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					                             ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY
                                    COURSE SYLLABUS
                                       Jones College Prep
                                         Mrs. Boyle, Instructor
                                        773-534-8600 Ext. 334

Course Overview
          Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology – the class about you! Human anatomy is the study of the
structure of human body parts. Physiology is the study of how these body parts function. These two disciplines
are inseparable. This year you will be discovering the beauty and complexity of how the human body
functions. You will be tackling an immense amount of vocabulary and concepts. Yet, at the end of the
course you will be an educated and informed consumer who will be able to decipher through the plethora of
“health news and discoveries”.

Course Goals, you will…
    be introduced to basic anatomy and physiology concepts.
    develop an understanding of how these concepts play an important role in our daily lives.
    become scientifically literate with health issues to make informed decisions involving current medical
    gain the necessary laboratory skills required to perform experiments.
    be preparing for advanced placement (AP) science classes and/or college course work in health
     related fields.

Materials and Supplies
Everyday for chemistry class you are expected to....
    maintain and bring a set of neat, organized class notes.
    bring a pen and pencil.

Lab Safety
You are expected to....
   complete a laboratory safety program before doing any lab work by signing the Safety Contract (with
      both student and parent/guardian signatures).
   demonstrate an awareness of safety issues within the laboratory at all times taking special precautions
      to wear in the laboratory the required safety items (safety glasses, aprons, or gloves) whenever
      required by the instructor. Failure to follow safety rules will result in reduced lab grades and/or non-
      participation in lab activities.
   In simple terms: “Don’t do stupid things.” If it doesn’t seem like a good
      thing to do, then don’t do it. =)

Class Assignments and Grading

          Grade Category                 Explanation and expectations                 Consequences
                                             You are expected to…
                                       Complete homework problems as          3 points for each homework
                                       assigned by your teacher. There will             assignment
                                       be homework checks periodically.       3 points - Every problem
                                                                                        shows some effort
                                       Complete and turn in Learning          2 points - 50% of work
                                       logs within the first 5 minutes of                complete
          Homework                     class. They are worth 1 point per      1 point - 10% of work
            30%                        day.                                             complete
                                                                              0 points - No effort or
                                              You will be excused from                  missing assignment
                                              ONE missing homework
                                              assignment per quarter.         Cheating or copying = “0”
                                                                              and a call home

                                       Participate in at least two inquiry    1st offense of Safety Contract
                                       labs and complete at least two         – 10% (2 letter grade)
                                       laboratory reports per semester        deduction from lab report

                                       Complete at least one project a        2nd offense – student may not
                                       quarter.                               participate in lab and will
                                                                              complete alternate assignment
 Labs, Lab Reports, and                Follow all rules of the Safety
                                       Contract.                              3rd offense – student will not
      Projects 30%                                                            participate in future labs until
                                                Lab reports and projects      parent/discipline dean/teacher
                                                may be turned in ONE          meeting.
                                                DAY LATE but will
                                       receive a 10% grade reduction (2       Cheating or copying on lab
                                       letter grades).                        report = ½ credit once re-
                                                                              done and a call home

                                       Study notes and assignments. Seek      Cheating or copying on
                                       additional help as soon as possible.   exam/quiz= “0” and a call
     Tests and Quizzes                 The teacher will inform you of         home
            30%                        additional tutoring possibilities at
                                       the beginning of the year.

                                           Be in your assigned seat when the Every class day is worth 1
                                           bell rings and working on the     point. If you are tardy for
Attendance/Participation Learning Log.                                       class, you will lose this point.
               10%                         Be prepared to answer questions   3 tardies = detention. If you
                                           appropriately in class.           cut class a detention will be
                                           Be a team player in your group.   given immediately.
** Extra credit opportunities are seldom given. Extra credit is completing work beyond what was expected.
If an opportunity is given it is usually take home lab.

Additional Responsibilities
You are expected to....
   actively read the textbook when reading assignments are made. This process may require you to write
      questions about your reading and ask about them in class the next day, summarize information
      through graphic organizers, participate in discussion groups about the material soon after it has been
      assigned, or any other technique you and the teacher feels is necessary.
   memorize the prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms commonly used in anatomy.
   record missing assignments from the “What Did I Miss Binder” if you have been absent.
      Behind the binder you will find the appropriate “missed” handout. “Missed” homework assignments
      must be shown during the next homework check. Talk with the teacher before class, after class, or
      during a homework check to determine when missed lab reports or projects are due.
   fulfill the role assigned to you in your group.
   Respect yourself, each other, and Mrs. Boyle. In simple terms: “Don’t be a jerk.”
   DO YOUR BEST! :) Anatomy is basically a new language that you are learning, and being proficient
      in a new language requires daily practice. Just remember – youire learning about you!

A&P Suggested Timeline
             Week      Topics                                              Chapters
             1,2         Lab Safety                                        1,2
                       Unit One: Organization
                         Chemistry Comes Alive
             3          Cells and Tissues                                  3, 4
             4         Unit Two: Covering, support, and Movement           5
                         Integumentary system
             5,6         Skeletal System and joints                        6,7,8
             7,8,9       Muscular system                                   9,10
             10,11     Unit Three: Regulation and Integration              11,12,13,14,15
                         Nervous system
             12          Senses                                            16
             13          Endocrine system                                  17
             14,15     Unit Four: Maintenance of the Body                  18
             16,17,18    Cardiovascular system                             19,20
             19        Fetal Pig dissection
             20        Review and Testing
             21          Lymphatic system                                  21
             22, 23,24   Immune system                                     22
             25,26       Respiratory system                                23
             27,28,29    Digestive system, Nutrition, and Metabolism       24,25
             30,31       Urinary system, fluid, electrolyte balance        26,27
             32,33,34  Unit Five: Continuity                               28, 29
                         Reproductive system, pregnancy, and human
             35,36,37    Heredity and cloning                              30
             38+       Review and Testing

Grading Scale
The standard Jones College Prep grading scale will be used for all work:
95 - 100% = A         88 - 94% = B           81 - 87% = C             70 - 80% = D           0 - 69% = F

Semester Grades
Each semester grade will be determined using the following weighted grades:
First Quarter (47%) Second Quarter (47%) Final Exam and/or Lab Practical (6%)

On-line Grades
My grading system is complex but to help keep you up-to-date please check your grade on-line. Check grades
weekly! If you have any questions or if you see a mistake, email me. You will be able to see on my web page
when I last updated.

       Please, cut at the dotted line and only return the bottom part to Mrs. Boyle.

Anatomy & Physiology Course – Mrs. Boyle

Students and Parents please sign below to indicate that you are aware you will check the
course grade online, you have read this syllabus, and understand the expectations and requirements of this
course. This signed bottom part is to be returned to Mrs. Boyle by Friday September 10, 2004.

STUDENT: ___________________________________________ DATE: _________

PARENT/GUARDIAN: ____________________________________ DATE: _________



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