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 Personal Learner      Social
Development          Development

     Cultural Proficiency and Student
     Achievement:Education that is Multicultural
     Session 2 On-Line

                            Cultural Proficiency

 Performance Outcome # 1

The participant will explore
their own cultural
experiences and identify how
they impact the learning
environment of students.
Quote and Picture of the
 “You cannot not have a
 culture. Nor can there be
 an environment that is
 culture-free or without
 cultural bias. A culture is
 like the air; it is
 everywhere and you
 don’t even notice it until it

     Lindsay,Robins, & Terrell
     Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Responsive Classroom

“A culturally responsive classroom is one in
 which teachers and students strive to create a
 caring social-emotional climate that serves
 individual and group needs of all members of
 the learning community.” Grant and Gillet( 2006)
Reflect on the nine educator factors. Can you
 may connections between a culturally
 responsive classroom and the nine educator

9 Educator Factors
Exemplary teachers form partnerships with              Give students a variety of purposes for being a
students and their families to promote the             part of a community of learners.
personal and social development of students in
order to help students achieve high levels of
cognitive development.
Make is a daily habit to tell students, individually   Creating a learning environment that encourages
and collectively, that they are capable and            high expectations, enables students to
competent learners of the content.                     experience success, provides students with a
                                                       sense of belonging and promotes shared
                                                       responsibility for the achievement of all.
Involve students in goal setting,self assessment,      Use a variety of ways to keep students engaged
and reflection.                                        in the lesson.

Ensure that students know how they learn best          Give students a variety of specific purposes for
and how to use that information to master the          learning that connect to their personalgoals and
knowledge and skills of the discipline.                interests and to collective goals established by
                                                       the class.
Make all students feel welcome and part of the

classroom community    .                          DLM2007
Culurally Relevant Teaching

“Teaching that occurs when the
 curriculum content is related to the
 students’ background and the teacher’s
 instruction takes advantage of this
Grant and Gillette ( 2006)

Characteristics of Culturally
Responsive Teaching
 Positive perceptions of parents and families
 Communication of high expectations
 Learning within the context of culture
 Student-centered instruction
 Culturally mediated instruction
 Reshaping the curriculum
 Teacher as facilitator
   (Ladson-Billings 1994)

Culturally Responsive
 Knowledge alone is not enough to ensure teachers are
 considering multicultural education in the classroom (Gay,
 2000). Acquiring a knowledge base should be done in addition
 to thorough self-reflection. Teachers must examine their own
 beliefs about relationships among culture, ethnicity, and
 intellectual ability; the expectations they hold for students from
 different ethnic groups; and how their beliefs and expectations
 are evident in instructional behaviors. If teachers themselves
 are not aware of their own cultural lenses, they can
 inadvertently hinder educational opportunities for diverse
 students or impede their abilities to work for change of
 negative beliefs. For these reasons, self-awareness is critical
 for the effectiveness of culturally responsive caring.

The Guiding Principles of
Cultural Proficiency
 Culture is a predominate force; you cannot NOT be
  influenced by culture.
 People are served in varying degrees by the dominate
 It is important to acknowledge the group identity of
 Diversity within cultures is important; cultural groups
  are neither homogeneous nor monolithic
 Respect the unique cultural needs that members of
  dominated groups may have.

Cultural Proficiency
 Cultural destructiveness- See the difference, stomp it out
 Cultural incapacity- See the difference,make it wrong
 Cultural blindness- See the difference,act like you don’t
 Cultural precompetence- See the difference, respond inadequately
 Cultural competence- See the difference, understand the difference
  that difference makes
 Cultural proficiency- See the differences and respond positively and


Review the information in the following
 website on Culturally Relevant Teaching

  See the description of The Culturally
    Proficient Professional provided in your
    Session Two Blog . In your journal
    describe specific culturally proficient
    behaviors of someone in your
Assignment: Using the format included in
 the Session Two Blog, write a definition of
 yourself and post it in the discussion
Closing Thoughts

   “Educating everyone’s children is not
    an option; it is an obligation”.

   Edna Connor
   ASCD 2003


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