From Research to Practice: Nurses� Role in Translational Science by PfXLd0


									 Anticipating and negotiating sea
changes: IUSON as a core campus

     Marion E. Broome, R.N., Ph.D., FAAN
  University Dean and Distinguished Professor
      Indiana University School of Nursing
     What I’ll talk about today….
• IU new presidential priorities and initiatives
• IHEC recommendations
• IUPUI goals
• IUSON 2006-2009 Strategic Plan: Where are
  we now and how we fit with above
• Threats and possibilities
    President McRobbie’s Vision
 Increase IU rankings in several outlets
 Position IUB and IUPUI as top tier research
 Increase international activities: 50% of
  undergraduates have a global experience
  and expand overseas study programs –Asia
 Schools to work closely with partners in the
  community (SPEA; Education; Clarian)
Economic Development
           • Research
           • Tech transfer and
           • Workforce
           • Policy Leadership
           • Business Formation
           • Arts and QOL
    Presidential Actions (since 7/07)

Expanding dramatically the research
  infrastructure at IUB and IUPUI to increase
  research productivity
Deans from IUB and IUPUI meet monthly with
8 new VP appointments
Trustees meet less often (6 vs 10 times)
          Indiana Commission
          on Higher Education
Financing of Higher Education should change
  from appropriations based on enrollments
  and move to:
Degree completion
Community College partnerships
      IUPUI goals and initiatives
• Improve student academic profile and
  graduation rate (26% currently)
• Increase out-of-state recruitment
• Preferred admission to professional schools
  from high school (Cox scholars; presidential
• Flat tax and council of deans to look at
  support service costs
Summary of “New Visions at the ‘new’ IU”

Education and Research
  primary missions:
  service learning and
  research translation
Excellence in both is
  expected, will be
  supported, monitored
  and rewarded.
Innovation and efficiency
IUSON Strategic Plan 2004-2007

               • Strengths all remain

               • Opportunities all remain

               • Weaknesses partially

               • Threats partially
 Lack of systematic evaluation (administration;
  courses; school)
   Ineffective communications (partial)
   Reliance on state support (partial): program fee
    increased tuition base-Appr. decreased; taxes
    increased; ICR increased; grant support increased;
    course and program efficiencies begun
 Slow to change
   Poor working or collegial relationships
 Negative perceptions by some students
 Scarce supply of faculty (depends on who
  you ask, who u want & who you compare us
  Decreased funding and increased costs
    Lack of evaluation and QI mechanisms (in place-
     what happens with data?)
    Challenge of mentoring students at a distance
     (but..this needs to be disseminated!)
• BSN program (see handout)

• MSN program (see handout)

• Research (see handout)
Fairbanks Foundation: University of
  Indianapolis, Marian College and Ivy Tech
  (Institute for Clinical Simulation)
Indianapolis Private Research Council (MSN in
  Nursing Education funding)
Clarian Accelerated Program Expansion
Clarian and IUSM: Canal Building and Patient
  Safety Curriculum; Signature Center
     Organizational Culture
Silos more
  permeable but still
  in place
Transparency of
  practices improving
Differing world views
  on excellence
    What does this mean to us?
• We have taken the innovation that our SP
  talked about seriously-much has been done
  and this is essential to our survival
• The partnerships we have already developed
  must be nurtured; new ones begun-more
  ground up initiation and engagement
• Expectations, outcomes and rewards must be
          Mission (SPTF,2006)
 The IUSON exists to lead the “knowledge work” of
  nurses today and tomorrow to positively influence
  health of communities served by:
• Inspiring learning through excellence in teaching
• Creating and advancing knowledge through science
  and research
• Shaping care through practice innovations and
My (belated) vision
          • Based on what I hear of
            our larger environment;
          • What I see as possible;
          • What I think IUSON
            faculty and staff are
            capable of;
          • What I think is the right
            thing for IUSON to do
            given its rich traditions
Solidify IUSON’s reputation as the national leader in nursing
     education research and best educational practices.

 • Increase the number peer-reviewed funded studies related
   to nursing education by 20% year.
 • Increase the number of grants to support educational
   programs by 1 per year.
 • Increase the number of teaching awards and external
   recognition received by faculty from the school, campus,
   university and national organizations by 20% a year.
 • Increase the number of publications related to the
   scholarship of teaching in peer-reviewed journals in peer
   reviewed journals by 20% per year.
 • Increase the number of data-based national presentations
   related to best practices in education by 10% each year.
 • Increase the number of innovative, high quality professional
   development programs for nurses by 20%.
• Increase number of international learning
  opportunities for 25% of our BSN students.
• Increase number of doctorally prepared faculty
  providing leadership in BSN program by 30% in 2
• Increase the number of MSN prepared clinical
  faculty engaged in doctoral study by 3 each year.
• Increase integration of new technologies into all
• Clinical simulations will account for 30% of clinical
  curricula in 2 years.
    Position IUSON as a nationally renowned
            leader in clinical research
• Maintain its ranking as one of the top 10 schools for National
  Institutes of Health funding in the United States.
• Increase the number of peer-reviewed foundation and non-NIH
  agency funded research grants by 20% each year.
• Increase research collaborations across schools and disciplines
  at IUPUI and IUB by 10% each year.
• Increase the number of publications by faculty in peer-reviewed
  journals by 20% each year.
• Increase the number of data-based national presentations by
  10% each year.
• Increase the number of external recognition awards for research
  by 20%.
• Apply translation/dissemination models with current programs of
  research to make an impact in health care.
Develop new and sustain existing partnerships to support innovations in
education and research that addresses current and future challenges in
            healthcare and heath professions education.

• Demonstrate above average satisfaction (on both
  sides) in collaborative partnerships.
• Increase the number of formal partnerships or
  consultations between IUSON faculty and health
  care institutions by 2 per year.
• Obtain funding to increase innovative partnerships
  that support the IUSON goals by 1 per year.
• Increase service learning and portfolio assessment
  to engage new generation of students.
        Threats to Achieving Vision
• Balancing university and campus initiatives (fiscally and
  personnel) and school vision and missions; resting on current
  resource achievements (my threats)

• Financial recovery depends on new educational practices and
  more innovation in programming (faculty and chairs and
  academic administrators)

• Overwhelming majority of doctorally prepared faculty restricting
  their contribution to graduate offerings (all doctoral faculty)

• Inaction and paralysis related planning for contributions to
  IUSON’s future (all MSN faculty)
           Distribution of Faculty
•   3 Distinguished and (11) Full Profs
•   28 Assoc
•   8 Asst Prof
•   6 Clinical Associate/Assistants Profs with

• 12 MSN clinical assistant professors
• 4 lecturers/ sr lecturers
• 9 visiting lecturers
   IU School of Nursing
2006-2007 Total Credit Hours

                                 MSN        5,598   22%
                                 PhD          792    3%
                               UnderGrad   19,051   75%
                                           25,441   100%

16/54 doctorally prepared faculty teach in
  BSN (counts Honors involvement)
37/54 (and 2 MSN) teach only in
  graduate program
48% of FT faculty complement is
  responsible for 75% of credit hours
Doctorally prepared must carry majority of
  service and scholarship obligations
           Research mission
Of 42 tenured/tenure track faculty:
• 6 are newly hired since Jan. 2006
• 2 of those are already funded to do research

• 15 T/TT faculty are funded to do research
• 1 funded to provide service and 1 for
  educational program

• Leaves (>60%) faculty not contributing to the
  research mission and sharing the teaching load
  with those above for 25% of the credit hours
   Future Challenges (Chaffee, 2007)

IUSON is a complex adaptive system and must
• Machine model of thinking won’t work
• Unpredictability must be expected-porous and blurry
• Silo thinking is inconsistent with complexity
• Autocratic leadership won’t work: leaders required at
  ALL levels
• Living on the edge: Chaos, stasis, edge of chaos
              In summary….
• We are a complex adaptive system who can
  choose to survive or thrive….
• Most faculty and staff are working incredibly
  hard but not as ‘smart’ or innovatively as we
  might like to think we are
• Working together there is nothing this faculty
  and staff can’t do
   Next Steps (Fraser, 2004): for me
• Work with staff council and dean’s council to
  enhance horizontal communication, as well as
• Support CCNF in its new engagement
• Work with BAF to engage in fiscal planning that
  ensures cost-effective, innovative and relevant
  educational and research programs
• Re-vision the bonus program (assuming above can
  be done) to reward innovation and vision based

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