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									Clinical Reflective Writing: an important educational enterprise.
A workshop to familiarize lead educators with essential processes and resources.

This one-day workshop will discuss the increasingly important place of Reflection,
both oral and written, in professional development for all medical practitioners. It
will reveal its role in providing safer patient care. It will model a method for
enabling doctors to begin to write reflectively, by engaging workshop members in
using the processes of Clinical Reflective Writing, which have been designed
specifically for doctors. Such processes reveal the quality of the doctor’s own
practice and their clinical expertise.

The resulting writing provides vital evidence for both assessment (for doctors in
training) and appraisal (for all doctors). It is a means of exploring and
understanding better clinical decision-making and professional judgements in real
clinical cases and demonstrates what the doctor brings to the patient in their care.
This whole process creates for lead educators a way of getting their learners to
make explicit the important but invisible elements of their practice.

The workshop is facilitated by Professor Della Fish (an experienced educationist
who has worked extensively with medical and other health care professionals in
areas such as reflective practice, clinical judgment, professionalism and curriculum
development)and Professor Linda de Cossart (an experienced educator and an
expert clinician who has worked closely with Della Fish in this field).
Their work has been recorded in Cultivating a Thinking Surgeon (TfM Press, 2005);
Developing the Wise Doctor, (RSM Press, 2007); and Enhancing Teaching and
Learning in Postgraduate Medicine, (Eds: Linda de Cossart and Della Fish. RSM
Press, 2010). The resources and processes they have created are currently being
taken up in a range of ways, in a range of deaneries.

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