Amsterdam_Animal_Shelter_CaseStudy by lanyuehua


									Fast Facts                    Standardized software saves
                              Amsterdam’s forgotten animals
Dierenopvangcentrum           Outdated systems at Amsterdam’s largest animal shelter led to increased
Amsterdam (DOA)               inefficiencies. Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam (DOA) was able to
Amsterdam, the
Netherlands                   transform its operations in a move that benefited customers, donors, and
www.dierenasielamsterda       some special animals.

Business Need
Disparate and outdated                                         Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam (DOA) is a
software caused severe                                         nongovernmental organization in Amsterdam that
delays in customer and                                         specializes in sheltering and placing distressed cats and
donor relations.                                               dogs. We are the biggest animal shelter in the
                                                               Netherlands with a capacity of 450 cats and 180 dogs.
Solution                                                       Like all animal shelters in the Netherlands, we pursue a
Develop a standardized                                         “no-kill policy.” Currently, we have 35 employees, most
software network that                                          of whom are active in animal care. We are lucky to be
allows employees and                                           supported by a large contingency of volunteers who
volunteers to work more                                        walk the dogs and work with our staff to re-socialize
efficiently.                                                   cats (helping cats become comfortable with people
                                                               after traumatic experiences).
Results                                                        In addition to housing more animals than any shelter
Utilizing a dynamic           in the Netherlands, we are also one of the oldest organizations of our kind, having been
operating system, staff can   in operation for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, our IT infrastructure had become
now easily communicate        so outdated, it seemed as if we had not upgraded since our doors first opened.
with customers and            Before reaching out to Microsoft, we had six PCs running multiple operating systems
present the shelter more      and networked together with a series of nonsensical wires. This makeshift network
favorably to donors.          limited our organization to one e-mail address, which could only be accessed from a
                              single computer. Our Chief Executive Officer literally had to print out every e-mail the
Software and Services         shelter received and post them to a cork message board in our office. With so much
Windows Server®               time dedicated to manual tasks like this, it would often take us two weeks to address
                              customer inquiries. We were also suffering financially, missing important bills in the
Windows Vista®
                              chaotic paper trail that was being printed and posted on a daily basis. We needed help.
The 2007 Microsoft®
Office system                 With assistance from local donors, we were able to secure 12 additional PCs. While this
                              was a major step for the shelter, the PCs did not come with software of any kind. Enter
                              Microsoft. We applied for and were awarded a grant from Microsoft that completely
                              changed the way we work and survive
                              as an organization. The 2007 Microsoft
                              Office system and Windows Vista have
                              brought much-needed stability and
                              standardization to our network. We
                              have advanced from having to reserve
                              time on our lone PC to send e-mails, to
                              being able to answer customers’
                              questions on the day they are asked.
                              Information that was once shared on a
                              bulletin board is now easily available on
                              each employee’s desktop. We are now
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able to collaborate effectively both online and offline, giving us more time to do what we are most passionate
about: saving animals.
Additionally, using Microsoft Office PowerPoint®, we are now able to create and deliver professional
presentations about valuable work we do at the shelter to donors. This is critical for us financially, since roughly
50 percent of our yearly budget comes from donations.
From this strong technology base, we plan to use the extra time and money our new software has given us to
develop educational programs for schoolchildren as well as low-income and disabled animal owners. It is our
mission to help these populations take better care of their animals before they need us. The Microsoft Unlimited
Potential grant is helping us achieve this mission, and we could not be happier for the opportunity.

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