Amy by lanyuehua


									Is the daughter right or wrong? Is the mother right or wrong? To answer this

question i have to define what is right and wrong.

If simply obeying the parent's instruction is right. The daughter is wrong. Which

in common sense, everyone thought that disobeying parents is a wrong thing to

do. But in this case, i could not totally use this word " right " to what she had

done to her mother. Because for me, no matter what your mother did to you, you

should not do anything to hurt her or harm her. But in her situation, that seems

to be the only choice she can think of to make herself out of the "Prison".

Have i ever had such an experience where i were forced to do something ?

Exception of forcing me to do homework, eating, bathing. I think there is nothing

much similar to Amy's experience.

I think what she did to her daughter is terrible, totally unacceptable. First, her

mother wanted her to become neurosurgeons. After that send her to a beauty

school. Yes, her mother have high expectation in her, but that is too over.

After reading all those amazing children she had read in magazine, television,

and news, Amy's mother wanted more from the children and was probably

thinking "why is not my child like them ?" So she started tests on her poor little

daughter, Amy. Brought out an example of which a 3 year old kid recognize all

the capitals of all states and even some european country's. Amy ask her

question like where is the capital of Finland? Out of no where pick up a question

like that, i can't even answer it by now. And continue with, finding queens of

hearts in a deck of cards? stand on her head without using her hand? predicting

daily temperature in LA, NY, London? Is not it ridiculous ? What in the world is
her mum thinking? Even a robot need a memory card before answer these

questions. Amy's mother is only thinking about the out come but not the process.

In order to become an amazing kids there is a lot of works to do before the

title.After i read to this paragraph, i was starting to doubt her mother's IQ and

metal illness. There is still things like, after watching television, saw a 9 year old

girl who play a piano, and 3 days after that changed her schedule to piano

lessons. I am totally speechless about her mother's behavior.

The daughter, Amy. She tried to fail her performance at stage, she try to disobey

her mother in all the way she can think of, simply to stop her mother from forcing

her to do what she do not wanted. All Amy wanted is to be herself.

I kind of hate Amy's mother for doing that to her. There is a principle i always

believed in, who you are for today, is what causes by the past. I can bring out an

example for that. Let's say my elder brother. He was fat and cute while he's in

primary school. He is of famous and friendly in primary school, but people used

to call him fatty yang. Thus after he can't take that nick name anymore, he train

himself hard, and now he got six packs and is a national player for tennis.

The reason for mother desperately wanting her to be so talented and

successful, we might do a research in her mother's history, she might be really

effected in the paste about talented and not talented. Because in the article all

Amy write about her mother is a matter of talented or not talented. Even when

she is disappointed in herself, she said "if i had as much talent as i has in

temper, i would be famous now". Can see that "Talent" seem to be very

important for her.
In the end her mother is not disappointed in her daughter. She is still believing

that her daughter is a genius and talented. That's what every parent think of

their child. Amy's Mother said to her, " You have natural talent. You Could been

genius if you want to".

In conclusion, i feel that i am so lucky to have such a lovely mother, and thanks

to my mother for not doing that to me. That's life.

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