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					                                                                                                                                                   Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited
                                                                                                                      EASY                                     A Reliance Capital Company
                                                                                                                 IS THE NEW
                                                                                                                WAY OF LIFE!
                                                                                                                                                      APP No.
                                           INVEST EASY REGISTRATION FORM - ECS / AUTO DEBIT MANDATE
                                                (Mandate Registration & IPIN Request for Transaction over SMS, Call, Mobile, Internet etc)
      Name & Broker Code / ARN                                  Sub Broker / Sub Agent Code                    Upfront commission shall be paid directly by the investor to the AMFI registered
                                                                                                               distributor based on the investor's assessment of various factors including the
     ARN- (ARN stamp here)                                                                                     service rendered by the distributor.

  APPLICANT DETAILS                                                                                                           *Folio No.

 Name of the Investor
 This facility will be available only to the individual investor having folio with the single mode of holding.
                                                                                                                   Note : 1) The upper limit per transaction should not exceed Rs. 1 crore.
 *Amount equal to or less than Rs.                                                per transaction
                                                                                                                          2) This mandate will be treated as “PERPETUAL” unless terminated by the investor.

 CONTACT DETAILS OF SOLE/FIRST APPLICANT (Mobile No and Email Id is mandatory. Email id & Mobile no. provided in this form will supercede the existing details in our records)
*Mobile no.                                                                                (For Receiving Transaction Alerts via SMS)
                                     (Country Code)                                                   (Area Code)                                                   (10 Digit Number)

*Email ID                                                                                 (For Receiving Transaction Alerts via Email)
Please register your Mobile No & Email Id with us to get instant transaction alerts via SMS & Email.
 By signing this document, I understand that IPIN will be issued to me by default, unless I have already opted for IPIN in the past and have created a username.

 I wish to receive the IPIN through below selected mode:
      Physical Mode : IPIN will be dispatched via Physical Mode to your registered mailing address updated in the folio / account. (TAT 15 Days)
      Online Mode (Applicable only for single holder) : Below steps will be followed in this mode: a) IPIN generation link will be triggered to registered email id. b) Click on the
                                                                          generation Link to generate the UAC Code. c) Enter the UAC Code in registered link and generate the IPIN. (TAT 3 Days)

  BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS                                I/We as per the details below hold an account with your bank branch as per the particulars stated below.
1st / Sole Accountholder Name as in Bank Records

2nd Accountholder Name as in Bank Records

3rd Accountholder Name as in Bank Records

A/c. Type            SB              Current              NRO           NRE               FCNR

Bank Name        M     a    n    d     a    t    o    r   y

Account No. M          a    n    d     a    t    o    r   y                                                           (Core Banking Account Number)

Branch Address                                                                                                       Branch City

PIN                                                  9 Digit MICR Code*          M    a    n     d    a    t   o      r   y

*Mandatory: Please enter the 9 digit number that appears after your cheque number.                                                  Mandatory Enclosures:
MICR code starting and / or ending with 000 are not valid for ECS.                                                                      Blank cancelled cheque          or        Copy of cheque
Please ensure the name in this application form and in your bank account are the same.
I/We wish to inform you that I/we have registered with Reliance Mutual Fund through their authorised Service Provider(s) and representative for my/our payment to the above mentioned beneficiary by debit
to my/our above mentioned bank account. For this purpose I/We hereby approve to raise a debit to my/our above mentioned account with your branch. I/We hereby authorize you to honor all such requests
received through to debit my/our account with the amount requested, for due remittance of the proceeds to the beneficiary. I/We undertake to keep sufficient funds in the funding account on the date of
execution of standing instruction. I hereby declare that the particulars given above are correct and complete. If the transaction is delayed or not effected at all for reasons of incomplete or incorrect
information, I would not hold the Mutual Fund or the responsible. If the date of debit to my/our account happens to be a non business day as per the Mutual Fund or a Bank holiday, execution of the
transaction will happen next working day and allotment of units will happen as per the Terms and Conditions listed in the Document of the Mutual Fund. The above mentioned Bank shall not be liable for, nor
be in default by reason of, any failure or delay in completion of this service, where such failure or delay is caused, in whole or in part, by any acts of God, civil war, civil commotion, riot, strike, mutiny,
revolution, fire, flood, fog, war, lightening, earthquake, change of Government policies, Unavailability of Bank's computer system, force majeure events, or any other cause of peril which is beyond the
above mentioned Banks reasonable control and which has the effect of preventing the performance this service by the above mentioned Bank. I/We shall not dispute or challenge any debit, raised under
this mandate, on any ground whatsoever. I/We shall not have any claim against the Bank in respect of the amount so debited pursuant to the mandate submitted by me/us. I/We shall keep the Bank and,
jointly and or severally indemnified from time to time, against all claims, actions, suits, for any loss, damage, costs, charges and expenses incurred by the Bank and , by reason of their acting upon the
instructions issues by the above named authorized signatories/beneficiaries. This request for debit mandate is valid and may be revoked only through a written letter withdrawing the mandate signed by the
authorized signatories/beneficiaries and acknowledged at your counters and giving reasonable notice to effect such withdrawal. I accept and agree to be bound by the said Terms and Conditions including
those excluding/ limiting the Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited (RCAM) liability. I understand that the RCAM may, at its absolute discretion, discontinue any of the services completely or partially
without any prior notice to me. I agree RCAM can debit from my folio for the service charges as applicable from time to time. The ARN holder has disclosed to me/us all the commissions (in the form of trail
commission or any other mode), payable to him for the different competing Schemes of various Mutual Funds from amongst which the Scheme is being recommended to me/us. I hereby declare that the
above information is given by the undersigned and particulars given by me/us are correct and complete. Further, I agree that the transaction charge (if applicable) shall be deducted from the subscription
amount and the said charges shall be paid to the distributors. Applicable for NRI Investors: I confirm that I am resident of India. I/We confirm that I am/We are Non-Resident of Indian Nationality/Origin and
I/We hereby confirm that the funds for subscription have been remitted from abroad through normal banking channels or from funds in my/our Non-Resident External / Ordinary Account/FCNR Account.
I/We undertake that all additional purchases made under this folio will also be from funds received from abroad through approved banking channels or from funds in my/ our NRE/FCNR Account.

                                                                                                                     1st Holder               SIGN HERE
  Investor Signature            SIGN HERE

                                                                                                                     2nd Holder               SIGN HERE

                                                                                                                     3rd Holder               SIGN HERE

 FOR OFFICE USE ONLY (Not to be filled in by Investor)
Recorded On                                                                                                    Credit Account Number

Recorded By                                                                                                    Customer Ref. No.         _______________________________________
                                                                                                               Bank use Mandate Ref. No. _______________________________________
                                                                                         TERMS AND CONDITIONS
      Payment through Electronic clearing Service (Debit Clearing) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
(1)     Please read the Key Information Memorandum, Statement of Additional Information and                              exempt from the mandatory requirement of PAN proof submission however they are
        Scheme Information Document of respective Scheme(s) for details, before making any                               required to mandatorily submit KYC Acknowledgement copy to Reliance Mutual Fund.
        request for undertaking any transaction through this ECS / Auto Debit mandate.                                   Applications not complying with the above requirement may not be accepted/ processed.
(2)     In case the investor wishes to transact through call center, SMS, online mode whether through                    Additionally, in the event of any Application Form being subsequently rejected for mismatch
        RMF website or any other application using the internet, mobile phone or any other device or                     / non-verification of applicant’s PAN details with the details on the website of the Income
        any other facility as offered by RMF from time to time which can be availed by using the ECS /                   Tax Department, the investment transaction will be cancelled and the amount may be
        Auto Debit Mandate, he needs to mandatorily fill up this form. This mandate will enable the                      redeemed at the applicable NAV, subject to payment of exit load, if any.
        investor to transact through call center, SMS, online mode whether through RMF website or                        Please contact any of the Investor Service Centres/ Karvy/ Distributors or visit our website
        any other application using the internet, mobile phone or any other device or any other facility        for further details.
        as offered by RMF from time to time which can be availed by using the ECS / Auto Debit                    (11)   Prevention of Money Laundering and Know Your Client (KYC)
        Mandate, upto the pre-defined upper limit per transaction as specified by the investor in the                    In order to reduce hardship and help investors dealing with SEBI intermediaries, SEBI issued
        mandate. Further, it may be noted that the said facility is available subject to such limits,                    three circulars - MIRSD/SE/Cir-21/2011 dated October 05, 2011, MIRSD/Cir-23/2011 dated
        operating guidelines, terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the RMF from time to time.                    December 02, 2011 and MIRSD/Cir-26/2011 dated December 23, 2011 informing SEBI
        RMF/Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd (RCAM) reserve the right to introduce, change,                         registered intermediaries as mentioned therein to follow, with effect from January 01, 2012, a
        modify or withdraw the features available in this facility from time to time.                                    uniform KYC compliance procedure for all the investors dealing with them on or after that date.
(3)     The transaction facility via ECS is available as per the above list. In addition to this, RECS                   SEBI also issued KYC Registration Agency ( “KRA”) Regulations 2011 and the guidelines in
        locations will also be available. Auto Debit facility is offered only to the investors maintaining               pursuance of the said Regulations and for In-Person Verification (“IPV”).
        their bank accounts with ICICI Bank / IDBI Bank / State Bank of India.                                           (I) Requirement for the existing investors in mutual funds (upto December 31, 2011): For the
(4)     This form needs to be submitted by the investor at least 25 calendar days in advance, for                              existing investors in mutual funds who have already complied with the KYC requirement
        activation of the facility of making purchase transactions by payment through the unconditional                        (defined for the purpose of this addendum as KYC compliant) and have the KYC compliance
        mandate for electronic clearing system.                                                                                letter issued to them by CDSL Ventures Limited are exempt from following the new KYC
(5)     Kindly note that this facility is available only to the existing investors of RMF. In order to transact                procedure effective January 01, 2012 for the purpose of making additional investment with any
        through Call Center, SMS, online mode whether through RMF website or any other application                             SEBI registered mutual fund. If, however, the KYC compliant investors would like to deal with
        using the internet and /or through Mobile or any other device, the investor needs to have the                          any SEBI registered intermediary other than mutual funds, they will have to follow the new KYC
        IPIN, issued by Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited ('RCAM'). By filling this form the                           compliance procedure.
        investor will be issued IPIN by default in case he has not opted for the same earlier. This IPIN                 (ii) Requirement for the new investors in mutual funds (From January 1, 2012) : With effect from
        can also be used by the investor to Transact Online.                                                                   January 01, 2012, all investors other than KYC compliant investors as defined above are
(6)     Kindly note that the ECS, RECS debit facility is available only with the banks, which participate                      required to follow the new KYC compliance procedure as mentioned below while making any
        in local MICR clearing and therefore check the same with your bank before submitting your                              investing with the Fund:
        ECS mandate.                                                                                                     • Provide the complete details in the KYC application form along with the required documents
(7)     The cities in the aforesaid list may be modified / updated / removed at any time in future entirely                    (for individual investors or nonindividual investors as appropriate). The said form is available on
        at the discretion of Reliance Mutual Fund ('RMF') / RCAM, without assigning any reasons or                             RMF’s website i.e. or on the website of Association of Mutual Funds
        providing prior notice. If any city is removed, the instructions for investors in such cities via ECS                  In India i.e. or on the website of any authorised KRA’s.
        (Debit) route will be discontinued, without prior notice.                                                        • KYC application and necessary document should either come along with financial transaction
(8)     The investor can discontinue this ECS / Auto Debit facility by giving fifteen days written notice                      or when the client chooses to trade / invest / deal through the Intermediary and an account is
        at any of our Investor Service Centres.                                                                                opened in the schemes of RMF, the investor is required to submit, in person, the completed
(9)     Terms and Conditions:                                                                                                  KYC application form along with all the necessary documents as mentioned in the KYC
         (a) The investor agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of ECS facility of Reserve Bank                          application form in any of the offices of the distributors (details provided in the following note) or
                of India / respective Banks.                                                                                   Registrar and Transfer Agent of the RMF / RCAM i.e. Karvy Computershare Private Limited
         (b) Investor will not hold RMF / RCAM, its registrars and other service providers responsible                         and the RMF;
                if the transaction is delayed or not effected or the investor's bank account is debited in               • In line with SEBI circular MIRSD/Cir-26/2011 dated December 23, 2011, it is mandatory for
                advance or after the specific date due to various clearing cycles of Auto Debit /ECS /                         SEBI registered intermediaries to carry out “In-Person Verification” (“IPV”) of any investor
                local holidays.                                                                                                dealing with a SEBI registered intermediary for investments in a mutual fund, the Asset
         (c)   RMF / RCAM, its registrars and other service providers shall not be responsible nor                             Management Companies, Registrar & Transfer Agent and distributors who comply with the
                liable for any damages / compensation for any loss, damage etc. incurred by the                                certification process of National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) or Association of Mutual
                investor. The investor assumes the entire risk of using this facility and takes full                           Funds in India (AMFI) and have undergone the process of “Know Your Distributor (KYD)” are
                responsibility of the same.                                                                                    authorised to carry out the IPV. However, in case of applications received by the mutual funds
         (d) RMF / RCAM reserve the right to reject any application without assigning any reason for                           directly from the clients (i.e. not through any distributor), they may also rely upon the IPV
                the same.                                                                                                      performed by the scheduled commercial banks. Unless the IPV process is completed, the
         (e) Allotment of units would be subject to realization of credit.                                                     intermediary will not be able to process the KYC and obtain a temporary acknowledgement for
         (f)   The undertaking of any purchase transaction through this ECS / Auto Debit facility is                           submission of all the documents. Hence the investor will not be considered as KYC compliant
                available in respect of all the Schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund.                                               under the new KYC compliance procedure and hence will not be permitted to make any
         (g) It is clarified that this ECS / Auto Debit facility is only being provided to facilitate the                      investment in the Fund;
                Investor(s) and is being offered at the sole discretion of RCAM. RCAM is not bound                       • Once all the documents are verified by a KRA, they will send the investor a letter within 10
                and/or obliged in any way to give access to the ECS / Auto Debit facility to Investor(s).                      working days from the date of receipt of necessary documents by them from the Fund or its
         (h) The Investor (s) shall check his/her bank account records carefully and promptly. If the                          Registrar and Transfer Agent informing the investor either about compliance by the investor of
                Investor(s) believes that there has been a mistake in any transaction using the ECS /                          the new KYC compliance procedure (“final acknowledgement”) or any deficiency in
                Auto Debit facility, or that an unauthorized transaction has been effected, the                                submission of details or documents.
                Investor(s)shall notify RCAM immediately. If the Investor(s) fails to intimate such                      • On the basis of the temporary acknowledgement or the final acknowledgement the investor
                discrepancies within a period of fifteen days from the date of the transaction using this                      would be eligible to deal with any of the SEBI intermediaries as mentioned in the above
                ECS / Auto Debit facility, he agree to have waived all his rights to raise any claims                          mentioned SEBI circulars.
                against RCAM, unless the discrepancy / error is apparent on the face of it. By opting for                • KRA will send confirmation to investors within 10 days of document receipt form Intermediary
                the ECS / Auto Debit facility the Investor(s) hereby irrevocably authorizes and instructs                      All investors (individual and non- individual) are required for KYC compliance. However,
                RCAM to act as his/her agent and to do all such acts as RCAM may deem necessary to                             applications should note that minors cannot apply for KYC compliance and any investment in
                facilitate the investor(s) to undertake the transactions using the ECS (Debit) facility.                       the name of minors should be through a Guardian, who should be KYC compliant for the
         (i)   The Investor (s) agrees and confirms that RCAM has the right to ask the Investor(s) for                         purpose of investing with a Mutual Fund. Also applicants/ unit holders intending, to apply for
                any oral or written confirmation of any transaction request using the ECS / Auto Debit                         units currently holding units and operating their Mutual Fund folios through a Power of Attorney
                facility and/or any additional information regarding the account of the Investor(s).                           (PoA) must ensure that the issue of PoA and the holder of the PoA must mention their KYC
         (j)   The Investor(s) agrees and confirms that RCAM may, in its sole discretion, suspend the                          compliance status at the time of investment. PoA holders are not permitted to apply for KYC
                ECS / Auto Debit facility in whole or in part at any time without prior notice.                                compliance on behalf of the issuer of the PoA, Separate procedures are prescribed for change
         (k) The Investor hereby agrees and confirms that RCAM is authorized to rely on any                                    in name, address, and other KYC related details, should the applicant desire to change such
                instruction received or purported to have been received from the Investor through (i)                          information, POS will extend the services of effecting such changes.
                SMS from his mobile number registered with RCAM; (ii) online mode whether through                 (12)   How to apply
                RMF website or any other application using the internet, with or without the usage of                    (I) Subscription / Redemption - Single Mobile Number registered in a Single Folio
                IPIN; (iii) mobile phone, with or without the usage of IPIN; (iv) a call made at the RCAM                      Subscription through SMS : Pur <Amount>
                Call Centre; or (v) through any other device, mode or facility, as offered / introduced by                     Redemption through SMS : Red <Amount>
                RCAM / RMF from time to time and such instructions shall be conclusive and binding on                          If investor wishes to give Purchase/Redemption request in Reliance Money Manager
                the Investor.                                                                                                  Fund - Weekly Dividend Option then SMS should be sent in format as mentioned above.
         (l)   The Investor(s) takes responsibility of all the transactions conducted by using the ECS /                 (ii) SIP - Single Mobile Number registered in a Single Folio
                Auto Debit facility and will abide by the record of transactions generated by RCAM.                            SIP through SMS : SIP <Amount>
                Further, the Investor(s) confirms that such records generated by RCAM shall be                                 If investor wishes to enroll for SIP in Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund, Growth Plan -
                conclusive proof and binding for all purposes and may be used as evidence in any                               Growth Option then the SMS should be sent in format as mentioned above.
                proceedings and unconditionally waives all objections in this behalf.                                          • Debit frequency - Monthly
         (m) The Investor(s) shall not make any claim against RCAM and shall, at all times, keep                               • Debit Cycle - 10th of every month
                RCAM fully indemnified and harmless against any liability arising out of (a) any
                transaction using the ECS / Auto Debit facility carried out in good faith by RCAM on                           • Tenure - Perpetual.
                instructions of the Investor; (b) unauthorized usage / unauthorized transactions                               • No of days required to start SIP - 10 calendar days
                conducted by using the ECS / Auto Debit facility, on behalf of the investor(s); (c) any loss             (iii) Subscription / Redemption in any other Scheme / Plan under Single Folio
                or damage incurred or suffered by the Investor(s) due to any error, defect, failure or                         Subscription through SMS : Pur <Amount> < Scheme Code>
                interruption in the provision of the ECS / Auto Debit facility arising from or caused by any                   Redemption through SMS : Red <Amount> < Scheme Code>
                reason whatsoever; (d) any negligence / mistake or misconduct by the Investor(s); (e)                          SIP through SMS : SIP <Amount> < Scheme Code>
                any breach or non-compliance by the Investor(s) of the rules / terms and conditions                      (iv) Subscription / Redemption - Single Mobile Number registered in a Multiple Folio
                prescribed by RCAM or any regulatory body or authority or as stated in the SID (Scheme                         Subscription through SMS : Pur<Amount> <last 6 digit of folio no.>
                Information Document) of the relevant schemes of RMF; (f) accepting instructions given                         Redemption through SMS : Red<Amount> <last 6 digit of folio no.>
                by any one of the Investor(s) in case of joint Unitholders, having mode of operations as                       SIP through SMS : SIP <Amount> <last 6 digit of folio no.>
                "either or survivor" or "anyone or survivor"; (g) not verifying the identity of the person                     If investor wishes to give Purchase/Redemption request in Reliance Money Manager
                giving the telephone instructions in the Investor(s) name; (h) not carrying out any such                       Fund - Weekly Dividend Option then SMS should be sent in format as mentioned above.
                instructions where RCAM, in its sole discretion, has reason to believe that the                                If investor wishes to enroll for SIP in Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund, Growth Plan -
                instructions given are not genuine or are otherwise improper, unclear, vague or cause                          Growth Option then the SMS should be sent in format as mentioned above.
                for doubt; (i) carrying out a transaction after such reasonable verification as RCAM may
                deem fit regarding the identity of the Investor(s). (j) accepting instructions given by any              (v) Subscription / Redemption in any other Scheme / Plan under Multiple Folio
                one of the Investor(s) or his / her authorized person.                                                         Subscription through SMS : Pur <Amount> <last 6 digit of folio no.> < Scheme Code>
         (n) The undertaking of any purchase transaction through this ECS / Auto Debit facility is                             Redemption through SMS : Red <Amount> <last 6 digit of folio no.> < Scheme Code>
                further subject to the Terms and Conditions for transaction over Internet and Telephone,                       SIP through SMS : SIP <Amount> <last 6 digit of folio no.> < Scheme Code>
                as amended from time to time.                                                                     (13)   Terms and conditions for transactions through SMS
               *The above list is subject to change from time to time. Please contact the nearest                        (I) Investor(s) can start using this Facility only after successful registration of the Invest Easy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Invest Easy Mandate Form / 09th Aug'2012 / Ver 1.2

                Designated Investor Service Centre (DISC) of Reliance Mutual Fund or Karvy                                     Registration Form with their bankers and receipt of confirmation letter/ SMS/email from the
                Computershare Pvt. Ltd for updated list.                                                                       RCAM.
         (o) The cities mentioned above are subject to change from time to time. Please contact the                      (ii) If the transaction is delayed or not effected at all for reasons of incomplete or incorrect
                nearest DISC of RMF or Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd for updated list.                                          information/key word or due to non-receipt of the SMS message by the RTA or due to late
         (p) Investors may note that all the transactions executed through Invest Easy such as                                 receipt of SMS due to mobile network congestions or due to non-connectivity or due to any
                "Online Transactions" (whether on our website or through any other application using                           reason whatsoever, the Unit holder(s) will not hold the Fund, RCAM responsible for the
                the internet) " Transactions through call center", "Transactions through SMS",                                 same.
                "Transactions through Mobile Phone" or any other facility as offered by RMF from time                    (iii) The request for transaction is to be considered as accepted, subject to realization of funds
                to time using the IPIN will be considered as transaction through the mentioned broker                          towards purchases and only on the receipt of the confirmation from RTA on the registered
                (ARN) mentioned on this "Invest Easy" Form.                                                                    mobile number or email id of the Unit holder.
         (q) The Broker Code given in this mandate will be applicable for all transactions for change                    (iv) In case of non-receipt of confirmation from RT A within a reasonable time, investor(s) are
                in broker code investors are requested to submit the Broker Code change request form                           requested to immediately call up the call centre to confirm the status of the transaction.
                for Invest Easy available on our website and submit the same to any of the Designated                    (v) In case the investor receives multiple confirmations against a single transaction, the same
                Investor Service Centers of RCAM or Registrar. Such change shall be affected within 7                          needs to be brought to the attention of the RCAM.
                calendar days from the date of submission of the request.                                                (vi) If the Investor(s) believes there has been any an unauthorized transaction effected, the
(10)     Permanent Account Number (PAN)                                                                                        investor shall notify theRCAM immediately.
         SEBI has made it mandatory for all applicants (in the case of application in joint names, each           (14)   Terms and conditions for transactions through website
         of the applicants) to mention his/her permanent account number (PAN) irrespective of the                        (I) Investors having registered Invest Easy - Individuals registered in the folio can now
         amount of purchase. *Where the applicant is a minor, and does not possess his / her own                               subscribe to the schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund through our website
         PAN, he / she shall quote the PAN of his/ her father or mother or the guardian, signing on                   and make the payment through Invest Easy Facility.
         behalf of the minor, as the case may be. In order to verify that the PAN of the applicants (in                  (ii) This facility is In addition to the existing mode of payment like Net Banking / Debit Card.
         case of application in joint names, each of the applicants) has been duly and correctly quoted                  (iii) Investor(s) will have to login to the online account using the user id and
         therein, the applicants shall attach along with the purchase application, a photocopy of the                          password/transaction pin to authorize the transaction for Reliance Mutual Fund to initiate
         PAN card duly self-certified along with the original PAN Card. The original PAN Card will be                          the debit instruction to the bank.
         returned immediately across the counter after verification *includes fresh/ additional                                For List of schemes codes, terms & conditions and other details please visit
         purchase, Systematic Investment. Micro SIP & Investors residing in the state of Sikkim are                   or call our customer care at 1800-300-11111.

Description: Invest Easy : Internet based online transactions and self service facility. Invest Easy –SMS & Call based transactions Invest Easy : $ Convenience of Transaction for Customers $ Building access across geographies (Urban, Rural and NRI population) $ 24*7 transactional ability $ Multiple modes of transaction (Website, Mobile, Call Center) $ Multiple modes of payments (Net banking, Debit Card, Debit Mandate) $ Speed of executing transaction. Key Features: � Paperless: Automated work flow of physical transaction authorization process � Fast & Simple: Save critical time of resources � Role Management: Assigning different roles to users (initiator & approver) � Control: Ability to control and restrict access of personnel to accounts � Efficient: Improves efficiency in operations and helps to minimize the cost substantially � Fund Transfer: Multiple fund transfer options