2010 CSU Self Study Related Resources Matrix by 48YM6JC2


									                                          2010 CSU Self Study-Related Resources Matrix

NOTE: The following list of resources is intended to support our 2010 CSU Self Study for accreditation. All the items in the far-left
column that are highlighted (in blue) and underlined represent links to their corresponding CSU Web sites. At the same time, we have
identified whether or not the same items in the far-left column are also to be found in the Virtual Resource Room and/or the Resource
Room on site (SC 315). If there are any questions or problems accessing this information, please contact Marius Boboc either by
phone (216-470-2637) or e-mail (m.boboc@csuohio.edu).

                2010 CSU Self-Study-Related Resources                    Virtual Resource      Resource Room         CSU Web Sites
                                                                              Room                (on site)
Academics                                                                                                                  X

 Academic Advising                                                                                   X                     X
    Advising, Nance College of Business Administration                                                                     X
    Advising, College of Education and Human Services                                                                      X
    Advising, Fenn College of Engineering                                                                                  X
    Advising, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences                                                                  X
    Advising, College of Sciences and Health Professions                                                                   X
    Advising, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs                                                                X
    Undergraduate                                                                                                          X
    Graduate                                                                    X                                          X
    Law                                                                                                                    X
    Descriptions                                                                                                           X
    Schedules                                                                                                              X
 Departments and Schools                                                                                                   X
 Ohio Transfer Module                                                                                                      X
 Majors and Minors                                                                                                         X
 Academic Calendar                                                                                                         X

Accrediting Agencies                                                                                                       X


 Undergraduate                                   X   X
 Graduate                                            X
 International                                       X
 Law                                                 X

Affirmative Action                                   X

 Non-Discrimination Statement                        X
 Complaint & Grievance Procedures                    X
 Sexual Harassment Policy                            X
 Information for Persons with Disabilities           X
 Information for Veterans                            X
 NACUBO Code of Ethics                               X


 Alumni Affairs                                      X
 Alumni Association                                  X

Art Gallery                                          X

Assessment of Student Learning                       X

 Policies and Procedures                             X
 Guidelines                                          X
 Review Procedures                                   X
 Sample Reports                              X   X   X
 General Education Assessment                    X   X
 CTE Workshops                                       X
 Assessment Council                              X   X

 Assessment Grants                           X   X
 eLearning                                   X

Athletics                                X   X   X

Audits                                           X

Board of Trustees                                X

 Bylaws                                          X
 Summaries of Actions                            X
 Committees                                      X
 Visiting Committee Handbook                     X
 Minutes 2000 -2010                          X
 Executive Meeting Minutes 2002 - 2010   X   X

Bookstore                                        X

Budget & Financial Analysis                      X

 Input Forms                                     X

Business Affairs & Finance                       X

 Departments                                     X
   Audits                                    X   X
   Budget & Financial Analysis                   X
   Controller’s                                  X
   Insurance/Risk Management             X       X
   Treasury Services                             X
   Bookstore                                     X
   Child Development Center                      X

    Conference Services                                                    X
    Wolstein Center                                                        X
    Dining                                                                 X
    Residence Life                                                         X
    Parking                                                                X
    Recreation Center                                                      X
    Viking Card                                                            X
    Human Resources Development & Labor Relations                          X
    Facilities Operations                                                  X
    Campus Safety                                                          X
    Capital Planning (see University Architect)

Campus Support Services (see Bookstore, Child Development                  X
Center, Conference Services, Dining, Parking, Recreation Center,
Residence Life, Viking Card, and Wolstein Center listed under
Business Affairs & Finance – Departments)

Campus 411                                                         X       X

Campuses                                                               X   X

Career Services                                                    X       X

Cashier’s Office (see Treasury Services listed under Business              X
Affairs & Finance – Departments)

Code of Ethics (see NACUBO Code of Ethics listed under                     X
Affirmative Action)

Code of Student Conduct                                                X   X

Colleges                                                 X

 Nance College of Business Administration        X   X   X
 College of Education and Human Services         X   X   X
 Fenn College of Engineering                     X   X   X
 College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences     X   X   X
 Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs   X   X   X
 College of Graduate Studies                     X   X   X
 Cleveland-Marshall College of Law               X   X   X

Commuter Student Services                                X

Continuing Education                             X   X   X

Cooperative Education                                    X

Counseling & Testing                                 X   X

Dance Company                                            X

Deans                                                    X

Disability Services                              X       X

East Center Extended Campus                      X   X   X

Economic Development                                     X

eLearning                                        X       X

Environmental Health & Safety                    X       X

Facilities Operations                           X       X

Faculty Profiles                                X       X

Faculty Publications                            X   X

Faculty Senate                                  X       X

Financial Aid                                           X

Fulbright Program                               X       X

General Counsel                                         X
 Legal Services                                         X
 Records Retention                                      X
 Public Records Policy                                  X
 University Policies and Procedures                     X
 FERPA for Faculty and Staff                            X
 FERPA Amendments                                       X

Government Relations                                    X

Health & Wellness Services                      X       X

Honors Program                                  X   X   X

Human Resources Development & Labor Relations           X

 Benefits                                               X
 Compensation                                           X
 Employment                                             X
 Labor & Employee Relations                             X

 Training & OD                                            X
 Volunteers                                               X

Information Services & Technology                 X   X   X

 Technology Policies                              X       X
 Security                                         X       X
 2010 IS&T Climate Survey                                 X
 Services                                                 X
 Student Computing                                        X
 Faculty Resources                                        X
 Telecommunications                                       X

Institutional Diversity                                   X

 Strategic Plan                                   X       X
 Diversity and Multicultural Affairs              X       X
 STARS Program                                            X
 McNair Scholars Program                          X       X
 AHANA Program                                    X       X
 Campus Resources                                         X
 Diversity Achievements                                   X
 Workforce diversity (students, faculty, staff)       X

Institutional Research & Analysis                         X
  Book of Trends                                      X   X
  Common Data Set                                 X       X
  Student Enrollment Tables                               X
  Surveys                                         X       X
  IR Documents and Definitions                            X

International Services and Programs                       X

Learning Communities                                       X   X   X

 Cleveland Transfer Connection Program                             X

Library                                                    X       X

 Archives                                                          X
 Course Reserves                                                   X
 Integrated Media Systems & Services                               X
 Law Library                                                       X

Nursing                                                    X   X   X

Ombudsperson                                                       X

Orientation for New Students                                       X

Partnership Programs                                       X       X

Payroll                                                            X

Planning, Assessment and Information Resource Management   X   X   X

 University Strategic Plan                                 X
 USPC Committee                                            X
 University Mission and Vision Statements
 Goals                                                     X
 Strategies                                                X
 Strategic Planning University Review (SPUR IV)
 Vision Unlimited                                          X
 Program Review                                            X       X

Points of Pride                                            X       X

President’s Advisory Committee on the Role and Status of           X

President’s Council on Diversity                                   X

President’s Office                                                 X

Project 60                                                         X

Provost’s Office                                                   X

Registrar                                                          X

Research                                                           X

 Sponsored Programs and Research                                   X
 Research Council                                                  X
 Research Centers & Institutes                             X       X
 Research Challenge Committee                                      X
 Technology Transfer                                               X
 Wright Center for Sensor Systems Engineering                      X
 Institutional Review Board                                        X

Social Media Directory                                             X

Student Life                                               X   X   X

 Fraternities                                                      X
 Sororities                                                        X
 Student Activities                                            X   X
 Center for Leadership and Service                             X   X

 Student Services                                X   X
 Governance                                          X
 Student Organizations                           X   X
 Conduct/Judicial Affairs                            X
 Student Center                                      X

Tuition and Fees                                     X

University Advancement                               X

 Cleveland State Foundation                          X

University Architect                                 X

 Mission Statement                                   X
 North Campus Neighborhood RFP                       X
 2009 CSU Master Plan                            X   X
 Forms                                               X
 CAD Standards                                       X

University Curriculum Committee                  X

University Marketing                         X   X   X

Undergraduate Studies                            X   X

 General Education Program                       X   X
 Learning Communities                        X   X   X
 Honors Program                              X   X   X
 Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program   X   X   X
 Transfer Module                                     X
 Tutoring & Academic Success Center          X   X   X

University Policies and Procedures           X

University Transportation Center             X

Veteran Student Success Program          X   X

West Center Extended Campus          X   X   X

Writing Center                       X       X


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