COMPONENT TITLE: Clinical Educator Training II by G6rG9BcZ


									COMPONENT TITLE: Clinical Educator Training II

COMPONENT NUMBER:                       POINTS TO BE EARNED: Maximum of 120
                                                             Pre-interns 20
                                                             Interns 60

To enhance the supervisory skills of the Supervising Teacher (participant); to improve
instruction and student learning through the development of increased capabilities of
classroom teachers who work with preservice teachers in training.


The Supervising Teacher (participant) will be able to:

   1. Demonstrate an understanding of principles of clinical education.
   2. Demonstrate an understanding of the Educator Accomplished Practices at the
       Preprofessional level.
   3. Recognize and state methods of working with individuals who have differing
       behavior styles.
   4. Recognize levels of orientation of preservice teachers.
   5. Model effective teaching techniques and instructional methodology.
   6. Demonstrate communication skills including listening, responding and non-
   7. Demonstrate skills of developing and maintaining trust.
   8. Demonstrate knowledge of mediation skills of coaching.
   9. Demonstrate questioning skills that enhance developing teacher cognition.
   10. Demonstrate skills in various strategies for gathering data including technology.
   11. Analyze and synthesize data to diagnose and improve teacher behavior.
   12. Provide specific feedback using effective conferencing techniques.
   13. Write goals and objectives for a Professional Development Plan.
   14. Identify appropriate resources.
   15. Develop a process for monitoring and assessing progress of Professional
       Development Plan.
   16. Apply appropriate Clinical Educator Training observation tools.
   17. Utilize the process of pre/post conference.
   18. Choose appropriate data collection technique for participant.
   19. Evaluate the pre-service teacher utilizing the College program guidelines.
   20. Provide and receive feedback for the College intern/preintern supervisors.


   1. Complete Clinical Educator Training I.
   2. Work in collaboration with University/College personnel to supervise and
      evaluate full interns and/or preinterns requiring a minimum of 50 hours of field
   3. Work in collaboration with University/College personnel to supervise and
      evaluate full interns: modeling, coaching, and training
DELIVERY METHOD:                     A       Workshop

EVALUATION METHOD:                   F       Other performance assessment

FOLLOW-UP METHOD:                    M       Structured Coaching/Mentoring

PARTICIPANT EVALUATION: Participants serving as directing teachers for
preservice teachers in training will satisfactorily complete the required College program
requirements with the intern and/or preintern. This will be determined by the College
supervisor and the Principal.

COMPONENT EVALUATION: Participants will complete the Professional
Development Evaluation Form

COMPONENT CONTACTS(S): Intern Placement Coordinator, Human Resource

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