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									                                      GARTH BROWN
                                     2312 El Cerrito Circle
                                     Las Vegas, NV 89108
                                      (702) 648-3212 (H)

                      (Job requisition number 107720)

2003- 2009            Kenney Aerial Mapping, Las Vegas, Nevada
                      --Aerial Photographer (2003 to 2009)
                      --Orthophoto Technician (2003 to 2009)
                      --AutoCAD Editor (2005 to 2009)
                      --Compiler (2003)
1999-2001             Las Vegas Valley Water District, Planning Department,
                      --GIS Technician (temp)
1984-1994             Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Co., Inc., Las Vegas, NV
                      --Senior Staff Assistant
                      --Senior Technical Writer etal
1981-1982             IT&T Antarctic Services, Inc., Paramus, NJ
                      --Station Manager, Palmer Station, Antarctica
1978-1979             Holmes & Narver, Inc., Orange, CA
                      --Senior Materialsman, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

2007- Present         College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, NV. Currently updating
                      skills: completing Spring 2009 semester of ArcGIS Applications (236)
                      class; completed Fall 2008 semester ArcGIS Applications (205) class.
                      Also started photography degree program in 2007 in conjunction
                      with aerial photography job.
1994-2002             Clark County Community College, Las Vegas, NV, four (4)
                      Associate of Applied Science Degrees: 1) Computing and
                      Information Technology, 2) ArcInfo, 3) ArcView, and 4) Remote
                      Sensing. Graduated with high honors.
1973-1994             Job-Specific Professional Development and Training Courses with
                      REECo and other employers. (List available upon request)
1970-1973             University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, B.A.,
1968-1970             University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
I can:
  •       Design a GIS geodatabase, capture GIS data, construct topologies, identify digitizing
          errors, edit map data, geocode, create tabular data files, link attributes to geographic
          features, perform geographic analysis, and report the results in a professional format
          that includes maps, database-derived tables, and text.
  •       Use the following programming languages: ARC Macro Language (using the UNIX
          text editor vi), UNIX scripting (using vi), QBasic.
  •       Use SQL in Microsoft Access and Oracle database environments.
  •       Work effectively with the following operating systems: UNIX, Windows, DOS, and
          Mac OS X.
  •       Use the following software at an intermediate to expert skill level: ArcGIS 9.3
          (including 3D Analyst ArcScene and ArcGlobe), AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD Land
          Desktop, BAE Systems Socet Set, MS Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect, EndNote,
          Photoshop, Aperture, Google Earth, TOPO!, dBase, Hypercard, READ-IT!,
          OmniPage, TopDown, MacProject Pro, from Project Manager from Symantec.
  •       Write professional documentation for software applications and other procedure-
          driven operations.
  •       Plan and execute aerial mapping photo missions. Use GPS and/or visual landmarks
          to locate photo target sites. Scan aerial photos and create orthophotos from those
          scanned images. Edit compiled maps, which entails creating contours, setting spot
          elevations, and preparing the map for final quality check prior to submission to the

Listed below are my accomplishments from previous jobs and education.

         In addition to four associates degrees, I have the following ESRI GIS certificates:

   Learning ArcGIS 3D Analyst                                                             4/3/09
   Turning Data into Information Using ArcGIS 9                                          3/21/09
   Geocoding with ArcGIS Desktop                                                         2/10/09
   Learning ArcGIS Spatial Analyst (for ArcGIS Spatial Analyst 9.0-9.1)                  12/5/08
   Georeferencing Rasters in ArcGIS                                                      11/5/08
   Understanding GIS Queries                                                            10/29/08
   Working with Map Topology in ArcGIS                                                  10/29/08
   Basics of the Geodatabase Data Model                                                 10/26/08
   Working with Geodatabase Subtypes and Domains                                        10/26/08
Geoprocessing with ArcGIS Desktop (for ArcGIS 9.0-9.1)                                 10/24/08
Creating, Editing, and Managing Geodatabases for ArcGIS Desktop (for ArcGIS 9.0-9.1)    10/1/08
Introduction to ArcSDE using ArcInfo 8                                                  8/31/01
Introduction to Programming ArcObjects with VBA                                         8/24/01
Designing Geodatabases (for ArcEditor 8 and ArcInfo 8)                                  6/29/01
Creating and Managing Geodatabases(or ArcEditor 8 and ArcInfo 8)                        4/12/01
Introduction to Avenue Course                                                           5/22/97

    In my most recent position, I photographed more than 800 survey-quality mapping
     jobs using Zeiss RMK/A 15/23 camera (nine-inch lens with six-inch focal length).
     Estimate that 90 percent were multi-model and ten percent were multi-flightline jobs.
     Some missions also included obliques and spot shots. Created orthophotos for an
     estimated 700 jobs. Estimate that ten percent of those required auto and interactive
     DTM extraction. Did post-compilation AutoCAD editing on more than 400 of these
     mapping jobs.
    With Las Vegas Valley Water District, I assisted with establishing right-of-way for
     parcels affected by LVVWD projects. Tasks included identifying parcels and
     summarizing parcel information. Identified parcels and cadastral information by
     way of GIS and associated databases in LVVWD and Clark County. Manipulated
     spatial data and attributes by way of GIS to prepare status maps and reports.
     Periodically created pressure zone maps. Created AML programs aimed at increasing
     productivity. Created an AML that read public land survey system property
     descriptions and then automatically located the property on a map and drew the
     boundaries of that property to a coverage. I wrote a companion detailed operating
     procedure entitled “Mapping Parcels with the Cadastral Parcel Approximator and
     AutoCAD Map.”
    With Reynolds Electrical and Engineering (REECo), I played a leadership role in
     planning and implementing a minicomputer-based (Digital) computerization of
     financial operations in the Analytical Services Department (ASD) of Reynolds
     Electrical & Engineering Co. (REECo), the prime contractor to the Department of
     Energy, Nevada, for operations and maintenance at the Nevada Test Site. I was
     responsible for reporting monthly on the revenue, expenditures, and accounts
     receivable for the ASD analytical and radiological chemistry services. The annual
     budget of this department was $9 million. As a Senior Technical Writer I worked for
     the Environment & Health Division compiling and editing their Policy and Program
     manual. I also edited the Environmental Compliance Office Policy and Procedures
     manual, which addressed compliance with National Environmental Policy Act
     (NEPA) and other Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) requirements. Held “Q”
    Managed Palmer Station, Antarctica, under a one-year contract (1982) as an
     employee of IT&T, contractor to the National Science Foundation United Stated
     Antarctic Research Program (USARP). Managed a crew of ten in support of twelve
     scientific research projects and as many as twenty scientists. Managed the USARP
        Construction Materials Program during a six-month contract (1978-79). Designed and
        implemented the first material requisition and tracking system for a $1 million
        construction program

Professional Aerial Photographers Association, 2007 to 2009

First Place, Black & White Category, Red Rock Photo Contest 2007, Friends of Red Rock Canyon
Second Place, Bicycle Race, Red Rock Loop (13 miles , 41:45), Las Vegas Corporate Challenge
Second Place, People Category, Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Photo Contest 1986
Honorable Mention, Everything Else Color Category, Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Photo Contest
Antarctic Service Medal, National Science Foundation, 1982
Scout of the Year, Boy Scouts of America, Boulder Dam Area Council, Las Vegas, NV, 1968
Eagle Scout Award, Boy Scouts of America, Boulder Dam Area Council, Las Vegas, NV, 1968
Pro Deo et Patria Award, Boy Scouts of America and Augustana Lutheran Church, Omaha, NE, 1965

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