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Global Warming Project
“In your opinion, is global warming an imminent world threat?”

Whichever project you chose to focus on, you MUST include an MLA works cited page separate
from your project with at LEAST three separate sources, at least one must be from a source
USE DIRECT QUOTES! You must use your own words.

If you answered YES, choose 1 project from the list below:

   1. Create a working realistic game to teach others about practical ideas for reducing
      greenhouse gas emissions (e.g., drive a hybrid car, use less electricity).

   2. Design a futuristic REALISTIC map of the world showing the effects of global climate
      change on the earth’s physical features, as well as on plant and animal life. Prepare a
      written report that provides EVIDENCE for the changes you provide in the map

   3. Create a map that shows the major countries that support the Kyoto Protocol. Prepare a
      written report that:
          a. Explains what it is and how to achieve the goals
          b. Detail the reasons why the United States did not support the Kyoto Protocol
          c. Why do you agree or disagree with the United States position on the Kyoto

   4. Profile a renewable energy source that teaches other students how it can be used (e.g.,
      profile solar energy and how the average citizen can incorporate this into their everyday
      use). Create a display or working model of this energy source. You must also include a
      short written report on these findings.
Name_______________________Date_____________Block_____Clicker #_____

If you answered No choose 1 project from the list below:

   5. Create a series of charts or graphs that illustrate costs related to enforcing global
      warming laws such as the Pavely Law or the Kyoto Protocol. You must also include a
      short written report on these findings, in addition to written information that explains
      your graphs and charts.

   6. Design a display with a written report that shows the cost of developing and using
      renewable energy sources. You may want to include some of the drawbacks/negative
      effects at using these devices (e.g., solar energy can be used in homes, but there is an
      initial cost of set-up, as well as backup plans needed when the sun isn’t shining).

   7. Research current U.S. environmental policy and create a flyer explaining the Clear Skies
      Initiative and other strategies presented by President Bush that address global warming.

   8. Design a sign, poster, or brochure explaining the current Environmental Protection
      Agency plan for addressing global warming issues.

   9. Research what scientists who do not support conventional global warming theories say
      about changes in the earth’s climate and weather patterns and present these findings
      by creating a magazine-type story, a public service announcement, a mini-documentary
      or power point about your findings.

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