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									                                         JOSEPH F. SULLIVAN CENTER
                                              CLIENT PROFILE


                    LAST                               FIRST                                        MIDDLE

DATE OF BIRTH ________/________/_________                         Social Security #

(Circle appropriate responses):                                   Clemson University ID #: ____________________

Male       Female                Preferred Language:     English        Spanish   Other__________________________

Single              Married           Widowed          Divorced            Separated                Other

Asian               Black             Hispanic         White               Other ______________________________

US Citizen          Non-Citizen       If Non-Citizen, specify country

CU Student:    Grad / Undergrad       Please specify your Department

CU Staff            CU Faculty        Please specify your Major

Number of years of education                      Please specify title of class, if applicable ____________________

Home Phone # (          )                                         Work Phone# (             )

Other Phone # (         )                                         Email address

Mailing Address:

If under 21, Parents’ Names

Parents’ Address

Parents’ Home Phone # (           )                      Parents’ Work Phone #        (         )

If unable to reach you or your emergency contact, is it okay to send mail to your parents’ address?          Yes   No

EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME                                                                    Relationship ________________

Home Phone # (          )                                         Work Phone # (           )

Emergency contact address

Signature                                                                             Date

MSP website:                         Name ___________________________________

FAX completed forms to: (864) 656-7694                               DOB _______________ Chart #______________

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