take Micah to new Hampshire d. The professor spent a lot of time teaching
                every other weekend especially in the        Micah tricks
                winter to see Micah run in the snow
           b.   Micah loves lying on Professor Isler’s    e. The professor is not much of a dog lover
                kitchen floor watching the Professor cook
           c.   Micah would not only let a burglar in, he
                would go home with the burglar

____   52. Which of the following is not a characteristic of organizational culture?
           a. A set of expectations shared by members of an organization.
           b. Different cultures can emerge in different divisions or departments.
           c. A powerful factor affecting employee behavior.
           d. Usually explicit and clear.

____   53. Which of the following is not part of the staffing procedure?
           a. Forecasting the number of employees needed to complete work.
           b. Interviewing job candidates.
           c. Recruiting candidates for unfilled job openings.
           d. Establishing high morale.

____   54. Nancy telling Tom about the hours of work is an example of:
           a. Reliability.
           b. Self-fulfilling prophecy.
           c. Key point training.
           d. Orientation training

____   55. Attendance- Chief Master Sergeant Clarence Scott took Professor Isler under his wing and said “if you want
           to make 1st Lieutenant, be quiet, listen and watch me.” He also thought that enlisted people made the best
           officers. Sergeant Scott was not happy about one particular aspect of Professor Isler’s life. What was it?

           a.   He thought the Professor gambled too        c. He thought the Professor should not go to
                much                                           flight school
           b.   He thought the Professor was weak           d. He was not happy that the Professor
                because I drove a purple Ford Pinto            selected a Tom Collins at the bar and
                                                               made the Professor order Jack Daniels

____   56. Which of the following is a true statement about worker satisfaction in the United States?
           a. Most workers express little satisfaction in their work.
           b. Factory workers are fairly well satisfied with their work, but white-collar workers are less
            c. Since the taking of the earliest records in the United States, worker satisfaction has
               consistently declined.
            d. The majority of workers are fairly well satisfied with their work, including women and
               blacks and other minorities.

____   57. A factor that affects how people perceive their jobs is:
           a. Assumptions about the motivation of others.
           b. Expectations about what will happen.
           c. The reliability of information.
           d. All of the above.

____   58. Generally speaking, the toughest problems a supervisor faces arise from:
           a. Equipment failures.
           b. Company plans and procedures.
           c. Human beings.
           d. Inadequate resources for the job at hand.

____   59. Attendance

                    I’ll tell you why I can’t find you

                    Every time I go out to your place...

                    You gone fishing (well how you know)

                    Well threes a sign upon your door (uh-huh)

                    Gone fishing (I’m real gone man)

                    You ain’t working anymore (could be)

                    There’s your hoe out in the sun

                    Where you left a row half done

                    You claim that hoeing ain’t no fun (well I can prove it)

                    You ain’t got no ambition

                    Gone fishing by a shady wady pool (Shangri-La, really la)

                    I’m wishing I could be that kind of fool (should I twist your arm?)

                    I’d say no more work for mine (welcome to the club)

                    On my door Id hang a sign

                    Gone fishing instead of just a-wishing

            This wonderful song was performed by:
            a.   Duke Ellington and Aretha Franklin          c.   The Five Blind Boys of Alabama
             b.   Professor Isler’s mother                     d. Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

____    60. The best way to appraise someone is to get them to write the appraisal so that you have a starting point
Techniques of Supervision
Answer Section


       1. ANS: T

       2. ANS: F
          I believe you should treat employees fair and adequately not fair and equally- per Bill Cosby

       3. ANS: F

       4. ANS: F

       5. ANS: T

       6. ANS: T

       7. ANS: T

       8. ANS: F

       9. ANS: F

      10. ANS: T

      11. ANS: T


      12. ANS: B

      13. ANS: C

      14. ANS: B

      15. ANS: A

      16. ANS: C

      17. ANS: D

      18. ANS: B
          My father was the greatest man to ever live, Justice Marshall was my hero but Justice Holmes was my

      19. ANS: D

      20. ANS: B

      21. ANS: A
22. ANS: D

23. ANS: C

24. ANS: C

25. ANS: C

26. ANS: A

27. ANS: C

28. ANS: D

29. ANS: D

30. ANS: B

31. ANS: C

32. ANS: D

33. ANS: A

34. ANS: A

35. ANS: D

36. ANS: C

37. ANS: C

38. ANS: A

39. ANS: C

40. ANS: D

41. ANS: D

42. ANS: C

43. ANS: C
    Gregg was my mentor

44. ANS: C

45. ANS: D

46. ANS: B

47. ANS: C
48. ANS: B

49. ANS: B

50. ANS: C

51. ANS: E
    Indeed I have a dog, but I am not fond of him or any dog for that matter.

52. ANS: D

53. ANS: D

54. ANS: D

55. ANS: D

56. ANS: D

57. ANS: D

58. ANS: C

59. ANS: D
60. ANS F

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