EGGBOROUGH PARISH COUNCIL
 Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 6th May 2010 at Eggborough Methodist Church
                                 commencing at 7.15pm

Present: Councillor K Wilder, Councillor Howell, Councillor Chappell

         Councillor Ivey, District Councillors John & Mary McCartney,

M1    To elect a Chairman
      To elect Councillor Chappell as Chair

M2    To elect a Vice-Chairman
      Not to elect a Vice-Chairman

M3    To sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
      Councillor Chappell signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office

M4    To accept apologies for absence and declarations of interest
      Apologies were received from Councillor Sewell, Councillor Newell and Councillor J Wilders
      To accept the above apologies

M5    Minutes
      Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 1st April 2010 were taken as read,
      approved as a true record and signed by Councillor Chappell

M6    Matters arising from the minutes 1/4/10 - for information only
      L180 – Selby District Council has responded to the Parish Council’s enquiry about the
      funding of the YLCA.

      Two years ago they were asked if they and other District Councils could assist the YLCA
      with funding but this would be a one off. They did but they were clear that any further
      funding should come from the parishes. They were surprised to get a request for further
      funding this year and it was felt inappropriate to provide further funding to this organisation.
      It is felt that an Association set up to provide support to parish councils should be funded by
      the parishes.

M7    To discuss local police issues
      PC Morton attended the meeting to discuss the request for a CCTV system to be installed at
      Hut Green roundabout. As a Police Officer he is not able to get involved in the financial
      costs but is happy to contact someone at Selby District Council who has 1st hand experience
      in costs and the use of CCTV.

      Eggborough does not have any major crime but he does feel that the installation of a CCTV
      system at Hut Green should be looked at seriously. There are already cameras at Saint
     Gobain roundabout which are used but people coming from West Yorkshire know there is
     no CCTV on the A645.

     The Clerk has received a telephone call and email from Mayfair Security giving costs for the
     installation of a CCTV system at Hut Green which was read to Councillors.

     PC Tony Morton had previously advised at the Annual Parish meeting that permission had
     been given for the youth club to have propagators sited at the back of the police house as a
     Greenhouse was a health and safety risk.

     To invite a representative from Mayfair Security to the next meeting to discuss CCTV

M8   To consider the following planning applications and decisions

     -Erection of a two storey extension to the side of 1 Braemar Court, Weeland Road,

     Copies of letters of objection already sent to Selby District Council were received from
     residents and related to the path of sewerage pipes and lack of privacy

     To write to Selby District Council supporting the residents’ letters of objection

     -Erection of a two storey extension to the rear following demolition of existing conservatory
     at 12 Kellington Court, Eggborough
     Application granted

     The Clerk has received an email from the Planning Department regarding the commuted
     sum following the building of the new development near the railway line and has been
     advised about the procedure for securing the funds. When the Parish Council has a scheme
     it must make an application for the release of some funds for the project. Details of the
     project will need to be submitted and then the District Council will assess whether the
     scheme meets the Recreational Open Space criteria. The breakdown of the money
     requested should be submitted too. If the scheme is approved payments will be made in two
     instalments, first instalment prior to the development commencing and the last payment
     when the scheme has been completed. The Parish Council will need to inspect the project
     and inform the District Council that they (the Parish Council) are satisfied with the project
     and then make a request for the second half of the funds.

M9   To consider the following accounts for payment

     SDC                                1st Instalment of Precept           £6000.00

     Mrs C Dobbing                      Clerks salary-April                 £349.02
      Mrs C Dobbing                     Clerks expenses-April              £53.26
      Wheelie Clean Bins                Bus shelter cleaning               £ 90.00
      Bedford Mowing Services           Grass cutting                      £387.23
      Aon Limited                       Insurance renewal                  £2337.62
      N Power                           Street lighting                    £801.28
      N Power                           Street lighting                    £62.54
      Tarmac                            Street light repairs               £163.57

      To make all the above payments

M10   To approve the accounts for the financial year ending 31st March 2010 and complete
      the Annual Governance Statement
      The Clerk had previously circulated copies of the financial statement for the year ending 31 st
      March 2010 to all Councillors.
      The accounts were approved and signed by the Chairman and the Clerk as RFO
      The Annual Governance Statement was signed by the Chairman and the Clerk as RFO

M11   To discuss the request for a donation from Whitley Bridge CC
      Whitley Bridge Cricket Club has requested a donation from the Parish Council to support
      their junior section. Andrew Papworth, the Commercial Coordinator of the club, attended the
      meeting to discuss the request
      To donate £150 to Whitley Bridge Cricket Club

M12   To discuss the proposal by Selby District Council to develop the Westfield Garage
      Councillor Gillian Ivey attended the meeting to discuss the proposal at the request of the
      Parish Council.

      Selby District Council has asked a number of Housing Associations to submit proposals for
      the development of the Westfield garage area, the deadline was the 4th May
      She advised that this formed part of a scheme for the whole district as more affordable
      housing is required and that 13 sites had been put forward, 4 of which were in Eggborough.

      The garages are a mess and it was felt that something needs doing with them and housing
      was a possibility. As a result of listening to what people had to say in the village they have
      briefed the Housing Associations that there must be plenty of parking as parking is already a
      real problem on the Westfields estate. Three plans have so far been submitted and all
      reflect the parking requirement. The entrances there will be taken into account but the
      Housing Associations have to consult with residents before any planning application can be
      submitted to the District Council

M13   To discuss the proposal by Selby District Council to close the Community Centre
      Councillor Gillian Ivey attended the meeting to discuss the proposal at the request of the
      Parish Council but immediately stressed that there is no proposal to close the Westfield
      Community Centre.

      A review had been held of all the community centres in the district and the Council had
      brought in independent consultants to put all the information together.
      There is a possibility that two will have to close in the area but Westfield isn’t one of them.
      The centre isn’t well used but Councillor Ivey has consistently supported keeping it open
      A plan is being worked on for each centre to see what is going to happen in the future as
      there is a need to do something to run things there that serve more people.

      Councillor McCartney advised that the centre was built as part of the bungalow development
      and is integral to them.

M14   To discuss the Travellers on Westfield play area
      Councillors were informed that Travellers recently spent a night on the Westfield play area.
      Councillor McCartney spoke to a gentleman and informed the police and Selby District
      Council and the caravan was gone by midday the next day.
      The Clerk will contact Selby District Council to see who is responsible for trying to stop this
      happening again. If it is the Parish Council, the Clerk will ask what can be done.

M15   To consider renewing subscription to the Local Council Review
      The cost to renew subscription this year is £13.50
      To renew subscription to Local Council Review at a cost of £13.50

M16   To discuss the purchase of outdoor fitness equipment
      The Clerk provided literature from various manufacturers of equipment and prices.
      Councillor K Wilders will assess all the products and prices and report back to the Parish
      Council with her recommendations

M17   To discuss current highway matter
      Councillor McCartney advised the Clerk via email that the Foxdales development has not
      yet been adopted by North Yorkshire County Council.

M18   To review the insurance `
      The Clerk will review the current insurance and will enquire about Personal Accident Cover
      for Councillors who are over 75 years of age

M19   To confirm Bryan Metcalf and Mary Farman as Internal Auditors
      To confirm Bryan Metcalf and Mary Farman as Internal Auditors

M20   To re-confirm the Standing Orders
      To re-confirm the Standing Orders

M21   To re-confirm the Financial Regulations
      To re-confirm the Financial Regulations

M22   To re-confirm the Financial Risk Assessment
      To re-confirm the Financial Risk Assessment

M23   To be informed of the Parish Council’s list of Assets
      These had already been issued to Councillors prior to the meeting

M24   To receive reports on meetings attended
      There were no meetings attended

M25    To be informed of correspondence received to date
      - Letter from Record Office regarding archived items
      - Letter of thanks for donation from Age Concern
      - Letter from NYCC re: Parish Charter
      - Letter from Network rail re: High Eggborough Level Crossing

M26   To be informed of minor items for delegation to the Clerk and items for the next
      There were no minor items to report

      The meeting closed at 9.45pm

      The next meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd June


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