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									Directive #1 25 August 2009
Chair: Pauline Krupa

For those who do not know me well:

I am a Special Education Teacher for the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board at Our
Lady of Charity School. I have taught for many years (some might think far too many). I have
been prayerfully considering my retirement and know now that is definitely my final year. I am
an active member of my parish community at St. Peter's. My son Daniel, his wife Shan and
grand-daughter Joelle are the joys of my life. I enjoy being at home puttering with this and that.
Outside of home, parish and school, I fill my time with basket-weaving, local theatre, and a few
volunteer hours for a variety of organizations.

The Catholic Women's League of Canada came to be a part of my life 20 years ago. As a charter
member to our St. Peter's Council in Thunder Bay, my journey has been very rewarding. Over
the years I have been genuinely blessed with women who freely shared their gifts and talents so
that I could grow in The League. I thank the Arch/Diocesan councils who placed their support
and trust in me by electing me to Provincial Council at the Convention. I promise to be, and to
do the very best I can to fulfill my mandate as your 2nd Vice-President and Resolutions Standing
Committee Chairperson.

Resolutions Standing Committee Chairperson's Duties

         Research and preparation of resolutions and briefs (team effort)
         Study and implementation of resolutions passed by other levels
         At provincial and national levels, presentation of resolutions to government Taken from
          the Executive Handbook

Understanding Resolutions
   In 2004 Margaret Ann Jacobs prepared and presented a Resolutions workshop. All Arch/Dioceses received electronic copies of
the workshop. Check to see if it is still available in your area. If not, email me and I will send it to you.
   To this directive I have attached a Resolutions workshop that was prepared for the BC and Yukon provincial council. It too is a
good workshop. In using it, please be sure to check the dates suggested for submissions. (Ontario's dates may differ)

62nd Annual Provincial Convention - Midland, ON
   Six resolutions were passed at the convention and all were forwarded to National for consideration. Results of each of the
resolutions is being published in the Trillium Newsletter. Full resolutions can be viewed on our provincial website. (

89th Annual National Convention - St. John's, NFLD
    Three resolutions were passed at the convention. A letter was sent from the floor of the convention concerning our objection to
Bill C-384. Full resolutions and a copy of the letter can be viewed on our national website. (

Important Dates to Remember

December 15, 2009 Forward topics for 2009 resolutions to provincial standing committee chair for resolutions
March 15, 2010 Forward the draft resolution, brief, references electronically AND
  Forward by postal mail one hard copy of same with back-up materials
Immediately following Arch/diocesan convention (No later than May 31, 2010)
  Forward 3 sets of the complete resolution package (include: resolution, brief, references, bibliography, action plan, all back-up
material, and completed checklist with required signatures)

In closing I remind you to study the action plans and get members involved. I personally plan on checking the dates on the new
tires I am due to purchase before winter sets in and letting the tire shop know why....what is your plan?

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