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   Define your company’s mission, vision, and values with this practical guide
                                        By Erica Olsen

“This fun guide will help you clarify your strategic vision and develop a flight plan to reach new
heights and profitability.” – Howard Putnam, Former CEO of Southwest Airlines

Do you want to grow or change your business, but are overwhelmed with the thought of creating
an actual plan? Determining your company’s vision can be one of the biggest challenges when
starting or growing a business. With Strategic Planning For Dummies (Wiley, October 2006,
$21.99) you’ll discover how to decide on a vision, analyze markets and trends, set objectives, and
plan for the future—basically everything that it takes to build and maintain a competitive edge.
Perfect for all types of businesses, small and large, new and established, Strategic Planning For
Dummies has everything you need to make your organization stronger and more efficient.

Strategic Planning For Dummies by Erica Olsen, developer of the online strategic planning
system MyStrategicPlan, explains how to lay the foundation for a plan by understanding the
definition and key elements of strategic planning. According to Olsen, strategic planning is one of
the leading management tools used by great companies and successful CEO’s. When setting up a
plan, she suggests looking at your current status and competitive advantage as a business and re-
evaluating your mission based on your strengths. Do you have the right people on board? How is
the corporate culture? She also stresses the importance of seeing your business through your
customer’s eyes so that you can find new customers to move your business into the future. This
guide examines every step of the strategic plan process, from initial stages to setting up a
contingency plan.

In Strategic Planning For Dummies, you’ll learn how to:

       Bring your organization’s vision into focus by assessing your mission
       Set big goals and seek out new ideas
       Know when to do it yourself and when to hire a facilitator
       Evaluate your products and services—what’s working, what isn’t?
       Put your portfolio together and look at your financial performance
       Identify opportunities and threats, monitor your industry, and analyze your competition
       Watch social shifts and follow technology trends
       Secure funds for your plan, keep your plan working, and measure your progress

Like all For Dummies books, Strategic Planning For Dummies concludes with ‘The Part of
Tens,’ including ten ways to keep your strategic plan alive and ten examples of how to ruin your
strategic plan meeting—like neglecting to conduct research beforehand and assuming everyone
thinks like you. This section also provides ten shortcuts to completing your plan, like focusing on
the top five issues currently facing your organization. The handy ‘Cheat Sheet’ includes a
checklist on how to frame your plan, a rundown of the major pieces to include, and a list of
planning pitfalls—like lack of ownership and lack of communication. The Cheat Sheet also
provides guidelines for good business strategy and tips for making strategy a habit and not just a
one-time event.

Plan for the future and grow your business with Strategic Planning For Dummies!
About the Author:
Erica Olsen is founder and vice president of M3 Planning, Inc., a business development firm that
launched MyStrategicPlan, which helps organizations develop, manage, and execute strategic
plans. In addition to Strategic Planning For Dummies, she has co-authored Strategic Planning
Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Growth and Profitability, and contributes regular columns to
local, regional, and national business publications.

                        STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR DUMMIES
                                              By Erica Olsen
                                   ISBN: 0-470-03716-4; $21.99; 360 pages
                                               October 2006

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