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         ANTON F. KOTZÉ
                          ANTON FREDERIK KOTZÉ
            Anton is an electrical engineer (heavy current). He has experience in the areas of engineering, project
            management, business consulting, logistics/supply chain, EPCM (Engineering, Procurement,
            Construction, Management) and Information Technology (IT). Applications/systems in these areas cover
            ERP (SAP PS, SAP IM, IFS), Engineering (Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise, Siemens PLM) and many
            others. He has been involved in the corporate as well as SME (Small and Medium Enterprise)
            environments; unregulated and highly regulated environments; private sector and government institutions.
            The industries covered are Electricity Utility, Automobile, Logistics, Services, Manufacturing, Engineering
            (relating to Plant and Product space), Nuclear (Energy), Oil&Gas, EPCM and IT (software application
            configuration and development). He has been involved in Enterprise Architecture, with specific
            responsibilities in Business Architecture and Solution Architecture (Integrating business, information and
            business systems). Integration (business, systems and people – local and global) always formed a key
            element. Since the start of his professional career, he has been exposed to scenarios where steep
            learning curves were required to solve complex business, information and business system
            needs/problems by means of hands-on management/applying practical solutions. He has taken lead roles
            in many of these tasks. His experience covers the markets in South Africa as well as the United States of
  01/1986 – 12/1990        Engineering degree - B Eng (Electrical). This 4 year bachelors degree includes Honors
                           University Of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa
  Other courses:
                           Amongst many others, Project Management; SAP R/3 PS Module (Level 1 and 2); SDVT
                           (System Design and Verification Testing), Primavera, Intergraph SmartPlant (complete
                           integrated SmartPlant Enterprise suite), DOORS.
  Engineering Industry     15 years (not physical engineering, but in the engineering related environment)
  Project Management       18 years – projects: small, large, single, simultaneous, big variety, inception to close-out
  Line Management          2 years
  Business Consulting      15 years
  SAP Consulting – PS      2.5 years
  Industries               Utility, Automobile, Logistics, Services, Engineering, Nuclear (Energy), EPCM, IT
                           (Software Application Configuration and Development)
  •     Enterprise Tools/Applications: SAP R/3 PS (incl. course levels 1 and 2 training), IFS, K2 (5 day Training)
  •     EPCM tools (Good understanding of capabilities and also hands on experience on some): PRISM (Overview),
        PM+ (SNC Lavalin In-house PM system), SmartPlant Reference Data Module, SmartPlant Material (EΠ
        MSCM; Site), Intergraph Smartplant Foundation (SPF 3.8, 4.2), Smartplant 3D, Smartplant Instrumentation
        (SPI), Smartplant Electrical (SPEL), Aspentech Zyqad, Smartplant Process Safety (SPPS), Siemens PLM
        (Teamcenter Engineering, System Engineering), Mechanical CAD (NX, Pro-Eng), Meridium, etc
  •     Project management scheduling tools: CA Superproject for Windows, Microsoft Project, Primavera P3 (and
        Version 5)
  •     Business Modeling Tools: IFS Business Modeler 3.2, System Architect v10 (Enterprise Modeling Tool by
        Telelogic), ARIS 7.0+ (Enterprise Modeling Tool by IDS Scheer), Microsoft Visio
  •     Business Modeling Notation (amongst others): IDEF0, UML 2.0 (High Level Overview), BPMN (Business
        Process Modeling Notation), EPC (Event Process Chains) and equivalent EA Metamodel related modeling
  •     Programming: FORTRAN 77 and MS Basic (High School), Turbo Pascal (University)
  •     Databases: MS Access, Foxpro-2.
  •     Multimedia environment: Adobe Photoshop 5 and 6, CorelDRAW, Adobe Premiere 5.1, Macromedia Flash 4
        & 5, Macromedia Freehand, MS Frontpage, Cold Fusion, HTML, Pinnacle Studio Plus
  •     General: SCOR Model, Various ISO standards (15926, 15288,…), etc
 1987–1990            Student (Vacational Training): Eskom: Generation, Transmission and
 1991                 Military Training: South African Defense Force

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                          PO BOX 12096 • CENTURION • 0046 • GAUTENG • SOUTH AFRICA
                               (TEL/FAX) +27-12-667-4145 (CELL) +27-84-653-0890
                                      E-MAIL: ANTON.KOTZE@AMYS.CO.ZA
            •    Involved in various defense force development projects
1992-1994   Engineer: Eskom, Transmission Group, NPTM&C: National Protection-
            Telecommunications-Measurement and Control Division
            •    Pre-payment metering/Electricity Dispensing – design, testing, installation and fault
                 tracking; testing, calibration and field experience of single phase, three-phase and pre-
                 payment metering (laboratory); SCADA system at Eskom’s National Control Centre;
                 Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of pole mounted remote terminal unit (PMRTU) to
                 SCADA system
            •    10-Year Technology Plan for the Eskom Johannesburg Distribution Group
            •    Project management: internal/external departmental commitments; 5-year and 10-year
                 departmental plans; department’s configuration management of quality documents
                 (specifications and standards)
1994–1998   Senior Engineer: Eskom, Transmission Group, Transmission Projects - Head
            Quarters (Megawatt Park), Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
            Project manager:
            •    Eskom Internal Tariff Metering (ITM) project;
            •    Remote terminal unit (RTU) refurbishment project;
            •    Upgrade project of the Front-End capability/capacity of the National SCADA system
                 (Westinghouse) interfacing with 128 substations;
            •    Metering database (METMAS) project for the Internal Tariff Metering system.
            •    Implementation project of a Microsoft Exchange client/server application and the
                 associated training for 150 users;
            •    Electronic Document Management System (Intergraph) project;
            •    Telecommunications bearer backbone (Free State Region) project - part of countrywide
                 Telecommunications roll-out;
            •    SAP R/3 (Finesse Project – FI, CO, AM, IM, MM, PS) - Data purification and data
                 conversion for Transmission Group.
            Internal Consultant:
            •    Estimation system for capital projects as part of the asset creation process;
            •    Transmission System Integration Team: Improvement of high level integration of current
                 Transmission systems under development;
            •    Transmission Business Information Alignment (TBIA) forum: Group forum to align
                 information corporately within the group;
            •    Transmission Easy Data Index (TEDI) to Categorize and index of meta data within
            •    Web technology: Intranet Content/Technology Working Group and Web Information
                 System Team (WIST);
            •    SAP R/3: Solution evaluation of PS (Project System) project estimating capability;
            •    SAP R/3: Solution evaluation of SAP PS for an integrated Transmission project
                 management solution (as part of the Eskom SAP R/3 product solution);
            •    Establishment of program management within Transmission Information Management
            •    SAP R/3 implementation (Finesse) project (FI, CO, AM, IM, MM, PS) (implementation
                 partner: Andersen Consulting): Functional evaluation and requirements mapping of the
                 Project System (PS) and Investment Management (IM) modules. User configuration
                 testing against requirements. Master data preparation for integration of all implemented
                 modules for Transmission.
1998–1999   SAP Consultant: Spearhead System Consultants (US) Ltd., New York City, NY, USA
            SAP Project System Consultant (PS Networks) at NPPD (Nebraska Public Power District,
            Nebraska, USA) during blue print phase of SAP R/3 4.0 B implementation (implementation
            partner: Ernst & Young). Presented CA080 (PS - level 2 training). Proof of Concept
            preparations on SAP R/3, 4.5a for earned value management, involving SAP FI/CO/PS (WBS,
            Networks)/HR/CATS configuration.
2000–2001   Project Manager: Keops Isis Industrial Information Systems, Centurion, Gauteng,
            South Africa
            •    Environmental study project for SASOL for a water and waste management and control
                 system for Sasol Synthetic Fuels (Secunda, South Africa).
            •    SDVT (System Design and Verification Testing) for an Oracle based, FPMS (Final product
                 management system) for Tubatse, Ferrochrome (Samancor).
            •    Internal technical development projects (e.g. WAP, RFID) and tender proposals.
            •    Keops Isis quality management development for ISO 9000 certification.
‘02–‘03     Consultant and Project Manager: Iskhus Power (Pty) Ltd, Isando, Gauteng, South

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               PO BOX 12096 • CENTURION • 0046 • GAUTENG • SOUTH AFRICA
                    (TEL/FAX) +27-12-667-4145 (CELL) +27-84-653-0890
                           E-MAIL: ANTON.KOTZE@AMYS.CO.ZA
          •    Strategic energy plan for Spoornet: Research and co-author.
          •    Pilot project for Spoornet in order to find potential energy and financial savings. Involved
               effort required electrical engineering, analysis (huge data sets, electrical parameter
               scenarios, database programming) and reporting on savings/findings.
‘03–‘05   Equal Partner: Gauteng Kitchens and Cupboards
          Manufacture and installation of kitchen cupboards, built-in-cupboards, etc.
          Business Consultant: Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM), Export Department and
          Production Logistics Division
          Consulting required due to business/system integration of TSAM and TMC Japan (after
          majority shareholder acquisition) and rollout of a new global business/production/vehicle
          model range called IMV (for Fortuner and new generation Hilux).
          •    Business Specifications (Price Check Management System; Document Management
          •    Master Plans (Factory Conversions and Accessories; Exports to UN with emphasis into
          •    Export Business Processes (Aligning TSAM processes with the focus on integration with
               TMC’s global processes)
          •    Operational Manual (Component Exports)
          •    Analysis of External Logistic Management Process Analysis (Supply Chain, External JIT –
               KANBAN), Process Development and Solution (Wonderware InTrack, SAP APO, SAP
               R/3) Functionality Comparison.
          •    Functional Specifications (EU Duty Optimisation; Letter of Credit; Document Management
          •    Pre-Studies (Supply Chain Investigation for Stainless Steel; Clearing and Forwarding)
          •    Investigations (Vehicle Logistics; Vehicle Supply Chain)
          •    Consult on Global Business (Process) and Global System Integration in preparation for
               Integration Testing
          •    Business Specification (Vehicle Logistics: Pre-Shipment Inspection)
          •    Position Paper (Service Provider Payments for Vehicles and Components)
          •    Standard Operating Procedures
‘04       Business Consultant And Project Manager: Altech Netstar
          Project management and Business consulting on the Netstar project (Phase 1: High Level As-
          Is business analysis and process re-engineering; Phase 2: Detail Level As-Is business
          analysis and process re-engineering)
‘05-‘07   Business Consultant (Contract and Permanent): PBMR (Pty) Ltd (Pebble Bed
          Modular Reactor), Business Process Department
          This company’s core business is to engineer and realize nuclear products, plants, associated
          fuel manufacturing plant and helium testing facility for the Generation IV pebble technology.
          The role of an integrated business architecture is an important enabling component for the
          company and nuclear projects to succeed.
          •    Business Process development: Value Chain, Business processes, Systems processes,
               business re- engineering, alignment and integration (within PBMR and with external
               entities e.g. stakeholders, vendors, EPCM).
          •    System (software and infrastructure) Implementation
          •    Integration of Business Processes and Systems
          •    Enterprise architecture core team member: Initiated/established enterprise architecture
               (select and implement - frameworks, methods, business processes, casetools,
               applications, etc.) within PBMR.
‘07–‘08   Line Manager: Product Realization Software Systems (PRSS) Department, PBMR
          (Pty) Ltd (Pebble Bed Modular Reactor), Plant Technology Division
          Solution architect (Integration of Business, Information and application
          architectures/topologies) primarily for the core business (i.e. Plant and product lifecycle):
          •    Solution architecture is similar to that of a System Engineer. It is an integration, alignment
               and design function (integrate accross business, information and applications) that is very
               critical for the nuclear industry (or highly regulated environments).
          •    Main function/challenge was to architect, implement, manage and support a plant/product
               life cycle information management strategy for all of PBMR’s plants/products. The life
               cycle entails – concept engineering, basic engineering, detail engineering, procurement,
               project management, construction, commissioning, handover to owner operator,
               operations, refurbishment, decommissioning. Also to ensure business continuity for the
               plant/product life cycle activities. A key and integral part is the configuration management
               on required information.

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              PO BOX 12096 • CENTURION • 0046 • GAUTENG • SOUTH AFRICA
                   (TEL/FAX) +27-12-667-4145 (CELL) +27-84-653-0890
                          E-MAIL: ANTON.KOTZE@AMYS.CO.ZA
                    Department line manager (resources, budget, etc):
                    •     All line management responsibilities with added challenge of building a young/small
                          department (intensive recruitment of scarce resources with strict EE requirements) to
                          support over 300 software applications (e.g. licensing, support, training), over multiple
                          sites worldwide. Average budget: R50m/a.
                    System implementation project manager (includes training, Disaster Recovery Procedures,
                    •     Implementation of architecture backbone solutions with the EPCM partner and various
                          other smaller application implementation projects.
‘08-‘10             Chief Solution Architect: PBMR (Pty) Ltd (Pebble Bed Modular Reactor),
                    Engineering Processes & Systems Department
                    •     Defining an initial lifecycle solution (business, information, technology) architecture
                          framework for a nuclear industry.
                    •     Integration of PBMR core business lifecycle processes.
                    •     Establishing a core business lifecycle solution architecture, aligned with the Integration of
                          PBMR core business lifecycle processes (and also in context with the complete
                          enterprise). This includes the complete life cycle of the Pebble Bed technology (including
                          the Owner-Operator) and also in the context of a NDA (Nuclear Design Authority). The
                          scope, amongst others, include Requirements Management, Systems Engineering,
                          Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control, Process, Civil, Nuclear, Analysis,
                          action management, etc. Inclusive are also the normal business functional areas
                          (Finance, Material Management, Procurement, etc). A very good functional knowledge of
                          the business functions and associated information needs are required to define the
                          integration points.
                    •     Define and align architecture (mainly processes, information and systems) with the global
                          nuclear industry and its direction and vision to support the challenges of the global
                          nuclear renaissance. The EPCM’s include AECL, Westinghouse Corporation, SNC
                          Lavalin Nuclear (BNFL, GE, etc) and also a wide range of Owner/Operators. The co-
                          operation is of vital importance for all stakeholers in this industry, as a more data driven
                          architecture with increased regulatory requirements are all factors that heavily influence
                          the global nuclear renaissance.
                    •     Develop and define an integrated architecture (Business Process, Information, and
                    •     Drive solution implementations for PBMR’s core business. Nuclear traceability,
                          configuration control and other local/overseas nuclear regulatory requirements are of the
                          primary drivers. Current solution component development and integration projects include
                          Requirements Management, Analysis Management, Operational Experience, Equipment
                          Reliability, Software Management, etc
                    •     Define a data centric architecture with the capability to extract any record
                          keeping/documentation requirements.
                    •     Business architecting role as part of the core business development and Enterprise
                          Architecture project in order for PBMR to become a Nuclear Design Authority.
                    •     Knowledge/Intellectual Property Capture via Video Recording Sessions/Interviews
Aug ‘10 - Oct ‘10   Business Consultant and Application Implementation
                    •     Founded A.M.Y.S. to provide products and services to the energy, epcm and automotive
                          sectors. Amongst the specific services are implementing processes and applications in
                          these sectors. For more info refer to
                    •     SASOL Synfuels (Oil & Gas): Scoping of Capability Required for a Critical Information
                          Infrastructure Project.
Nov ‘10-current     Business Consultant and Application Implementation
                    •     Eskom: Cost Estimation Solution Project within newly formed Division (Group Capital) for
                          Eskom’s New Build Project portfolio. Phase 1 includes Gap Analysis, Recommendations,
                          Worflow, WBS, Code of Accounts, Processes, Procedures, CPA (Cost Price Adjustment),
                          FOREX (Foreign Exchange), IDC (Interrest During Construction) and Integration of these
                          into the Eskom business.

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                        PO BOX 12096 • CENTURION • 0046 • GAUTENG • SOUTH AFRICA
                             (TEL/FAX) +27-12-667-4145 (CELL) +27-84-653-0890
                                    E-MAIL: ANTON.KOTZE@AMYS.CO.ZA

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