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Dear A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A

The following people in your household cannot get food assistance benefits at this time:

*List of Denied Individuals*

If there are people in your household who are not listed above, you will get a separate
letter to tell you if they are eligible.

The reasons for this decision are:
*Reason Code and WAC*
You can check these rules online at or view them at
your public library reference desk. If you can’t find this information, please call our
*Mandatory Free Form Text*
CT 0402005
You may be able to get food assistance again if you do one of the following within any
30-day period:
 Work 80 hours or more.
 Participate in and comply with a work program for 80 hours or more; or
 Participate in a workfare program the required number of hours.
After you have completed one of the above, you should immediately reapply for
assistance if you want benefits.
You may not have to meet the above requirements if you are:
 Caring for a child.
 Caring for an incapacitated person.

005/02 Food Assistance Denial for Individual                             Client ID #12345678
   Unable to work.
   Receiving Unemployment Compensation.
   Attending an institution of higher education.
   Pregnant.
   Under 18 or over 50 years old; or
   Taking part in an alcohol or drug abuse treatment program.

If you disagree with any of our decisions, you may ask to have your case reviewed. You
can also ask for a fair hearing. Your fair hearing rights are included in this letter.

Where can you receive automated information about your case?
 You can call The Answer Phone at 1-877-980-9220.
 When you call you will need to enter your client ID number, which can be found in
   the bottom right hand corner of this letter.

*Optional Free Form Text*

Please call me if you have any questions about this letter.

<Case Worker Name>
<Case Worker Phone Number>

005/02 Food Assistance Denial for Individual                          Client ID #12345678

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