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									                 The Fund for Dentistry - Investment in Excellence
A major role of The Fund for Dentistry is to stimulate and support research by the profession at large. The intent is to support research in
Alberta, whether in private practice, the universities, or other appropriate centers. Research proposals may be basic or applied in nature and
will be evaluated by the Allocations Committee of The Fund for Dentistry.

1. An applicant may apply as a principal investigator (PI) on one grant per award session. A graduate student may be the PI of the grant, but
    the student’s supervisor must co-sign the application. An undergraduate student may not be a PI.

2.   The maximum amount of a grant awarded by The Fund is $4,500.

3.   All submitted applications must be complete according to the checklist guidelines in The Fund for Dentistry application in order to be
     considered for review and scoring.

4.   Only those applications scoring 2.5 or higher by the external reviewers will progress to the Allocations Sub-committee for consideration of

5.   The funds may be used to purchase materials and services directly required for the research project described in the application. They may
     not be used to employ personnel, with the exception of technical staff to perform tasks that require considerable time and specialized
     expertise. The funds may not be used to pay travel (exception, see item 12), accommodations, or entertainment expenses.

6.   In accordance with the letter and spirit of the University of Alberta guidelines on conflict of interest and nepotism, funds may not be used
     to pay for services rendered by members of the awardees’ family or individuals with whom he/she has other than a purely professional
     relationship. It is also not expected that members of the research team, applying to The Fund for Dentistry, will not budget for payment
     for their own involvement in the research project.

7.   Any expenditure valued at $1,000 (Cdn) or more must be pre-approved and authorized by signature of the Chair of the Allocations
     Committee or the Chair, Department of Dentistry. Any item ordered over the total funded amount that has not been authorized by either
     of the two aforementioned persons will not be paid from The Fund for Dentistry grant. The grant holder will be responsible for the cost.
     All invoices and paperwork associated with the award is to be submitted to the School of Dentistry, Graduate Studies and Research Office,
     Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, 11405 - 87 Avenue, 5th floor for accounting purposes.

8.   Any applicant who is overspent on his/her grant one month prior to an application deadline is ineligible to apply again until such time as
     the over expenditure has been paid. This applies to all members of a research group. Over expenditure of a Fund for Dentistry grant must
     be repaid to The Fund from either another grant (not from The Fund for Dentistry) or personal funds.

9.   Awards are given on the understanding that the work has not been previously completed. Retroactive expense claims will not be

10. Research to be carried out under contract to a public or private firm will not be supported.

11. Where applicable, evidence of approval of the research protocol by the appropriate Research Ethics Board, Animal Welfare, Biosafety or
    Radiation Safety Committee must be provided before funds will be released.

12. Anyone holding a Fund for Dentistry grant may do so for a maximum of 2 years (24 months) and must submit a progress report and
    reprints of research funded to the Allocations Committee one month prior to the completion of a grant. Failure to submit such a report or
    reprints will make the researcher and all members of the research group ineligible to apply for a new grant until such time as the reports
    are received.

13. The support of The Fund for Dentistry is to be acknowledged in any scholarly dissemination activity.

14. The Fund for Dentistry will accept applications for undergraduate student travel. A maximum of $500 per undergraduate student will be
    allocated. The student must be an active participant in a conference (e.g. presenting a paper). The conference must be research based.

15. Any applicant requesting the purchase of a new laptop, desktop, external hard drive or related IT (Information Technology) equipment,
    must receive approval from the IT department at the School of Dentistry. All IT equipment purchased with grant funds are the property of
    the School of Dentistry.

The signature of the principal applicant on the application forms signify acceptance of these conditions.
                                       THE FUND FOR DENTISTRY
                                 APPLICATION FOR RESEARCH FUNDING

   1. Name of Principal Investigator:

   2. Address for Correspondence:

   3. Title of Research Project:

   4. Proposed Location of Research:

   5. Co-Investigators:

   6. Abstract of proposed research
      Append a concise abstract (not to exceed 300 words) written in lay language suitable for a press release.

   7. Description of Research Project:
      Append a concise description, (not to exceed five double-spaced pages), of the project for which funding is
      Is this research part of an assigned course?            Yes ( )                 No ( )

   8. Budget:
      Append a detailed list of the anticipated expenses. (If partial support is requested for this project, please
      indicate other sources of funding.)

   9. Evidence of acceptability of research: – if applicable
      [Research Ethics Board (for protocols involving human patients), Biosafety Committee; Animal Welfare
      Committee; Radiation Safety Committee etc.]

Signature of Principal Investigator ____________________________                  Date ________________

Signature of Graduate Student Supervisor _________________________                Date: ________________
(if applicable)
                                         The Fund for Dentistry
                                    Application for Research Funding
                                             Personal Data Form
                             (To be provided for the principal and each co-investigator)

                                         Do Not Attach a Curriculum Vitae

Name:                                                Telephone:

Address:                                             Fax:



  Degree                 University                            Field of Study                     Year


    Year              Institution                     Department                           Position

C. PUBLICATIONS: Total number (excluding abstracts): __________________

Append a list of peer-reviewed papers published during the past five years. Do not include abstracts or
manuscripts in preparation.

1.      Completed personal data forms for principal investigator and each co-investigator. (   )

2.      Description of research project. (       )

3.      Detailed budget. (     )

4.      Evidence of acceptability of research to:

                Research Ethics Board (for protocols involving human patients) (     )

                Biosafety Committee (        )

                Animal Welfare Committee (           )

                Radiation Safety Committee (             )

                (indicate N/A if not applicable)

Submit original application by email (pdf version only) to:

Ms. Pat LaPointe
Graduate Studies and Research Administrator
School of Dentistry
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Phone: (780) 492-8041

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