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									                           MILITARY VACCINE AGENCY
                               Immunization Basic Course
           Centennial Banquet and Conference Center, Biggs AAF, Fort Bliss, TX
                                    25 January 2011

Target Audience: Appropriate course participants should be medical personnel
involved primarily in immunizations, including: LPNs, medics, healthcare specialists,
immunization technicians and corpsman. Registered Nurses and individuals within a
unit whom the command recognizes as resources and identifies to be trained are
also appropriate candidates.

Course Description: The training is immunization-specific, information-intensive
and performance-oriented. It includes a review of related DoD and Service
regulations, information resources, clinical techniques, vaccination schedule
interpretation, necessary documentation, vaccine safety, patient screening and
education, and handling of adverse events.

Mission and Objectives: The mission of the Immunization Basic Course is to train
personnel unfamiliar with immunization-specific issues on the essential elements of
a safe and effective immunization program using regulations, Advisory Committee
on Immunization Practices (ACIP) guidelines and Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) recommendations for immunization practice. The course uses
both didactic and scenario-based, interactive training methods to introduce, assess,
plan, implement and evaluate immunization standards in realistic environments.
Major training objectives include:

      -   Ensure familiarity with immunization standards of practice;

      -   Use informational and educational materials to achieve immunization
          standards, improve training and assess competencies;

      -   Facilitate interactive practical experiences to demonstrate implementation
          of recommended immunization Clinic Quality Improvement Program.

This eight-hour course will be offered at locations convenient to busy clinics offering
high volume immunization services. There is no fee for the course itself.
Participants will be responsible for the costs and coordinating of their individual
orders, travel, lodging and meals. Course content and training CDs will be provided.
Continuing Nursing Education and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Credits
are offered for this course.

                 Program sponsored by the Military Vaccine (MILVAX) Agency
                                      Alexandria, VA

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