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					                                                                                                                                        Mr. Yogesh
                                                                     Address |     86 Ingleway, North Finchley                              Depala
                                                                                   London N12 0QR
                                                                      Email |      yogesh.depala@yahoo.co.uk
                                                                 Telephone |       020 8445 8464
                                                                     Mobile |      079 4059 3551

                                                                        D.O.B |         th
                                                                                       9 April 1984                                          Details
                                                                   Nationality |       British
                                                               Driving License|        Full UK License
                                                                          Age |        25                          MALE

    I am an individual who is full of imagination, enthusiasm and charisma, with passionate strengths in creative thinking to         Personal
     help me develop innovative ideas and techniques. I try and incorporate my creative abilities to help me when I am problem
     solving, which can help give the job that is set a more creative perspective where ever possible.                                    Profile
    I am a keen team player, a contributor and a motivator, who wishes to earn respect through individual contributions to
     results where I listen to advice which is given to me and try my best to act upon it.
    With my growing experience in IT, along with my integrated design background, I have picked up and combined skills
     helping me progress and always give me something unique. Through this I can demonstrate specialist skills in the IT
     environment, and combining art and design to help produce results from websites to graphics.
    Along with my design and IT skills, I have also gained ever improving communication and organisational skills from
     previous work experiences and activities which have helped me develop close attention to detail.
    I am capable of achieving objectives and working on my own initiative as demonstrated by the successful completion of my degree.
    I am a confident person with the ability to relate to a wide range of people which helps develop my communication skills. I a m also very
     enthusiastic and keen learner, which I feel is the key to help me develop and become a more skilful individual. I feel my skills and willingness
     to learn would be a great asset for any organisation.
    I have produced many art and design works as you will be able to see on my online portfolio and gallery on the following URLs:
     www.yogeshdepala.co.uk, www.majinyogibear.deviantart.com and www.yogeshdepala.deviantart.com

                                                                                                                                        IT Expertise
        Operating systems |       Microsoft Windows 3.11/95/98/NT2000/XP and MAC
             Applications |       Office 2000 suite, MS Office 95/97/2000,/XP, MS FrontPage 2000, Macromedia
                                  Dreamweaver, Paint Shop 7, Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Painter, Illustrator, Open
                                  Canvas, InDesign, Quark Express.
Programming languages |           HTML, CSS. Experience with SQL, ASP, PHP
             Browsers |           Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, and Fire Fox.

    Place                               Level      Subject
    University of Hertfordshire        Degree      BA/BSc (Hons) - Joint Honors in Marketing with Business Information
    (2002 – 2006)                                  Systems (2:2)
                                                      4 yr degree
                                                      Covered areas include accounting, programming, economics, IT,
                                                       advertising, PR, market research amongst many others.
                                                    Group Projects – involvement in many group projects allowed me to gain
                                                       crucial skills and experience in areas such as leadership and problem solving.
                                                       My skills in design allowed me to become a key member when it came to
                                                       innovation and creativity. Examples include producing unique user interface
                                                       for databases, and producing poster designs to represent companies and
                                                       marketing purposes. Some can be seen on my website at

    Woodhouse College                  A Level     AVCE Business Studies (BB)
    (2000 – 2002)                                  Art (A)
    The Compton School                  GSCE       6 Subjects from A* to C or above, with an A* in Art.
    (1995 – 2000)

                                                                                                                   Interests and Hobbies
I am a very active person with a keen interest in a number of sports which include football, cricket,
basketball, squash, hockey, badminton amongst many others. I enjoy going to the gym regularly
and enjoy travelling whenever there is an opportunity. In my spare time I enjoy improving my art
by using various mediums ranging from acrylics, pencils, oils to digital software, along with reading
and collecting comic books. I am also a keen, enthusiastic photographer when I get opportunities.
I consider myself to be very adventurous and ambitious when learning new things whether it is
instruments, new painting software, mediums and techniques, or sports and activities.
   Junior Web Designer/ Email Marketing Executive/ eDesigner | Database Group Ltd, Milton
                                                               (November 2006 – Present)
                                                                                                                        Work Experience
Main Duties :

         I aid and am a point of contact in charge of the creation of the company newsletter in terms of creating
          design, images and layout.
         I support the production team in launching email campaigns, which includes quality assuring the
          creative, content etc.
         Problem solving email campaigns, which includes coding problems, layout and design solutions,
          technical problems amongst many others.
         I use basic SQL queries to generate reports which help aid client and company queries.
         In many occasions I have been in charge of generating innovative ideas from graphics, illustrations,
          email templates, logos, company branding and marketing, web site designs.
         I assist in building web forms, from their functionality to their design for internal and external
         I also support the team by carrying out ad hoc work which might not be related to my job role, however
          helps build skills and aids team workings situations.
                                                                                                       Freelancer/ Artist (2003 – Present)
Main Duties :

         I try and offer a range of services from illustrations, branding to marketing materials, flash movies and website design and development.
         I enjoy painting and I get many requests from canvas paintings through to digital paintings.
         I try and develop many new and innovative designs and ideas, by effectively communicating with clients to produce a design
         Working with many mediums, creative software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash amongst an increasing number of other design
          application tools.
         I get to gain experience, useful skills which increase my abilities to develop creative ideas and produce them further, and a chance to
          offer clients more value.
         You can see examples of my work on my online portfolio, under each section you will see examples of work I have carried out and also
          how my work has developed through practice and experience.

                                                                   Argos, North Finchley | Sales Assistant (June 2001 – May 2008)
Main Duties:

         I was responsible for the store newsletter, from its design and layout to helping with content management. It was a great idea
          introduced in helping maintain effective communication amongst the staff in this store.
         I was known for my creative input and abilities, so I was often asked for assistance and ideas in helping, and developing the
          presentation of the staff notice areas from layout, to colour schemes and content amongst other innovative ideas.

                                                             Urban Fuse, Northampton | Illustrator (July 2005 – September 2005)

Main Duties:

         I was involved in designing images a number of images for clients, from illustrations, logos, branding to their marketing materials and
         High attention to detail was given to produce professional standard of work, while working under tight deadlines.
         I had to try and understand client requirements and their business objectives, which played a key part in producing design ideas that
          were fit for their business.

                                                European Development Assistant | University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire
                                                                                           (September 2004 – August 2005)
Main Duties:

         I was in charge of generating ideas to create and maintain the university study abroad website.
       I was in charge
   Mr. Ash Choda of creating the university European newsletter.
                                                             Mr. Michael Rosier                                                 Referees
        I was involved with various database works where I was required to maintain the university course catalogue/ database for the
   Database Group Ltd
        European office.                                     Business School, University of Hertfordshire
        I was involved with organising European and study abroad Havilland Campus a long with helping in other event such as university
   Regus, CBXII West Wing,
                                                            de events (Europe Week),
   382 – 390 Midsummer Boulevard,
        open days.                                           Hatfield
   Milton Keynes, MK9 2RG                                    Hertfordshire, AL10 9AB

   TEL: 07825 094 019                                            TEL: 01707 284000 (University switchboard)

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