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									Lakeland Regional Health System                                                                      Chairman,
                                                                                                      Board of

                                                                                                 Elaine Thompson
                                                                           K. Menefee             President/CEO                           M. Spake
                                                                          Exec Director                                                   CCO- Compliance
                                                                           Foundation                                                     and Integrity

                                                      J. Fansler                               W. Mack Reavis, MD                     M. Ford                            E. Jones                       H. Autry                  J. Payne
                                                   SVP- CNE/ LRHS                                  EVP- LRHS                          VP- LRHS                          SVP- LRHS                   SVP LRHS System               VP-LRHS
                                                     COO/LRMC                                          CMO/                             CIO                                CFO                       Development               HRS /Retail Ops
                                                                                                Clinical Integration

  T. Horne       M. Voyles       J. Yon                     K. Pyles      ICUs and Trauma,     Open                    E. Kerns                             Strategic                Eng, Biomed,              K. Walker            Organizational
  AVP Clinical   AVP Periop      AVP Nrsng                  AVP Patient     Resp Care Svcs,    Chief Med               CTO/PMO                            Informatics                  Env Svcs,               AVP Ambu              Engagement
  Operations     W/C Svcs        Services                   Services       Infection Control   Info & Quality          IS Security                                                   Security and              Services
                                                                                               Officer                 Telecomm                                                       Emerg Prep
     Admin       Women’s and        BHS and                   Food/           Invasive/                                                                 Strategic                                                Physician               Total
   Supervisors    Children’s     Palliative Care             Nutrition      Noninvasive                                  Enterprise                   Performance                                                Practices             Rewards,
                   Services                                  Services        Cardiology          Medical                   PMO                                                       PR/Marketing                                        HRIS
                                                                            Heart Center         Affairs                                                                            Communications

   Emergency     Perioperative    Medical and               Radiology                                                                                    Risk                                                    Wound               HR Business
     Dept          Services        Surgical                  Services        Pharmacy          S. McLane               IT Operations,                Management                                                   Care                Partners
                                                                                                  CNIO                   LAN/WAN,                                                     Materials
                                                                                                                            Data                                                     Management
    Staffing                      Cardiac and                Pastoral        Nursing            Physician                                                 Finance and                                              LRCC                 Retail
   Resources,                     Observation                 Care            Shared            Advisory                                                     Payroll                                                                 Operations,
    Patient                         Nursing                                 Governance                                     Business,                                                                                                  Volunteer
   Transport                                                                                                            Clinical Apps &                                                                                                Services
                                                             Inpatient                            HIMS                                                     Managed                                              Outpatient
                                                               Rehab                                                                                        Care                                                  Rehab

                                                            Laboratory                                                                                     Revenue                                           O. Sobowale, MD
                                                             Services                                                                                       Cycle                                            Trauma Services

                                                                                                                                                                                        Radiology                Lakeland Surgery
                                                                                                                                                                                     Imaging Services                  Center
                                                                                                                                                                                      Joint Venture                Joint Venture

June 2011

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