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									               ____________Slimfast NLP
Gastric Band Therapy
                        +70% success rate.
                        Cutting edge mindset system.
                        Non invasive.
                        No dangerous side effects.
                        Stops emotional eating.
                        Stops bingeing.
                        Proven results & case studies.
                        Get confident.
                        Enhance relationships.
                        Feel amazing.
              ____________Slimfast NLP
How Weight Affects Business?
                       Clothes too small.
                       Feeling of being treated ‘differently’.
                       Bad attitude from employers.
                       Emotional eating.
                       Lack of promotion.
                       Lack of respect from colleagues.
                       Nobody understands.
                       Long hours and bad eating habits.
                       Tiredness, irritation & stress.
                       Health issues & risks

             ____________Slimfast NLP
Real Dangers Of Obesity?
              •High Blood Pressure
              •Abnormal blood fats
              •Sleep apnea
              •Weak Pelvic Muscles
              •Physical Discomfort
              •Early Death
             ____________Slimfast NLP
Why Dieting Fails?
              •Too difficult to maintain
              •Lack of will power
              •Solo effort is difficult
              •Emotional eating not dealt with
              •Food addictions
              •Slow results
              •Temptations everywhere
              •3 month lapse rate
              •Lack of support
              •Disbelief in outcome
           ____________Slimfast NLP
Why Avoid Surgery?
              +20% complications
              Surgery doesn’t affect mindset
              Dieting is 100% required
              Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
              Adverse reaction to anesthesia
              Band slipping as stomach pouch stretches
              Blockage of stoma (stomach outlet)
              Reflux (regurgitating food into mouth)
              Problems with medications
              Follow-up surgery may be needed
           ____________Slimfast NLP
Solution     Slimfast NLP is a proven system
             combining both clinical and
             complimentary treatments.

             This system will allow you to
             understand AND CHANGE the issues
             affecting your weight and give you a
             whole sense of freedom.

             Change is gradual but effects can be
             felt immediately as you begin a new
             attitude and understanding to eating,
             exercise and success.

           ____________Slimfast NLP
                 You WILL lose weight every week.
                 You WILL have a different relationship
                  with food.
                 You will make better choices.
                 You WILL enjoy higher health and
                  energy levels (within the first week)
                 You WILL become more confident.
                 You WILL have more control over your
                 You WILL have motivation for exercise.
                 YOU WILL LOVE THE BRAND NEW YOU.

          ____________Slimfast NLP
             5 Golden Rules of Weight Loss
             NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
             EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
             Nutrition Education
             Personal Expert Coaching
             Email Coaching
             Addiction Therapy
             Timeline Therapy
             Mind & Body Wellness Programme

            Former BBC journalist and 4 time author, Dave is one of the most
            experienced motivational entertainers in the region with over 40
            years in the industry and over 2 billion people reached
            throughout his career including shows in Spain, India, South
            Africa, Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Egypt, the Caribbean,
            Italy and Monaco.
            A motivational session in Greece led to one Global company recording a
            49% growth in sales within the next 12 months and they attributed much
            of it to his work.
            Trained by the great Ormond McGill and worked with Paul
            McKenna, Deepak Chopra, Raymond Aaron and Jack Canfield.
            Dave's best selling CD 'Now That's What I Call Hypnosis' was performed
            to Bollywood royalty in Mumbai including Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Khan,
            Simi Garewell and Pooja Bedi.
            Certified NFNLP Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner and
            life coach.
            The only Stage Hypnotist in the Arabian Gulf having trained and performed
            in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.
            Worked alongside legends like James Brown, Bruce Willis,
            Sylvester Stallone, Enrique Iglesias, Sting, Amitabh Bachchan,
            Jean Alesi, Jim Courier, Slash, Kanye West, Bryan Adams, Stefan
            Edberg and many more.

Our Clients Include ____________Proposal
   APC                   Emirates Computers   Nomad
   Axa                   Distree              IIR
   BP                    Techdata             Magma
   HSBC                  BE International     Momentum KL
   Speedcar Series       LOWE                 SP Jain
   Air Arabia            City & TV            Sony Gitex
   Southern Sun Hotels   Akkroball            TetraPak Arabia
   and Resorts           Despecme             Toshiba
   DNATA                 Sharjah Wanderers    SNTTA
   Emerson               Tech Data            DME(Dubai Merchantile
   Emirates Computers    VIP Property         Exchange Limited)
   Etisalat              Toshiba              Dubai Lime
   ME Retail Awards      Cisco                Acer
   The Big Ball          Lighthouse           Deloitte
   Blue Banana           T3 Awards            Mashreq Bank
   Corporate Challenge   Emirates Bank        Delwood
   ME Call Ctr Awards    FP7                  CSM

“It was a great experience. You have a message that people are seeking out and want to hear, and you may be creating a
 tribe that will have deep roots one day. You’re connecting people with themselves again, reminding them that awe and
     wonder are a part of life, that the mediocre and mundane is to be avoided; that we are meant to be creatures of
                                                  excellence, not of habit..”
                                           Lloyd De Jongh
                    Researcher, Speaker & Emotional & Social Intelligence Trainer.
 “Many thanks for your superb “Secrets of Success” workshop. Not only was it truly inspiring and memorable but it was
above and beyond what we asked you to deliver. The whole Channel Management Department thoroughly enjoyed it and
people are still quoting things from all the material we covered. Personally, it has given me the desire to have more focus
                              in my life in terms of the future and how I want to live my life..”
                                               Laura E Wyatt
                                 Manager – Etisalat Marketing Department.
     “Just brilliant and insightful. Breathtaking from the very first words. Solid steps and a good formula/process for
  mastering and positively dealing with different types of situations as well as people that could make a person’s life a
    fantastic adventure. It was motivating to get affirmation that every problem we face, whether money, health,
     relationships or a combination of those, has a perfect solution…and that anything is easy if you ‘know’ how.
                    Thank you Dave for being just a great example of all that is good in our world.”
                                                   Ilzé Els
                                      Manager Partner, Results Coaching

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Investment                                                           (4+1 Session)
                 Slimfast NLP System
                 Timeline therapy                                    USD 1,497
                 Gastric Band Hypnosis /NLP ‘Operation’              USD 4,997
                 Life Coaching and education                         USD 2,497
                 Dietitian, clinic hire and health testing           USD 2,997
                 Reprogram addictions (EFT)                          USD 1,497
                 Life Design (eBooks, Audios & Videos)               USD 2,997
                 Disassociation therapy (NLP)                        USD 1,997
                 Positive visualization session                      USD 1,997
                 Post therapy (3 months coaching support)            USD 2,497

                 Value To client                                     Immeasurable
                 Introductory Investment                             USD 2,497
       Telephone at +97150 5524316                  NB
       Email at           100% of the fee is to be paid cash in advance.

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