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									                        LESSON 8.08 Creating the Constitution
Learning targets                                              SUMMARY OVERVIEW
(clear, understandable versions of standards in student       History Alive! lesson plan
friendly language)
  Identify the issues debated at the Constitutional          Students read two sections of the
   Convention and evaluate their importance to the            Chapter, take notes in the ISN, then
   emergence of the United States.                            participate in a three part Experiential
 Identify specific aspects of an event, issue, or            Exercise.
   problem (study topic)                                      Part 1 – Opening the Convention (one
 Explain the significance of an event, issue, or             class period) – students are assigned
   problem (study topic)                                      the roles of actual delegates to the
Language objectives                                           Constitutional Convention, with role
(identified cognitive functions correlated to the learning    cards and masks. Delegates are
targets, such as sequence, compare/contrast,                  introduced and the Convention opens
cause/effect, infer, and argue, as well as the signal words   with a vow of secrecy.
to be deliberately taught/used in discussion and writing;     Part 2 – Debating Issues at the
sentence frames in support section)                           Convention (2 – 3 class periods) –
Orally and in writing, students will use the following        Students debate a series of issues faced
signal words to identify problems and their solutions         by the delegates, after reading the
in the creation of the Constitution:                          corresponding sections in the text.
 Problem                                                     Students attempt to compromise on the
 Solution                                                    issues before reading about the
 Position                                                    compromises arrived at by the
 View                                                        delegates. (The issues are How should
 Issue                                                       states be represented in the new
 Compromise                                                  government?, Should slaves be counted
History Alive! Preview activity                               as part of a state’s population?, and How
(builds background; links to student experience)              should the National Executive be
Purposes: To experience what it feels like to make            elected?) See sentence frames in
a decision when 9 out of 13 groups with competing             “Discussion Support” section below.
interests must agree on an outcome. To compare                Part 3 – Signing the Constitution (1 class
their experience to the situation of the United States        period) – Students sign a copy of the
under the Articles of Confederation.                          Constitution and read corresponding
                                                              sections of the text.
Summary: The emotions students experience in this
Preview activity provide the impetus for learning
                                                         Recommended changes to HA!
about the need to abandon the Articles or
                                                         lesson plan
Confederation. Students are placed in 13 groups.
                                                         Focus time and attention on Part 2 of the
In order to select a radio station and volume, nine of
                                                         Experiential Exercise, streamlining Parts
the 13 groups must agree. Teacher rigs the process
                                                         1 & 3 by reading the appropriate section
so that it is unlikely there will ever be 9 groups in
                                                         of the text in partners or as a whole
agreement. After attempting to reach agreement,
students read sections 8.1 (Interactive Read Aloud)
                                                         Skip the masks to save prep time and
and 8.2, then complete a T-chart comparing their
                                                         student time.
experience to the challenges faced by the states
                                                         But the masks are fun and they highlight
under the Articles of Confederation.
                                                         the point that the framers were all rich
Alternative: Use a situation that is meaningful and      white men. You could just tape the faces
appropriate to the class for this activity, such as what to rulers so the students can hold them
restaurant to eat at on an upcoming field trip.          up while they are speaking. Color them
Students may be more invested in this.                   or not, depending on your time.

Modified from History Alive! June 2010                                                                1
                                                             Days 1 & 2 – Preview (ISN), Interactive
Pre-assessment activities/documents                          Read Aloud of 8.1 w/Cornell Notes and
(serves as self-assessment for students; informs             Visual Discovery WRAPP strategy for
instruction for teachers; charts or documents may be used    sections 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4.
as a place to gather concepts/information throughout         Days 3 & 4 – Experiential Exercise, Part
lesson through debriefing; may include visuals, lesson       2 as outlined in the Lesson Plan (without
questions, lesson vocabulary, language objectives, and/or    the masks)
learning targets)
                                                             Day 5 – WRAPP strategy for sections
                                                             8.11 and 8.12. Whole group reading of
                                                             Chapter Summary. Processing
Lesson questions                                             Assignment (ISN), modified to match
(drive instruction; may create links to previous learning;
                                                             learning targets, see below.
may be included in pre-assessment)
                                                             Day 6 – Chapter Assessment
 What were the weaknesses of the Articles of
  How was the debate between representation by
   state and representation by population resolved?
 How was the issue of counting the slave
   population resolved?
 Why did James Madison believe that a strong
   national government was important?
                                                             Flexible grouping pattern of the
Additional background building
(streaming video segments, DVD, map review, read aloud
of a related piece of fiction, etc.)                         Preview Activity done whole group,
    Learn 360 – Articles of Confederation (L1248501),        followed by independent or partner
    7:55. Covers Shays’ Rebellion, the weaknesses            reading, then whole group processing.
    of the Articles of Confederation, the issues and         Experiential Exercise is done whole
    compromises are described briefly. Could be              group, with reading done independently
    used instead of textbook sections 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4       or using WRAPP partner reading
    and to shorten Part 1 of the Experiential Exercise.      strategy.
                                                             Processing is individual.
    Learn 360 – Creating the Constitution (L1192202),
    5:44. Describes the Constitutional Convention
    and touches on the issues of representation,
    slavery and the executive branch. Forms an
    overview for the chapter and could be used
    instead of textbook section 8.4 and Part 1 of the
    Experiential Exercise.

  Video –Key Constitutional Concepts – available at
  (free login required)
Key content vocabulary (Italicized words
  Articles of Confederation
  US Constitution
  Electoral College
  James Madison

Modified from History Alive! June 2010                                                                2
  Shays’ Rebellion
  Constitutional Convention

                                      READING SUPPORTS
               Lesson-specific instructional supports http://groups.teachtci.com/
                         * see Enrichment Plan for Compacting/Extensions
    Suggested strategies for          Focus pages/paragraphs for guided        Thinking or
introduction Interactive Read-                     reading group             Process-Related
                Aloud                                                           Words (for
                                                                              Bloom’s, etc.)
What do you notice in the             On the Northwest Ordinance – page    Give examples of
picture on page 102? Do you             104, “The Northwest Ordinance”      Explain
recognize any of the people in        On the challenges facing the         State
the picture?                            Convention – page 108, last 2       Identify
Project the image on page               paragraphs                          Select
102 and have students use             On the Virginia Plan – page 109,     Agree
“magic paper” to highlight              “The Virginia Plan”, 2nd paragraph  Disagree
important aspects of picture.  On the New Jersey Plan – page 109,
                                        “The New Jersey Plan”, second
What challenges do you think            paragraph
the delegates might have faced  On the Great Compromise – page
in trying to fix the Articles of        110, “A Compromise is Reached”
Confederation?                        On how to count slaves – page 111,
Turn and talk                           “People or Property?”
                                      On the 3/5 Compromise – page 112,
                                        first two paragraphs
                                      On choosing the chief executive –
                                        page 113, “Choosing the Chief
                                      On the Electoral College – page 114,
                                        first paragraph
                                      On ratification – page 115,
                                        “Approving the Constitution”
                                      On The Federalists – page 116, “The
                                        Federalists”, last paragraph

                                    WRITING SUPPORT
             Lesson-specific instructional supports http://groups.teachtci.com/
                    * see Enrichment Plan for Compacting/Extensions
                                            Sentence frames
                                         for parts of the lesson

                                     ____________ was a problem for the
                                     framers of the Constitution because

                                     The framers of the Constitution solved
                                     the problem of ___________________

Modified from History Alive! June 2010                                                     3
                                       by ________________________.

                                DISCUSSION SUPPORT
           Lesson-specific instructional supports http://groups.teachtci.com/
                   * see Enrichment Plan for Compacting/Extensions
                                   Sentence frames
                                    for parts of the
                                 See Writing Support
                FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS (for student and teacher use)
  “Check for understanding”         Checkpoints in                Questions for
    points during activities     Student Interactive         exit and entrance slips

Students should be able to               Each of the section     What were the weaknesses of the
paraphrase each of the issues            notes provides an       Articles of Confederation?
after it is presented. (Experiential     opportunity to check    Why did the Convention take a vow
Exercise – Part 2)                       for understanding.      of secrecy?
Students should be able to               Most critical are 8.5   How did the delegates use
describe the compromise                  through 8.10.           compromises to solve the issues
reached by the delegates in                                      they faced?
response to each issue.                                          Why was it important whether or
(Experiential Exercise – Part 2)                                 not slaves were counted in states’
                                                                 How is a compromise different than
                                                                 choosing one solution over
                                                                 Use sentence frames in “Writing
                                                                 Support” section, as needed.
               Processing Assignment                              Games                Other
         (also serves as a formative assessment)
The Processing Assignment focuses on the
advantages of the Constitution by asking students to
create a poster stating why states should ratify the
In order to more closely match the learning target of
the lesson, it is recommended that you add a
requirement to detail at least one of the compromises
included in the Constitution.

Modified from History Alive! June 2010                                                            4

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