2007 USAFP RESEARCH PRESENTATION SCHEDULE

TUESDAY, 13 MARCH 2007      (1315 - 1712)                           TUESDAY, 13 MARCH 2007       (1315 - 1712)                  TUESDAY, 13 MARCH 2007          (1315 - 1712 )
         Research Presentations                                              Research Presentations                                      Research Presentations
INTRODUCTION                                                        CASE REPORTS CONTINUED:                                     CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONS:

1320-1325            John R. Holman, MD, MPH CIC Chair              1457-1509   Non-Traumatic Paraplegia in a First-Time        1636-1648    Pediatric Obesity in a Military Family Medicine
                                                                                Surfer                                                       Clinic
                                                                                Moses H. Cheng, DO (Resident Category)                       Sandra L. Kimmer, MD, MPH (Staff Category)

                                                                    1509-1521   The Case of Orange Sweat - Chromhidrosis        1648-1700    Prevalence of Hypertension in a Population of
SPECIAL COMPETITION WINNER: Previously Published /                              Kristen M. Wyrick, MD (Resident Category)                    Active Duty Service Members
Presented Clinical Investigation                                                                                                             Brian A. Smoley, MD, MPH (Staff Category)

1325-1345            Improving Women's Experience during                                                                        1700-1712    Racial Differences in Health Outcomes for
                     Speculum Examinations Performed as Part        1521-1535   BREAK                                                        Adults with Diabetes in a Military Setting
                     of Routine Gynecologic Visits                                                                                           Telita Crosland, MD, MPH (Staff Category)
                     Dean A. Seehusen, MD, MPH
                     (Staff Category)
                                                                    1536-1548   Portal Vein Thrombosis: An Unexpected
CASE REPORTS:                                                                   Finding in a 28 Year Old Male with Abdominal
                                                                                Jason L. Ferguson, DO (Resident Category)
1345-1357            A Pertussis Outbreak in North Carolina:        1548-1600   Fatal Hyperkalemia in a Young Man with
                     The Family Medicine / Public Health Team                   Succinylcholine-Related Malignant
                     David C. Krulak, MD, MPH                                   Hyperthermia and an Overdose of Insulin: A
                     (Staff Category)                                           Case Report
                                                                                Francesca Cimino, MD (Resident Category)
1357-1409            Not Your Usual Aching Back                     1600-1612   A Fatal Case of Community Acquired
                     Sara L. Saltzstein, MD (Staff Category)                    Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
                                                                                Samya Varuschka Cruz, MD
                                                                                (Resident Category)
1409-1421            Acute Psychosis with Bupropion in a            1612-1624   PFAPA Syndrome: Periodic Fever, Aphthous
                     Healthy 28 Y/O Female                                      Ulcers, Pharyngitis and Adenopathy: A
                     Shannon Waters, MD (Staff Category)                        Recently Defined Entity Worth Considering
                                                                                Among the Etiologies of Pediatric Fevers
                                                                                Cormac J. O'Connor, MD
                                                                                (Resident Category)
1421-1433            Lemierre's Syndrome in a 17 Year Old           1624-1636    Measles Involving Hepatitis in a Traveler to
                     Female                                                     China: A Case Report and Review of the
                     Joseph K. Erbe, DO (Resident Category)                     Literature
                                                                                Heather M. Schlesinger, DO
                                                                                (Resident Category)
1433-1445            Stroke as the Initial Presentation of a Left
                     Atrial Myxoma
                     Ryan D. Arnold, MD (Resident Category)

1445-1457            Avascular Necrosis in an Adolescent
                     Female with a History of an Eating
                     Erik Richardson, DO (Resident Category)
                                            2007 USAFP RESEARCH PRESENTATION SCHEDULE


POSTER DISPLAY TIME:                                              MONDAY, 12 MARCH 2007: 0700-0900 POSTER JUDGING

                                                                  TUESDAY, 13 MARCH 2007: 1300-1500 POSTER DISMANTLE

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy by a Family Physician: A Case Series Demonstrating Healthcare Savings           Lloyd Runser, MD, MPH (Resident Category)
                                                                                                           SPECIAL COMPETITION WINNER: Previously Published /
                                                                                                           Presented Poster
Pyomyositis in an Active Duty Soldier                                                                      Darrell Edward Jones, DO (Resident Category)

Pneumocephalus: Can Blowing Your Nose Make You an Airhead?                                                 Molly J. Nelsen, DO (Resident Category)

Life-Threatening Rhabdomyolysis in a Post-Partum Patient                                                   Kelly Gray Koren, MD (Resident Category)

Altered Mental Status in a Child following Accidental Ingestion of Clonidine                               Henry G. Luu, DO (Resident Category)

Radiation Pneumonitis with Superimposed Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis                                   Andrea S. Otto, MD (Resident Category)

Disseminated HSV in a Neonate Born to an Asymptomatic Mother                                               David A. Duncan, DO (Resident Category)

TB or Not TB: The Clinical Question                                                                        Ethan E. Zimmerman, MD (Resident Category)

Abdominal Pain Clinical Examination as an Initial Assessment Tool of PGY - 1 Core Competencies             Olivia S. Locker, MD (Resident Category)

Bupropion Toxicity Presenting as a Seizure in a Toddler                                                    Faye M. Rozwadowski, MD (Resident Category)

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