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									                                               Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                          The Scout Headquarters
                                                                    Church Street
                                                                        PE4 6QE

Minutes of the Meeting held at the Three Horseshoes on Monday 30th January 2006
                                at 7.45pm to 9.00pm

PRESENT         Tim Pond                        Chairperson
                Lesley Parkinson                Secretary
                Derick Hill                     GSL Scouting
                Judith Hockley                  Beavers Leader
                Julie Ackroyd                   Guide Representative
                Gill Parton                     Parent Representative
                Eddie Etheridge                 Parent Representative

APOLOGIES       Jane Lloyd                      DC Guiding
                Pat Smedley                     Treasurer
                Paul Cosker                     Carnival Committee Chairperson
                Tom Boughton                    Scouts & Cubs Leader

1.     Welcome

       Tim opened the meeting and expressed thanks to those in attendance.

2.     Apologies

       Apologies were received as shown above

3.     Minutes of last Meeting

       The minutes were proposed and to be an accurate record.

4.     Matters Arising

 4.1   Working Party

       It was agreed that a working party shall be arranged to complete various
       small tasks done.

       It shall take place on Saturday 1st April at 9am. Please can as many
       volunteers as possible please come and lend a hand – we need at least 8
       people to make it worthwhile and get as many jobs done as possible. Please
       find attached at the end of the minutes a working party schedule – Appendix
       570081 or BY 31ST MARCH 2006
                                                                         Action: ALL

5.     Guiding Report

       Unfortunately the units at the Scout & Guide Headquarters have been
       suffering due to problems with heating – some units having to resort to their
       girls wearing coats to keep warm. It was agreed by all that this was
                                         Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                    The Scout Headquarters
                                                              Church Street
                                                                  PE4 6QE

unacceptable and Tim agreed to obtain quotes for some new heating systems
(wet system).
Since the meeting Tim has obtained 3 quotes as follows:

 a) MJ Electrical & Plumbing Services (Dogsthorpe, Corgi Re - 193051)
    - £11,140.88

 b) Smartheat (Deeping St James, Corgi Reg - 213381) - £6,860.60

 c) K&D Heating & Plumbing (Yaxley, Corgi Reg – 128092) - £3,880.00
    + VAT (to remove boiler and air duct in roof space & make good
    roof etc, & remove all debris from property £350 + VAT)

 Lesley proposes that we use K&D Heating & Plumbing after obtaining
 a reference from Nene Housing Association (who currently use the
 company for any work they require). Someone from Executive
 Committee required to second. TO BE DISCUSSED AT THE WORKING
                                        Action: Executive Committee

A letter is due to go out to all parents requesting a care-taker and
representatives at the committee – see Appendix B.
Since the meeting Monika has volunteered to be a caretaker, however
units are reminded to clear up (sweep the floor, wipe clean tables, clean
the kitchen, empty bins etc) after their meeting – a letter is attached to
all user group to distribute to all leaders – see Appendix C.
                                                                     Action: ALL

Some units appear to still be having problems with the door at the Guide end
finding it difficult to get in or out. Tim agreed to review the door as part of the
working party (see point 4.1)
Since the meeting Tim has obtained a quote for the internal doors to be
replaced (which is much needed) from Peter Dawson (Werrington, FIOC,
LCGI, C&G FTC, AIQA) for £365.00. Whilst doing this work Peter shall
also take a slither off the base of the Guide end door which has
expanded during the winter. Lesley proposed the quote, an Executive
Committee member needs to second as a matter of urgency.
                                                     Action: Executive Committee

The group of guides attended the Big Gig in October and had a fantastic time
(although by the end it was the leaders who had more energy dancing and
singing along than the girls!)

                                              Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                         The Scout Headquarters
                                                                   Church Street
                                                                       PE4 6QE

     Following visits to the local schools recruitment is going well although new
     leaders are always needed and very welcomed.

6.   Scouting Report

     A shortage of leaders is still hampering the ability to run units effectively and
     start new units (despite a real need). Recruitment drives are being reviewed
     and any ideas are very welcomed.

     The District has merged with Nene and now formed a Division; it will take
     some time to see how, if at all, this shall affect our groups.

7.   Financial Update

     Unfortunately there was no update but Lesley agreed to get in contact with
     Pat to obtain the figures from bonfire night.
                                                                       Action: LP
8.   Correspondence

     Letters from parents

     2 letters have been received expressing concern over the lighting at the Scout
     end of the Headquarters. The lighting has now been improved by replacing
     bulbs but some work remains (to be sorted by the working party). Lesley
     agreed to send an acknowledgement letter to both parents
                                                                          Action: LP

9.   Quotes for Work

     9.1    Asbestos/Risk Assessment Check

            Tim received an e-mail from a gentleman employed by called RISC
            offering to undertake an asbestos survey of the Headquarters. He has
            the following qualifications:

                P402 Certificate in Building Surveys and Bulk Sampling for
                Master of Arts in Environmental Management,
                Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management,
                IEHO Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Safety,
                Postgraduate Certificate in Health and Safety,
                IEHO Diploma in Environmental Health.

                                              Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                         The Scout Headquarters
                                                                   Church Street
                                                                       PE4 6QE

             He gave a quote of £160 + VAT for a type one survey and report
             providing several surveys in a particular area on a particular day.
             Derick to give Tim the County Secretary’s contact details so
             quote/contact details can be passed on to arrange.
                                                                          Action: DH

      9.2    Scout Leader Cupboards

             Tim is currently obtaining quotes
                                                                           Action: TP

      9.3    Garage Door

             Tim is currently obtaining quotes
                                                                           Action: TP

      9.4    2 Fan Blowers for toilets

             Since the meeting Tim has received a quote from MJ Electrical &
             Plumbing Services (Dogsthorpe, Corgi Reg - 193051) for 2 fan
             blowers to be installed in the toilets - £211.50. Lesley proposed, a
             member of the Executive Committee required to second.
                                                        Action: Executive Committee

10.   Any Other Business

      10.1   Field Usage

             Users are reminded that unless they are using the field during their
             regular meeting time they need to book the field via the WCA – Mary
             Palmer 01733 572358.

             Lesley agreed to send a letter to the WCA requesting they remind
             other users that we have the field booked during term-time for our
             various groups and any other required usage should be booked via
             the WCA and get our permission too.
                                                                        Action: LP

      10.2   Internal Directory

             A small internal directory is to be set up which shall include all groups
             meeting night/times, contact point (either e-mail address or postal
             address) and phone number, as well as contact points for the
             executive committee.

                                            Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                       The Scout Headquarters
                                                                 Church Street
                                                                     PE4 6QE

            This is to enable minutes of Scout & Guide Council meetings being
            distributed to everyone and if the WCA need to book the field
            Lesley/Tim can contact the relevant users to check this is okay. The
            information shall not be widely distributed only those who require it –
            regular users of the centre and members of the executive committee.

            Please advise Lesley at the next meeting of the above information for
            your group.
                                                                     Action: ALL

11.   Date of Next Meeting

         Please find attached a schedule for the meeting dates during 2006 –
         Appendix D

                                          Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                     The Scout Headquarters
                                                               Church Street
                                                                   PE4 6QE

Appendix A
Working Party Schedule – Werrington Scout and Guide Council

Job no.                           Job Description/Task                     Completed by
   1      Order skip
   2      Clear all rooms of rubbish sort skip or set aside to burn
              o Remove all combustible items from the fire exits
   3      Clear old venture room:
              o Remove all fixtures and woodwork and strip back to
                   walls includes wall fittings
              o Sort skip or set aside to burn
   4      Clear all unusable items from Leaders room
              o Store
              o Skip
              o Set aside to burn
   5      Fit toilet roll holders to girls toilets
   6      Fit electrical hand blower to girls toilets
   7      Repair toilet set in girls toilet
   8      Clean Toilets and replenish with hand towels and soap
   9      Towel rails buy and fit
  10      Some one to check all internal/external lights and bulbs
          refresh and report faults, starters required for tube lights
          purchase new halogen bulbs for external.
              o Special attention entrances
  11      Sort usable chairs and set aside broken dysfunctional chairs
          for skip-throughout unit enough for unit requirements.
  12      Fix tables in guiding end review tables use and re-order if
  13      Clean all floors and keep slip free
              o Bearing in mind traffic flow from in/out must be kept to
                   a minimum
  14      Boilers for hot water
              o Tea and coffee making facilities
  15      Kitchen
              o Finish tiling
              o Clear of unwanted goods
              o Source cupboard from liquidation warehouse
                       1. For Brooms and Hoover
              o Clean and scrub floor after
  16      Rubbish from roof space
              o Plan to de-commission heating from roof space and all
              o Releases space for better storage facilities
  17      Box in lighting and heating controls in the kitchen
  18      Corridor hang ladder other side

                                         Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                    The Scout Headquarters
                                                              Church Street
                                                                  PE4 6QE

             o Use wall areas to make project boards about Scouting-
                topical for each section Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.
             o Use wall areas to make project boards about Guiding-
                topical for each section Rainbows, Brownies and
  19      Clean guttering of all plant life try to unblock drain pipes
  20      Burn what we can in a controlled environ
  21      Compound clean and clear
             o Trailer to re-park inside
             o Skip or set aside rubbish to urn
  22      Concrete debris around perimeter to skip
             o Other perimeter rubbish
  23      WD 40 all locks
  24      New signs for Scouting and Guiding
             o Profile that it is our building
             o Brand our units
  25      Keep clean notices for all areas
             o Notice to all to keep clean check areas after use
             o Toilets especially
  26      Keys required for all areas for Chairman

Dates require about 8-10 people for Saturday 1st April 9am

                                         Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                    The Scout Headquarters
                                                              Church Street
                                                                  PE4 6QE

Appendix B
                   Werrington District Guides


Dear Parents,

Werrington District Guides are appealing for parents of current Rainbows, Brownies
and Guides who meet at the Scout and Guide HQ in the village, to become parent
representatives on the Scout and Guide Council.

The Scout & Guide Council built and maintains the HQ for us and supports all the
units, especially financially. The Chairman is Mr. Tim Pond.

Unfortunately, recently, no parents have come forward to represent their
daughters unit on this Council. Not only has this left the Committee itself short of
members, but it is not good for the units, who are therefore not properly

The task is not a difficult one and they only meet quarterly. Your unit guider may
sometimes request that you raise a point for her, but do not worry; there is usually
a representative from girl guiding and scouting there as well for any ‘technical’
problems that may arise.

The position is voluntary and does have a big impact on keeping the HQ running while
greatly assisting the guiders. Any parent/carer would be very welcome. The
atmosphere is friendly and new members are always made very welcome.

Anyone interested should contact me directly to discuss the role.

Yours sincerely,

(District Commissioner)
Tel: 01733 701929

                                           Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                      The Scout Headquarters
                                                                Church Street
                                                                    PE4 6QE

Appendix B
Dear User of the Scout and Guide Headquarters.

I have some good news - we have now found a new caretaker to assist with
the cleaning of the Headquarters.

However, please can I remind you that it is their job to maintain the upkeep of
the building and not to tidy up after your meeting? Therefore please ensure
you sweep the floor after your meeting (even if there is a group following your
meeting – it’s not fair for them to have to clear up your mess!) and clear up
from underneath and on top of the tables.

Since Monika has agreed to be the caretaker, she, with the assistance of Tim,
has visited the centre on numerous occasions. In 1 week all bins had to be
emptied, floors swept and rubbish (including fish & chip wrappers!) had to be
picked up 4 times. This is not their job and cannot be tolerated.

We shall be reviewing equipment which has been left underneath tables and
disposing of any abandoned items – so unless you don’t want it lock it away!
Towels located in the toilets and kitchen shall also be regularly cleaned.

Thank you for all of your hard work in the Scout and Guide movement lets
work together and make sure our meeting areas are clean and tidy for the

Yours sincerely

Lesley Parkinson
Scout and Guide Council Secretary
                                         Werrington Scout and Guide Council
                                                    The Scout Headquarters
                                                              Church Street
                                                                  PE4 6QE

Appendix C

                   DATES OF MEETINGS FOR 2005/2006
       All Meetings Held At the Three Horseshoes Pub Unless Notified
                 All Meetings Last Approximately 7.45 – 9pm

FULL COUNCIL                                 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

30th January 2006                            27th February 2006

24th April 2006                              22nd May 2006

17th July 2006                               26th June 2006

16th October 2006                            28th August 2006

                  2nd October 2006 – Annual General Meeting

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