Letter from Brenda Welsh, OFSC regarding the OFSC's part in criminal acts of directors of digital video productions by bigbluebox


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Posted:        July 26, 2012

The attached document is material that is relevant to Hypocrisy in Hazzard County, the latest socially
poignant broadcast documentary being produced by our crew at 3B Solutions.

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By carefully screening hours of interviews and researching the empirical evidence behind a plethora of claims
of abuse of authority by the Barrie Police Services and the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, we will expose
the details regarding how Patrick Brown, the Conservative “Harper Government” federal Member of Parliament
for Barrie Ontario appears to have abused his authority in order to protect his friends, the directors of Digital
Video Productions; the self-admitted partners in the SnowGoer project that is produced in conjunction with the
Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs that had recently been awarded very publicly with tens of thousands
of dollars’ worth of federal tax payer money due to the assistance of Patrick Brown.

                               More information and documentation can be found at

The story started small, as the account of insignificant Small Claims Court litigation, but has now blown into a
tale of local power brokering by an elected official of the Canadian federal government who appears to have
violated his ethics and abused the authority of the Barrie Police Services and Crown Attorney of Simcoe County
in order to help his friends to evade civil liability for breach of contract, and to protect his own reputation.

                               More information and documentation can be found at

Although we have no doubt that the directors of Digital Video Productions are claiming behind closed doors
that we are lying about what they did, neither of these recipients of federal and provincial tax payer funding has
as yet taken ANY legal or other action to silence what they know is the truth. Also, all of the subjects of interest
in this exposé documentary have been offered the opportunity to answer to our allegations on camera; however,
neither Mark Lang nor Martin Convery nor their Senior Producer Rob Shepard have shown the courage to step
up and support their claims or denounce our allegations, and none of the public and government officials who
we have openly claimed helped these men to abuse the authority of the criminal justice system have even shown
the professionalism to respond in ANY way to our very serious allegations.

                                Those who hide do so for a reason!
                                                                                              John Ironside
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                                          documentaries since 1988.                  Big Blue Box Studios
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                                                        ONTARIO FEDERATION
                                                        OF SNOWMOBILE CLUBS

June 29, 2012

3B Solutions
Big Blue Box Studios
310 lnnisfil Street, Suite 1
Barrie, Ontario
L4N 3G3

Attention: Mr. John Ironside

Dear Mr. Ironside,

We acknowledge receipt of your correspondence, and have read same carefully.

We are not clear as to why you have chosen to include us in this process.

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit association which
provides a wide range of programs and services to and on behalf of its member organizations.
In doing so, we contract with various businesses who are in a position to provide goods and/or
services needed to fulfill our mandate.

Snow Goer Canada is one of those businesses. Our relationship with Snow Goer Canada has
never been anything other than that as one of their clients

We are not aware of most of the issues that you have raised, and as an independent, not-for-
profit enterprise, we are simply not involved in them.

We trust this assists.

Yours very truly,

Brenda Welsh

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