Client Mentor Agreement by 48YM6JC2


									Client Agreement with Mentor

           The Severals
      Petersfield, Hampshire
             GU31 5JJ

                   Client Agreement with their Startuponline Mentor

The purpose of this agreement is to clarify the roles and responsibilities of both the
Startuponline (Startup) Mentor (the Mentor) and the Startup supported Business Client (the


a) Make available a contact telephone number and be prepared for the Client to make
   contact at any reasonable time for advice.
b) Be proactive in maintaining contact with the Client and take the lead in making regular
   arrangements to visit, preferably on the Client’s business premises.
c) Offer guidance and advice in a professional and friendly manner, ensuring that the Client
   must make the decisions.
d) Work with the Client to develop a list of competencies required for success of the
   business, helping to identify the client’s training and personal development needs on an
   ongoing basis.
e) Seek help from Startup if the Client has a problem beyond the experience and/or
   expertise of the Mentor.
f) Bring to the attention of the Client, activities in the new and business world that might
   affect the Client’s business.
g) Keep any information about the Client and business strictly confidential between the
   Mentor, the Client and Startup, unless specifically agreed otherwise by the Client.
h) Assist the Client in ensuring that business information is available so that Business
   Progress Forms can be completed regularly and sent to the Startup office.
i) Act in the best interests of the Client at all times and attempt to coach, encourage and
   motivate. To focus on opportunities whilst helping to identify areas for development and
   where potential problems may arise


a) Co-operate with any reasonable request from the Mentor who is acting in the interests of
   the Client and providing their support on a voluntary basis.
b) Meet with the Mentor as required by Startup
c) Work with the Mentor to develop a list of the personal competencies required for the
   success of the business and follow up any identified training and personal development
d) Produce regular Business Progress Forms, discuss with the Mentor and agree necessary
   actions to be taken, ensure the form is complete and send to the STARTUP office whilst
   any loan is in place.
e) Contact the Mentor whenever necessary to seek advice and/or guidance.
f) Keep the Mentor and the Startup office informed of any changes of name, home or
   business address,
g) Telephone number, bank account details etc.

Note some of the above items are conditions of your funding from Startup (see the funding
agreement form for the details)

Special note to the Client and Mentor

In the case of a mismatch of the Mentor and the Client, resulting in them being unable to get
on together, either party should feel free to contact the Startup office. Every attempt will be
made to re-allocate another Mentor or Client (with no hard feelings)

Note Startup Business Mentors should not have any commercial interest in the business or
client they are mentoring. If there is a desire for such a relationship, the Startup office should
be notified immediately and a new Business Mentor will be appointed

This Agreement Form is not a legally binding document. Its purpose is to outline the
basis of the commitment undertaken by both parties.

Both parties should sign this Agreement and keep a copy.

Signed (The Mentor)


Contact telephone number

Signed (The Client)


Contact telephone number



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