HIV/AIDS Subject Index by HC12083122918


									HIV/AIDS Subject Index
                 Rule 65C-16.011, F.A.C.

Advertising and labeling of drugs, devices, and cosmetics
              s. 499.0054, F.S.

Anonymous Testing

       Department requirement
             s. 381.004(3)(c), F.S.

       Informed consent requirement
              s. 381.004(2)(a), F.S.

Awareness Campaign
            s. 381.981(2)(q), F.S.

Business and Professional Regulation, Grounds for discipline
              s. 455.227(1)(e), F.S.

               s. 381.004(2)(e), F.S.
               Rule 64D-2.003, F.A.C.

Confirmatory Tests
              s. 381.004(2)(d), F.S.
              Rule 64D-2.002, F.A.C.

Court Order
                 s. 381.004(2)(e)9., F.S.
                 Rule 64D-2.003(2)(o), F.A.C.

Criminal Transmission
              s. 384.24(2), F.S.
              s. 775.0877, F.S.
              s. 960.003, F.S.
              s. 381.004(1), F.S.
              Rule 64D-2.002, F.A.C.

                 s. 760.50, F.S.

                 s. 381.7353(2)(e), F.S.
                 s. 381.7355(2)(a)3, F.S.

Donation and Transfer of Human Tissue
              s. 381.0041, F.S.
                Rule 64D-2.005, F.A.C.

Education and Instruction

       Barbers, cosmetologists and massage therapists
              s. 455.2228, F.S.

       Clinical, counseling, and psychotherapy services
              s. 491.0065, F.S.

       College system institutions and state universities
              s. 1002.21(4), F.S.
              s. 1006.50(3), F.S.
              s. 1006.68, F.S.

             s. 477.0132(1)(a), F.S.
             s. 477.019, F.S.

       Dental hygienists
              s. 466.007(3)(b), F.S.

       Department of Corrections
             s. 945.35, F.S.

       Emergency medical services
             s. 401.2701(1)(a)5.c., F.S.

       Employees and clients of health care facilities
             s. 381.0035, F.S.

       Funeral, cemetery, and consumer services
              s. 497.152(6)(a), F. S.

       Health care professionals
              s. 381.0034, F.S.
              s. 456.033, F.S.

       Law enforcement
             s. 943.1725, F.S.

       Licensure of nurse registries
              s. 400.506(8)(e), F.S.

       Materials and training concerning HIV/AIDS
              s. 402.41, F.S.

                s. 381.0038, F.S.

       Public K-12 Education
               s. 1002.20(3)(d), F.S.
               s. 1003.42(3), F.S.
               s. 1003.43(1)(i), F.S.
               s. 1003.46(1), F.S.
               s. 381.0057(2)(b), F.S.

       Speech-language pathology and audiology
             s. 468.1201, F.S.

Epidemiologic Research
             s. 381.0031, F.S.

Foster Care
               s. 381.004(2)(e)11, F.S.

Health Professions, Grounds for discipline
               s. 456.072(1)(e), F.S.

Health Testing Services
             s. 483.181(1), F.S.
             s. 483.314(4), F.S.

Hepatitis B or HIV Carriers
               s. 456.032, F.S.

               s. 641.3007, F.S.
               s. 641.31(3)(b)7, F.S.

               s. 420.623(1)(i), F.S.
               s. 420.624(7)(i)11, F.S.

Home Access HIV Test Kits
            s. 499.005(13), F.S.

Hospital Exception
              s. 381.004(2)(g), F.S.
              Rule 64D-2.003(2)(b)3, F.A.C.

Immunity from Civil or Criminal Liability
             s. 456.061, F.S.


       Blood test for infectious diseases including HIV
              s. 951.27, F.S.

       Confidentiality of records
              s. 945.10(2)(g), F.S.

              s. 945.35, F.S.

       Nonemergency health care copayments
            s. 945.6037(1)(d)5, F.S.

       Testing prior to release
              s. 945.355, F.S.

       Test results
               Rule 64D-2.003(2)(k), F.A.C.

       Transition assistance
               s. 944.704(5), F.S.


       Cancellation or non-renewal
              s. 627.6265, F.S.
              s. 627.6646, F.S.

       Grounds for disapproval of insurance forms
             s. 627.411(1)(g), F.S.

       Sickness disability or disability due to sickness
              s. 627.4237, F.S.

       Informed consent
              Rule 64D-2.004(4)(b), F.A.C

       Legally effective releases
              Rule 64D-2.003(2)(b), F.A.C.

       Medical test for HIV/AIDS
             s. 627.429, F.S.

Legally Effective Releases of HIV Test Results
               s. 381.004(3)(e)2, F.S.
               Rule 64D-2.003(2)(b), F.A.C.

Local Health Councils
              s. 408.033(1)(b)9, F.S.

Managed Care
               s. 381.0407(4)(a), F.S.
               s. 409.9122(2)(l), F.S.

Medical Examiners

       Informed consent exception
              s. 381.004(2)(h)12, F.S.
       Reporting positives
              s. 381.004(2)(e)15, F.S.

Medical Records
             Rule 64D-2.003, F.A.C.

Mental Health, Definitions
              s. 394.492(4)(e), F.S.

Minors' Consent to Treatment
             s. 384.30, F.S.
             s. 743.0645(1)(a), F.S.
             Rule 64D-2.004(5), F.A.C.

Model Protocol
             s. 381.004(7), F.S.

Oversight of AIDS Education Programs
              s. 381.0039, F.S.

Partner Notification Protocol for Practitioners
               Partner Notification Protocol for Practitioners

       Informed consent
              s. 381.004(2), F.S.
              Rule 64D-2.004, F.A.C.

       Informed consent exceptions
              s. 381.004(2)(h), F.S.

Prevention and Control
              s. 381.003, F.S.

Probation and Community Control
              s. 947.1405(7)(b)1, F.S.
              s. 948.039(1), F.S.

Need to know
               s. 381.004(2)(e)3., F.S.
               Rule 64D-2.003, F.A.C.

Notification by Laboratories
               Rule 64D-3.031, F.AC.

Parental Visitation Rights
               s. 61.13, F.S

Patient Care Networks
              s. 381.0042, F.S.
              Rule 64D-2.001, F.A.C.
Practitioner Disclosure
               Rule 64D-2.003(2)(l), F.A.C.
               Partner Notification Protocol for Practitioners

Preliminary Tests

               s. 381.004(1), F.S.

                 s. 381.004(2)(d), F.S.

Real Estate/Disclosure of HIV
               s. 689.25, F.S.

Registration of HIV Testing Sites
               s. 381.004(4), F.S.
               Rule 64D-2.006, F.A.C.

                 s. 381.0031, F.S.
                 s. 381.004(2)(a), F.S.
                 s. 384.25, F.S.

Self-Testing Kits for HIV/AIDS
              s. 499.005(13), F.S.

Sex Offenses
                 s. 948.30(2)(d), F.S.

Significant Exposure

               s. 381.004(1)(c), F.S.

       Informed consent exception
              s. 381.004(2)(h)10,11, F.S.

       Need to know
              s. 381.004(2)(e)14, F.S.

Specialty Prepaid Health Plans for Medicaid Recipients with HIV or AIDS
              s. 409.91188, F.S.

Substance Abuse Services, Rights of individuals
             s. 397.501(2)(a), F.S.

Targeted Outreach Program for Pregnant Women
              s. 381.0045, F.S.


               s. 381.004(1), F.S.

       Criminal offense
             s. 960.003, F.S.

       Human tissue donations or transfers
            s. 381.0041, F.S.

       Mandatory offering to pregnant women
             s. 384.31, F.S.

             s. 381.004(2), F.S.

             s. 381.004(3), F.S.

       Registered testing sites
              s. 381.004(4), F.S.
              Rule 64D-2.006, F.A.C.

              Rule 64D-2.004, F.A.C.

Test Results

       Disclosure statement (warning statement)
              s. 381.004(2)(f), F.S.

       Disclosure to victims
              s. 960.003, F.S.
              Rule 64D-2.003(2)(l), F.A.C.

              s. 381.004(3)(c), F.S.


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