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									                              From Output to Outcome: Quantifying Care Management
                                                       Kelly A. Bruno, MSW and Danielle T. Cameron, MPH
                                                                   National Health Foundation

           Background                            identify ongoing output, resulting
                                                 outcomes and how to operationalize
National Health Foundation has developed a       each. NHF utilized internal resources                                             In the current frenzy over
partnership with the Specialized Ambulatory      to design and program a web-based                                                 accountability, funders and
Geriatric Evaluation (S+AGE) Center at           data collection system to capture and
Sherman Oaks Hospital, which is designed to                                                                                        stakeholders are requiring programs
                                                 report on this information.                                                       to demonstrate measurable
help seniors, caregivers and medical
professionals deal with the changes associated                                                                                     outcomes for the clients they serve.
with aging through targeted diagnosis and                   Measures                                                               Although successful in collecting
management. This partnership has resulted in
                                                 S+AGE utilizes a variety of                                                       output data, few care management
the design and implementation of a web-based
data collection and evaluation system, which     measurements to gauge the health of                                               agencies have the resources
provides S+AGE staff members with the ability    their clients. In particular, they                                                necessary to turn those output data
to track client and caregiver information and                                                                                      into meaningful statements about
program impact. This system has resulted in a
                                                 wanted to measure:                                   Results
                                                                                                                                   true program impact. Instead, these
better understanding of senior healthcare            • General health and
                                                                                         NHF produced a comprehensive,             agencies often collect copious
delivery systems and the impact S+AGE is                demographic data of clients;
having on healthy aging and caregiver stress.                                            unique data collection system for         amounts of useless data, draining
Ultimately, S+AGE has utilized these outcomes       • The impact of their care                                                     resources that would otherwise be
                                                                                         S+AGE staff members to digitize their
to improve services, promote awareness of its         management services on                                                       directed toward client service. This
                                                                                         client records. Furthermore, S+AGE
programs, and increase access within their            caregiver stress; and                                                        partnership has demonstrated an
community. This partnership was in direct
                                                                                         is given the ability to monitor program
                                                    • The impact of their care           output (such as number and type of        innovative technological method to
response to the philanthropy communities’
burgeoning desire for agencies to conduct             management services on             interventions and referrals given over    capturing, monitoring and evaluating
evaluation and demonstrate meaningful impact          caregiver depression.              a certain time period), and track         care management service provision
of their financial support.
                                                                                         patient outcomes (such as                 data. The outcomes of this
                                                 In order to measure these outcomes,
                                                                                         improvement in depression as              partnership have positioned S+AGE,
                                                 S+AGE captured client data at each
            Objectives                                                                   correlated to completion of referrals).   and have the capacity to position
                                                 office visit using:
                                                                                         While actual results of S+AGE’s           other agencies, to improve internal
    • Differentiate between outputs                 • American Medical Association’s                                               operations, demonstrate to the
                                                                                         interventions are still unknown (due to
      and outcomes in care                            Caregiver Self Assessment (to                                                community programmatic impact,
                                                                                         time necessary for interventions to
      management program.                             measure stress);                                                             and ultimately, secure additional
                                                                                         have an effect), S+AGE staff
    • Learn about technological                     • PHQ-9, a nine item depression      members will be able to use the pre-      funding.
      methods to capture, monitor                     scale of the Patient Health        programmed reporting functions to
      and evaluate service provision                  Questionnaire; and                 monitor outcomes over time.                         Conclusion
                                                    • A checklist of interventions and                                             The technological tools and methods
    • Learn to implement these                        referrals given.                                                             featured in this session can be
      strategies to improve the                                                                                                    successfully replicated in health and
      organization's program                                                                                                       social services agencies across local
      performance and broaden                                                                                                      regional and national settings.
                                                                                                                                   Contact NHF to learn more about
              Methods                                                                                                              opportunities for partnership.

NHF collaborated with S+AGE to
conduct a comprehensive review of
services and current data collection
                                                                                                                                                 This project was funded by:
methods. NHF facilitated discussion
                                                                                                                                                 Circle of Care Foundation
among S+AGE staff members to

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