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 8 years of professional experience in Quality Assurance and Software testing. In depth knowledge of
Software development life cycle, testing methodologies. Proficient in system testing, functional testing,
regression testing for Client/Server and Web-Based applications and hands-on experience with diverse
testing tools (Mercury’s Test Director and Quality Center) and good Experience on EPIC.


           8 years of Software Quality Assurance experience in Automation Testing, Manual Testing
            and Testing of Web-based and Client Server Applications.
           Expertise in analyzing requirements, writing use cases, test plan, test cases and
            traceability matrix.
           Experience working with SDLC, Agile/Scrum and RUP methodologies.
           Expertise in performing different types of Testing: Black box, GUI, Integration, Regression,
            Backend, System, Regression, End-to-End and User Acceptance Testing
           Experienced in defect management, defect analysis and defect reporting using Test
            Director/Quality Center.
           Good team player with excellent analytical, presentation, communication and multi - tasking skills.
           Experience in Defect Management using Test Director, HP Quality Center and ClearQuest
           Diverse work experience on Functionality Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing,
            Regression, Smoke, Security, Data Conversion, Performance, Cross browser, Security
            and UAT Testing.
           Worked on Business Functionality, Use Case Specifications, Risk Analysis,
            Documentation and Build Verification.
           Extensively used SQL queries to manipulate the data.
           Extensively worked on Hospital Billing, patient accounting, Lab Billing, Clinical
            (inpatient/outpatient), ED, HIM, Ambulatory, ADT, Scheduling, Clindocs, EMR and
           Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment
           Good working knowledge in Meditech modules.
           Extensively used HP Quality Center for mapping Requirements, test planning, executing test
            cases and tacking defects
           Hands on experience in HIPAA and validated EDI transactions.
           Good knowledge in Healthcare modules like Member Enrollment, Eligibility Check, Claims,
            Billing and Policy Issuance.
           Conducted clinical validation testing of data imported to the EHR system.
           Good experience with HL7 interfaces validation.
           Experience in Bug Reporting and Tracking
           Inclination towards learning new technologies and tools.

Technical Skills:

Testing Tools:         HP Quality Center 10.0/9.2/9.0, Quick Test Pro 9.0,
                       Test Director, Clear Quest.
Epic Modules:          EPIC SOFTWARE SUITE (Cadence, Ambulatory,
                    ADT, Inpatient, OPTIME, IPRx, HIMS Resolute, and
                    Bridges) Pyxis.
Operating Systems: Windows XP/NT/2000/98, UNIX and Linux.
Web Technologies:    HTML, XHTML, DHTML, EJB, ASP, Web Services.
Languages:           XML, VB.NET, C, C++, JAVA, J2EE.
Databases:           Oracle 10g/9i/8i, MS Access & MS SQL Server
Scripting Languages: TSL, Shell Script, Java Script, and VBScript
BI Tools:           Business Objects XI R1/XI R2


Sisters of St. Fransis, IN                                                     Oct ‘11 to Till Date
Functional Tester/TL
    St Fransis has many modules. The module I worked on is EPIC ADT and AMB. Participated in
    System and Functional testing. Created defects and entered the defect descriptions in Quality center.
    Involved in team meetings to resolve the defects and help track the status to the project lead.

    Prepared Test Cases which provided a detailed list of conditions.
    Involved in manually testing various phases of the development.
    Performed Functional, Regression and User acceptance testing.
    Executes test cases on each build of the application and verified the actual results against
    Involved in reporting defects using Mercury Quality Center.
    Integrated Quality Center with Quick Test Pro and maintained the test cases and scripts.
    Validate HL7 Messages.
    Created test scripts for key functionality and executed the test scripts
    Modify Test Scripts as per new functionality to perform Regression Testing.
    Regression Testing conducted to make sure bugs fixes are working fine, and to make sure issues
       fixed doesn’t impact other areas application.
    Responsible for weekly status, attend the bridge meetings showing progress and future testing
Environment: Oracle, EPIC, Windows XP and HP Quality Center, Bridges.

Kaiser Permanente, CA                                                             June ‘11 – Oct ‘11
Role: QA Analyst
Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading health care institutes in USA. KP Health Connect is a national
Kaiser Permanente electronic medical system that will integrate the patient record (both inpatient and
outpatient), with appointments, registration, billing and the member website. This system will
enhance the quality of patient care as it is implemented across the region. The Kaiser Permanente Health
Connect program is focused on the national deployment of a highly sophisticated and integrated
information management and delivery system. KP Health Connect integrates the clinical record with
appointments, registration and billing to deliver improvements in care delivery and cost savings across
the Kaiser Permanente organization. Patients, physicians and other authorized health care staff will have
immediate access to complete, up-to-the-minute medical records, including test/lab results, prescriptions,
etc. regardless of time or location
      Involved in creation and execution of test scenarios by reviewing all the business functional
        specifications, detailed design documents, data model documents, data flow diagrams.
      HIMS 3M Coder used for coding and abstracting.
      Prepared Test data to enable the software to be quality checked.
      Actively participated in hybrid model by monitoring and extending support to team members at all
    Involved in writing test cases and test scripts.
    Performed Shakedown testing, IWITS testing, Version Skew testing End-to-End testing
    Performed shakedown and interface testing.
       Participated actively in Defect Meetings
    Involved in HB and PB Modules.
    Created data-driven tests and synchronization points in HP Quick Test Pro script to help solve
       key problems.
    Tested Billing in Resolute, Schedules in Cadence, In-Patient, Out-Patient.
    Developed Test cases from Requirements, Functional Specifications and Design Documents and
       Executed them manually in Quality Center.
    Involved in testing of GUI by inserting checkpoints in Quick Test Pro scripts for single or multiple
       objects and text.
       Documented all the clinical information (Notes, Doc Flow sheets, History, Allergies, D/C
       Summary, H&P, ED Notes, Initial Assessments, Prog Notes, Consults & OR Notes etc.) for the
    Active participation in Release Notes Review Meetings for Cadence, Prelude, Resolute HB &
       PB and Tapestry
    Experienced in writing program to connect different Database like SQL Server, Oracle to
       Access data through QTP
    Tested the HL7 messages for In-Patient and Out-Patient in IB (Integration Broker) & Bridges.
    Involved in testing Epic Systems Applications including Hospital Billing, Clinical inpatient
       and ADT.
    Involved in testing of new EHR modules, and the addition of a new facilities or clinics.
    Documented internal procedures in coordination with internal departments and affiliate
       hospitals and clinics.
    Tested Scenarios on Admission, Discharge, and Transfer of Patients.
    Tested Office Visits, Benefits Inquiry, Order Entry Scenarios for Out-Patient.
    Worked with ADT and Ambulatory work flows in EPIC.
    Responsible for updating and maintaining the Quality center for all the defects found during
       functional and regression testing and follow up the bug life cycle.
    Tested scenarios on Patient transferred from ED (Emergency Department) to In-Patient.
Environment: Quality Center 9.0/10.0, QTP 9.5, Epic Suite, HL7, SQL, .Net, C#, VB.Net, ADO.Net, MS
OFFICE 2007, Visio, Windows XP, UNIX.

Client: HCA, Nashville, TN                                                         Dec ‘10 – May ‘11
Role: QA Analyst

Patient Keeper works side-by-side with hospitals and physicians to connect information and deliver
software solutions that physicians want to use With patient Keeper, physician workflow is seamlessly-and
transparently-integrated, so that physicians can focus on caring for patients without worrying about
paperwork and disparate back-end systems. The physician information technology connects patient
information from hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare systems across communities,
creating a single, actionable view. The main of the Integration Team is to integrate several third party
applications (GE, Philips, AGFA, Ob Link etc) into patient Keeper, So that the physicians can access
these applications from within the PK system seamlessly.

    Created test cases as per the requirement documents and stored the same in QC.
       Interacted actively with Business Analysts/Users/Developers for collecting Requirements.
       Involved in Development of Test Plan and Test Cases for Integration,
        Functional, System and Regression Testing.

      Conducted Functionality testing during various phases of the application.
      Involved in Testing Clinical Patient care billing system.
      Stored Test Cases, Requirements and Defects in Quality Center used Built in
       functions of VBScript extensively.
    Developed Test cases from Requirements, Functional Specifications and Design Documents and
       Executed them manually in Quality Center
    Tested the HL7 messages for In-Patient and Out-Patient in IB (Integration Broker) & Bridges.
    Involved in testing Meditech Systems including Hospital Billing, Clinical inpatient and ADT
    Interacted with internal departments to understand EHR business requirements and Analyzed
       operational workflow and EHR system features using gap analysis
    Documented internal procedures in coordination with internal departments and affiliate
       hospitals and clinics.
    Developed User requirements Specifications Document (URS) and Traceability Metrics.
    Performed back-end testing using SQL queries to verify the integrity of the database
    Validated Various XML interfaces and web services.
    Verifying the data integrity by writing SQL queries.
    Tested whether inbound and outbound messages are passing correctly or not.
    Tested Scenarios on Admission, Discharge, and Transfer of Patients.
    Tested Office Visits, Benefits Inquiry, Order Entry Scenarios for Out-Patient.
    Worked with ADT and Ambulatory work flows in Meditech.
    Responsible for updating and maintaining the Quality center for all the defects found during
       functional and regression testing and follow up the bug life cycle
Environment: HP Quality Center 10.0, SQL, HTML, XML, MS OFFICE 2007, Visio,,,
CSS, T-SQL, Windows XP.

Client: Freddie Mac, Mclean, VA                                                      Jan ‘09 – Nov ‘10
Role: QA Analyst

Freddie Mac initiated the development to achieve Project Enterprise’s goals; Freddie Mac had to develop
a new Servicing System capable of servicing the breadth of anticipated products. This system will provide
the new conduit for Servicers and Service Bureaus to interface with Freddie Mac for reporting borrower
loan activity and provide an integrated mechanism to remit proceeds. Project Enterprise replaces the
outdated Legacy systems as well as offers a whole new breadth of functionality. It is used by internal and
external customers to facilitate the core business objectives of Project Enterprise the most critical
accounting system to further its status in Secondary mortgage market of Freddie Mac.
         Involved in gathering specifications and requirements from development personnel prior to
         Worked with Business Analyst regularly for developing test cases from the Business
         Data Validation Testing and Configuration.
         Involved in development of a test case, test data, traceability matrix, and metrics to
              ensure all testing requirements are met and documented.
         Performed Back-end testing using SQL queries to validate the data in the back-end Oracle
         Log defects and re-test code when applicable.
         Generated test analysis Reports and Graphs using Quality Center and published status
              reports to management on timely basis.
         Involved in setting up the Test Environment and creating Test Data
         Responsible for Regression, Sanity, Smoke, User Acceptance, Functional, Integration, &
          System Testing including Documentation.
        Extensively used HP Quality Center for preparation of Requirement Traceability Metrics
          (RTM), Software Metrics, Defect Report and Daily Status Reports
        Regularly followed up with Development Team to identify the design/development changes,
          and modify the user scripts accordingly.
        Actively participated team meetings and walkthroughs
        Used Document Generator of Quality Center to generate Release Reports
        Documented the business events, test cases, test data, and Writing, execution scripts in
          support of the testing approach to be employed.
Environment: HP Quality Center 10.0, SQL, HTML, XML, MS OFFICE 2007, Visio, Java, Web Logic,
Web Methods, CSS, T-SQL, Windows XP.

 Client: St Joseph’s Mercy Hospital, MI                                               May ‘07 – Nov ’08
 Role: Functional Tester
   St.Joseph’s has many modules, - Epic Care, EPIC ADT, Cadence, EPIC Bridges, etc. I have been
   working in the Resolute modules of EPIC. I am mainly involved in System Testing, functional
   testing, , My profile includes creating, implementing and executing test cases through requirements,
   workflow analysis, , BDR (Business Design Requirements), and project information. Also, creating
   defects, providing defect descriptions by using Test director. Constantly involved with the defect
   management group to resolve defects and help them to track status. Communicating the status of the
   problems, test cases, and resolutions etc to the Test Lead. Constantly identifies and escalating issues
   to the test lead. Involved in validation of the HL7 messages between Epic and Ancillaries.


      Responsible for writing Various test scenarios, test cases based on business requirements and
       functional specifications
    Worked on ADT work queues related to authorization and certification
    Tested work queue routing rules and distribution rules and worked on warnings and errors.
    Responsible in validating the Enhancements made to Interfaces.
    Responsible in doing Data mapping testing.
    Responsible for trouble shooting and solving the problems related to the HL7 messages.
    Validated HL7 messages coming through different interfaces to EPIC
    Responsibilities include regular interaction with the development team and requirements team.
    Responsibilities include support production.
Environment: Oracle, SQL Server, HL7, EPIC, QC, Integration broker.

Client: United Healthcare, OH                                                         May ‘06 – Apr ’07
Role: QA Analyst
United Healthcare is a leading provider of comprehensive disease management services for chronic
disease, high-cost episodic conditions and clinical services. United healthcare continuously expanding
umbrella of services includes claims management, disease management, case management and
utilization management, all designed to help patients improve wellness, lifestyle and productivity behavior.
Its health care services segment manages Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Proffered Provider
Organization (PPO) and Point of Service (POS).
       Analyzed requirements & design documents, formulated test plans for functional testing of the
       Test Management and Test Case design using Test Director.
       Involved in System and Integration testing.
       Tested the COB, benefits, facilities and reports.
      Involved in the Analysis, Validating and Processing of the plans
      Extensively worked on all Inbound and Outbound Interfaces; involved in creating the test
       conditions for Member, Member Coverage, Member Risk Groups, provider/Facility,
       Provider/Facility Address, Provider/Facility Plan History, Provider In Networks.
    Validated Hospital and Medical claims processing.
    Involved in testing the Member Enrollment, Eligibility Enquiry, Eligibility Response, Claim
       Status Enquiry, Claim Status Response and conversion of Financial Claims
    Tested various inbound/out bound EDI transactions like 837 (claims), 835 (remittance),
       270/271 (eligibility benefit inquiry/response), 276/ 277 (claim status inquiry/response)
       HIPAA compliance using Spec Builder.
    Tested various operations in the claims processing (Adjustments, Claims, Overpayments,
       underpayments, COB, COBRA and External Claim editing)
    Used Test Director as defect tracking system.
    Automated the reusable features using QTP.
    Tested the processing of claims and Pulled all the associated claims data as needed
    Validated the reports and files according to HIPPA enforced standards
    Tested the Adjudication of Claims, claims pre-pricing, and claims logging
    Responsible for Regression, User Acceptance, Functional, Smoke, Sanity, Integration &
       System Testing including Documentation.
Environment: .Net, ASP.Net, C#, Vb Script, HTML, XML, Cognos, VBScript, MS OFFICE 2003, SQL,
Windows NT/2000, UNIX.

Client: GGHV, India                                                                         Feb ‘04 - Mar '06
Role: QA Analyst
The aim of this Hospital Management System (HMS) application is to standardize the basic requirements
and computerize the general day-to-day activities of the hospital staff and increase the productivity
among the hospital staff thus increasing the efficiency of all involved in the smooth running of the
department and its activities and thus assist in taking care of patients.
I worked on OP (Out Patient) registration module. OP registration module is a complete automation of all
the activities that take place in the registration, maintaining and retrieving records of the Out Patients and
other sources thus helping in fast and accurate addressing the patient’s care.
          Responsibilities included analyzing System and Functional Requirements and writing test
          Developed test cases with traceability to system and functional requirements
          Responsible for testing Document the business events, test cases, test data, and execution
              scripts in support of the testing approach to be employed.
          Development of test case scenarios for functional testing of web application developed in
              HTML and XML.
          Test, and defect metric data for completeness and Test coverage
          Involved in Risk Management Process
          Understanding of test and quality environments.
          Performed testing to verify back-end database functionality of the application through SQL
          Participated in Walkthrough’s and Technical Reviews all through the testing phase.
          Responsible for preparation of weekly status report.
          Tested the Online Programs and Batch Programs.
          Documented software defects using Test Director, Investigated them through working with
              software developers to resolve technical issues, re-tested the application
          Responsible for Regression, User Acceptance, Functional, Integration & System Testing
              including Documentation.
Environment: JAVA, SQL, HTML 3.2, Rational Clear Quest, CRYSTAL REPORTS, JavaScript1.2, C++,
Education Qualifications:
       Master’s in Computer Application, India
       Bachelor’s in Computer Application, India

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