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									The CNL Preceptor

Recruitment and Preparation Strategies
        AACN CNL Learning Network Teleconference
                  September 20, 2006

                  Jane Gannon CNM MSN
               CNL Clinical Track Coordinator
           University of Florida College of Nursing
         Small victories…
• “Jane, this role has been so well
  received by the staff of 6 Wolfson, and
  I want you to know how much of a
  difference I feel it makes for staff,
  families and our patient population.”
  – Nurse Manager, Preceptor, CNL Model
     The CNL Initiative at UF
• 5 Clinical Partners
  – Jacksonville, Fl
     • Shands at Jax
     • Wolfson Children’s Hospital
     • Baptist Medical Center
  – Gainesville, Fl
     • Shands at UF
     • Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center
    Sources of Preceptors…
• Student recruitment efforts yielded
  unexpected dividend…
• Clinical partners reallocated personnel
• Assignment of personnel to the role of
• Graduates of CNL program
                       Partner 1
• 2 Model Units:
   – Unit A-Oncology
   – Unit B-ObGYN
• Timing:
   – Unit A- Identified immediately by the site
   – Unit B- August 07
• Preceptors
   – Unit A- CNS, Professional Practice and Research, Grad
     Nurse Coordinator
   – Unit B- CNS, Professional Practice and Research
• Motivation
   – A- Unit’s Nurse Manager- “This unit needs a CNL!”
   – B- CNS assigned to role of preceptor
                 Partner 2
• 1 Model Unit
  – Progressive Step-Down Telemetry unit
• Timing
  – Jan 06
• Preceptor
  – Nurse Hospitalist, BSN
• Motivation
  – “Desire to see student in Acting CNL role
    impact the unit’s outcomes ”
                  Partner 3
• 2 Model Units
  – Unit A- Acute care pediatric surgical
  – Unit B- Acute care pediatric medical
• Timing
  – Identified immediately by site
• Preceptors
  – Unit A- CNS
  – Unit B- Nurse Manager
• Motivation
  – Unit A: “The unit needs the role”
  – Unit B: “I was assigned to it… and now I get it!”
               Partner 4
• Unit
  – Identified unit “no longer needs a CNL.”
    Other units under consideration.
    Preceptor identification is underway.
              Partner 5
• Unit
  – 2 medical units identified
• Timing
  – Has changed 2 CNS lines to CNL
• Preceptor
  – Hiring ARNPs for the CNL lines to be
    the preceptors
  Key Components to the CNL
        Preceptor Role
• There is a significant learning curve
  associated with role implementation,
  so preceptors need preparation
• Communication skills are critical
  – New role must be explained to colleagues
    across the HCS
  How can the CNL preceptor
    help the CNL student?
• Role play/ Provide anticipatory
• Debrief after events, successful or not
• Enable a trusting relationship to evolve
  with core group of supporters
• Enable collaboration with
  multidisciplinary team members
   Preparing the Preceptor to
• Online vs workshop strategy
• Modular approach
  – Base on AACN CNL Preceptor Guidelines
            Areas of Focus
  – Differentiating between the faculty role and
    preceptor role
  – Creating links between didactic content and
    clinical applications
  – Teaching and learning styles/ Self-awareness
  – Evaluating student performance
       One Last Strategy…
• Infusing current CNL students with
  awareness of their professional role
  obligation to instruct the next and
  future cohorts of students…
         Questions during
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