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                        FACULTY HANDBOOK


       This faculty handbook is provided to improve communication and understanding
of educational policy in the Princeton R-V Schools.
       In the future, when policy changes become necessary, they will be added to this
handbook. It is the wish of the administration that this handbook will make contributions
toward improving the educational program in the elementary school.
       This handbook contains information relating primarily to the elementary school
and is not a complete source of school district policies and procedures. Therefore,
teachers should also become familiar with the official Princeton R-V Board of Education
Handbook and related policies contained therein.

                            Princeton R-V School
                              Mission Statement

It is the belief of the faculty and staff of the Princeton R-V School District that all
students can learn. Therefore, we direct our educational mission with the belief as our

We believe our primary responsibility is to meet the educational needs of all children.
Realizing that each child is an individual, possessing unique interest and abilities, we
strive to ensure the mastery of the basic skills of reading, mathematics, and written
communication. We endeavor to teach those skills leading to higher levels of academic
performance in additional subject offerings.

We also believe in fostering the positive social/emotional development of all children by
setting levels of high expectation for learning and providing a safe and orderly school

We accept this two fold mission, regardless of the previous academic performance,
family background, socio-economic status, race or gender of our students. We fulfill this
responsibility thorough an effective organizational structure, a strong administration, a
clear instructional focus, and continual measurement of student achievement.

                     “LIVE TO LEARN; LEARN TO LIVE”
                                    The Educator’s Oath

         I solemnly pledge to dedicate my life to the science of teaching. I will give to
those who are or have been my teachers the respect and gratitude which is their due. I
will practice my profession with conscience and dignity: the well-being of my students
will be my primary concern always. I will honor the position of parents and uphold
public trust. I will maintain by all the means in my power the honor of my profession. I
will respect the privacy of students. I will teach toward meeting the individual needs and
abilities of students. I will accept all engaged in education and regard all as my
colleagues. I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, party politics,
social standing, or the monetary rewards received from my labors to intervene between
my duty and my students. I will maintain utmost respect for human dignity and human
values, and I will hold human caring and consideration as the fundamental value in the
student-teacher relationship. I make this promise solemnly, freely, and upon my oath for
as long as I am engaged in education.

                                                       -       Robert L. Debruyn


The Princeton Elementary School family is committed to offering each pupil the
opportunity to be educated to the fullest extent of his/her potential. We believe that all of
our pupils can learn the minimum competencies required to function as effective citizens
in our society. Many will achieve beyond the minimum, and some will attain academic

In addition to academic achievement, we believe that the development of a wholesome,
well adjusted, happy human being is also very important. We feel that we must provide
an atmosphere of assurance and acceptance so that each child will accept others with
tolerance. To this end we must foster and encourage activities which will promote these
ideals, and make every effort to develop a positive and healthy self-image in each child.

Student and parents, together with the total adult staff, share in the responsibility for
creating and maintaining an effective school environment- one which will ensure the
opportunity for each pupil to reach his/her full potential.

We feel that in order for our school to be effective, the following elements must be in
place: a strong administration, committed teachers, a positive environment free of
disruption, a clean and safe environment, carefully organized curricula, adequate time on
task, frequent assessment, and good home-school relations.

Finally, we accept the challenge to create an atmosphere for learning where success is
more frequent than failure, and where the highest value is placed on developing
wholesome human relationships.

       The Princeton R-V faculty and staff have identified the following as
characteristics a graduate of Princeton R-V should possess.

SELF_ESTEEM – Includes self confidence and adaptability

MOTIVATION – Self directed interest in learning

RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP – Includes a concern for others and global awareness

COGNITIVE SKILLS – Lower to higher levels of thinking including creativity

PROCESS SKILLS – Problem solving, decision making, communication, personal relations
                       School Calendar 2012-2013
                                Early Out Wednesday

August 20-21           Teacher Work Days
August 22              First Day of Classes—1:30 Dismiss
September 3            No Classes—Labor Day
October 19             First Quarter Ends
October 25             Dismiss 12:45—Conferences 1:15-8:00
October 26             No Classes
November 21-23         Thanksgiving Break
December 21            Dismiss 12:45—Semester Ends
January 3              Classes Resume
January 21             No Classes—MLK Day—Makeup Day #1
February 14            Dismiss 12:45—Conferences 1:15-8:00
February 15            No Classes—Makeup Day #2
February 18            No Classes—President’s Day
March 8                Third Quarter Ends
March 28-April 3       Spring Break
March 28, April 3, 2   Makeup Days #3, 4, 5
May 21                        Last Student Day—Dismiss 12:45—Semester Ends
May 22                        Teacher Work Day
May 22,23,24           Makeup Days #6, 7, 8

Quarter 1 = 42 days          Required Total Hours: 1044
Quarter 2 = 41 days          2012-2013 Calendar Hours: 1080
Semester 1 = 83 days
Quarter 3 = 44 days          Makeup Days Required: 7
Quarter 4 = 47 days          2012-2013 Makeup Days: 8
Semester = 91 days
Total Days = 174 days              August Work Days Schedule:
                                   August 20 (Mon) 8:00 a.m.: All teachers work day
                                                        Evening: Open House
                                   August 21 (Tues): All meetings
             FACULTY AND STAFF
Ext. 230         PRINCIPAL-John Smith
Ext. 231         ELEMENTARY SECRETARY-Becky Goodin
Ext. 285         ELEMENTARY COUNSELOR-Lori Puls
Ext. 232         SCHOOL NURSE-Kim Rardon
Ext. 229         SPECIAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR-Deb Thogmartin
Ext. 280         KA-Lacey Shaffer
Ext. 273         KB-Ila Rae Easter
Ext. 275         1A-Renee Dailey
Ext. 270         1B-Lisa Robinson
Ext. 271         2A- Terry Bayless
Ext. 272         2B-Kelsey Allen
Ext. 274         3-Kathy Schwenneker
Ext. 286         4A-Harmony Cornett
Ext. 233         4B-Gina Mossburg
Ext. 266         5-Ranae Shahan
Ext. 277         6A -Trish Theiss
Ext. 278         6B -Toni Powell
Ext. 276         Special Ed. Tyson Miller
Ext. 276         Tamme Faulkner
Ext. 255         Special Ed. Dawn Holsted
Ext. 287 & 257   BAND/MUSIC-Mark Knorr
Ext. 268         ART-Cathie Lowrey
Ext. 288         PE-Eric Fairchild
Ext. 281 & 261   LIBRARY-Beth Boxley
Ext. 282         TITLE 1-Kim Wilson
Ext. 265         SPEECH-Hilary Girdner
748-3319         PAT-Christine Greenlee
Ext. 261 & 281   GIFTED-Maureen Funk
Ext. 267         PRESCHOOL-Cindy Yungeberg
Ext. 255         RESOURCE ROOM-Melanie McClain
Ext. 234 & 244   Director of Food Services-Karla Meinke
Ext. 273         Kindergarten Para-Chrissy Weber
Ext. 282         Title 1 Para-Marlene DeVore
                              GENERAL INFORMATION
Meetings – Board of Education
        “All regularly scheduled school board meetings shall be open meetings. Any
special meetings shall be closed meetings unless otherwise specified.”
        “Regular meetings of the board shall be the second Monday of each month. The
regular meetings may be called by the president at any time by advising the board
members a reasonable time in advance as to the time, place, and purpose of the

Assignment of Staff Members
         “Organization and assignment of staff member shall be under the direction of the
superintendent, subject to the approval of the Board of Education.”
         “Assignment of teacher to teaching duties, extra-curricular duties, and arrival and
departure for the school day, will be made by the building principal.” Elementary staff
arrival time- 7:45 A.M. Departure time- 3:45 P.M. Please check your mailbox before
leaving in case there is an important message.

Non-Discrimination Policy
       “This school district does not discriminate between male or female in the
operation of any program. All applications are received by the persons responsible for
worker evaluations or entrance evaluations.
       Recommendations to hire will be made by the superintendent of schools to the
school board and the final decision will be made by a vote of the school board.”

Employee’s Sick Leave
        “All certified personnel shall be entitled to one (1) day current sick leave for each
contracted month (9). The maximum sick leave to be accumulated shall not exceed
seventy-five (75) days.” (one day for non-family member – upon approval)
        Sick leave shall be granted for personal illness of the teacher or members of
his/her personal family, and/or for funeral and at the discretion of the superintendent.
        Sick leave may be granted for a critical illness of employee’s own family. These
shall include husband, wife, child, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, father-in-
law, mother-in-law, grandfather, grandmother, or any member of the household.
        If a certified employee resigns or is released from his/her contract, the Board of
Education will pay $10.00 per day for any unused sick leave the teacher has accumulated
with a maximum accumulation of 75 days. The employee will have had to complete two
years of district employment and give 30 days notice in order to qualify under this
Certified employees will be paid $10.00 per day for unused sick days on a yearly basis
after they have accumulated the maximum number of 75 days.
        Mrs. Christy Stockman, 748-4569, should be called as early as possible, if a
substitute is needed.”
Personal Leave
A maximum of three (3) personal leave days will be available for nine (9) month full-
time employees and three (3) personal leave days for 12 month full-time employees per
school year. One personal day can be banked and an employee would have the option of
carrying it over as personal day and accumulated up to four (4) for the next year or use it
as a sick day.
        Absences under this category will be granted to conduct personal affairs not
possible after the normal school day. All personal leave days shall be requested in
writing three (3) days prior to leave date unless emergency warrants differently.

Lesson Plans
        Daily lesson plans are to be maintained by the teacher and available for review by
the principal. In the event of an absence the teacher will provide detailed plans for the
substitute. The principal may require weekly lesson plans be presented to the office at
any given time.
        A substitute booklet should also be kept in an obvious place containing the names
of students in each class, a list of those students who “travel” during the day, recess,
lunch, art, music, gym times, etc., as well as special instructions such as cafeteria rules,
bathroom policy, etc.

        All form letter and bulletins from a teacher and/or professional educational
organization’s communications to the home, or to other teachers, shall be with the
knowledge and consent of the building principal. Notes to the home should be type
written and professional in quality. A copy of all communications will be kept on file in
the principal’s office.

Purchase Orders
       For any school related activity no building may be used unless an administrator,
teacher, custodian, or other school employee designated by the superintendent is present.
       Each group and/or organization must be accomplished by at least one adult who
has been placed in charge and who is responsible for the actions of the group or
organization. The adult supervisor will arrive prior to the gathering of persons and will
remain until all persons leave the building and the area has been policed.

Parental Review of School Records
        Parents or guardians are permitted to inspect and review all educational records of
their children. Anyone desiring to inspect their child’s records should set up an
appointment with the respective building principal so that the information contained
therein may be explained.
        These records are confidential and are accessible only to staff and parents.
Faculty Work Areas
       The faculty work areas are provided for your use in preparing for class. Please
use and maintain them in good order.

School Equipment
       Care of school equipment is the responsibility of each employee. Report any
malfunctioning equipment to the office. School equipment is not to leave the building
without notifying the building administrator.

Meetings – Teachers
       The PDC Wednesday meetings shall be reserved to attend building activities that will
be scheduled during the school year. You will be present each Wednesday from 1:30-3:30
       Teacher’s meetings are considered a part of the regular school day. Teachers should
make every effort to attend these meetings.
       Attendance at PTO and other school functions is strongly encouraged.

Leaving the Class or Campus
         Teachers may not leave their class unattended except in case of an emergency, then
an adult supervisor should be in the room. Teachers are asked not to leave the grounds during
the school day without notifying the principal, and then in case of necessity only.
         A teacher may not give a student permission to leave the campus anytime during the
school day. If s teacher feels it is necessary for a student to leave the campus, he/she should
instruct the student to got o the principal’s office to seek permission.

Cell Phones
        Teachers are allowed to have cell phones for long distance calls. These calls should
only be made during prep/planning times.

        Students’ cumulative and permanent records shall be kept in the office. Teachers
may check out the records of his/her students on short-term basis. These records may not be
taken from the building.
        All pertinent information is to be kept in the accumulation file and updated as
necessary. All grades, tests, etc., written on the permanent record are to be in black ink.

Professional Ethics
       Ours is a “people” business. Certain types of information must be handled in a
confidential manner.
       Employees should exercise care concerning the content of discussions with co-
workers and others outside the school staff. When in doubt of the professional ethics
involved in particular situation, a conservative approach is advised.

        The main objective of discipline is to help children become self-directed and self-
disciplined. Each teacher should develop with his/her class rules for classrooms behavior and
method of managing these rules. These will be kept on file in both the principal’s and
superintendent’s offices, and posted in the classroom. A copy of the classroom discipline
policy should be sent home to the parents the first day of school.
        Teachers should maintain records of discipline problems and actions taken.
        School wide rules for busses, halls, cafeteria, and playground are to be known and
enforced by all teachers. Consistency being paramount. Thus, every child is each teacher’s
Teacher Evaluations
        “The building principal shall evaluate all certified personnel under her/her
supervision at least two (2) times per year for probationary teachers, one (1) time for tenure
        “All probationary teachers in the system shall be evaluated by October 1 and a second
evaluation by December 1 of each year.” See handbook 3.51.12

Health-First Aid
        The school nurse is responsible for all health programs and emergency childcare.
        In case of a serious accident in which it is obvious that the child needs the immediate
attention of a doctor, notify the school office and nurse immediately.
        In cases of a serious injury or fall, do not attempt to move the child yourself. If the
child cannot, or does not want to move on their own accord, send another child to the office
for aid with the red emergency card. Do not lift or attempt to move the injured child. Once
they are able to move, see that the are taken to the nurses’ office and the nurse is notified of
the accident.
        An incident form must be turned into the office for each accident. The nurse and
supervising teacher must sign this form.
        Medication of any kind is to be administered by the school nurse only. An alternate
employee will be designated to administer first aid/medication.

Fire Drills
        A fire drill will be indicated by fire alarm. You close all windows and have students
leave in single file. The teacher should be the last one out of the room. If your exit is
blocked, use the safest, close exit. The first two students out should hold the door open until
all students are out of the building. Assemble a safe distance away from the building.
Teachers are required to take a roll book and take roll.

Tornado Drill
         A tornado drill will be indicated by intercom.. Students should proceed to the
assigned areas, and sit on the floors, with the heads between their knees, hands clasped over
their necks. You may have students take a book with them to place over their necks.
         When the tornado alarm is sounded the classroom door is shut firmly in an effort to
keep any broken glass from entering the hallway and causing serious injury.
         If there is a fire drill, or a tornado drill, while your class has left your room to attend
physical education class, music class, or the library, teachers shall proceed to that classroom,
or area where the class is to gather during such an occurrence, and stay with their class until
the drill or alert is over.
Field Trips and Excursions
         “Approval for such activities must be approved by the principal and the
superintendent of school and the form ‘Request for Approval of Educational Tours’ which
pertains to supervision and transportation. The form must be completed along with the
principal’s signature before reaching the office of the superintendent.”
         “These forms must be completed and submitted at least seven (7) day prior to the date
you wish to make the trip.”
         The parent shall be notified in writing that the child will be participating in a field trip
and a signed permission slip will be returned to the teachers. These slips will be placed in the
office the morning of the trip.
         Excursions within the community and not requiring bus services will be scheduled
through the office with a minimum of 24-hour notice.

Classroom Parties
        Princeton R-V has three parties a year: Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day has become a commercialized event for some but not all. We are asking
parents to please have gifts and balloons sent home, instead of the classroom. This is also a
bus safety concern. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

After-School Detention
        Teachers will be assigned after-school detention supervision. Each supervising
teacher will supervise detention for a one week period of time or when asked by the
principal, from 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you cannot supervise for an important reason, ask
another teacher to change with you. Please notify the office if this should occur.

Cafeteria Duty
        The duty starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp and continues to 8:15 a.m. when the students are
dismissed to the classrooms.
        All teachers are expected to be on hall duty at 8:15 a.m. by their classroom door and
when school is dismissed for the day.
        Teachers are expected to model good care and use of equipment. Do not sit on the
students’ desks or allow them to do this either. Also, no feet on desktops at any time. The
appearance of your classroom and all equipment says a lot about your classroom

Teacher Attire
        All teachers are expected to dress appropriately. Any staff member dressed
inappropriately may be reprimanded at the discretion of the principal. No shorts. Blue jeans
may be worn on Fridays only (exceptions: field trips). No sweat pants at any time. Be
professional, dress professional, and you may find an improvement in the atmosphere of your
        Remember to be supportive of all students and of our school. Please remember that
teacher should be cautious in what they say to, about, and around students, as well as where
they say it.
                                     General Instructions

    1.      Students should not be left unsupervised in any part of the building during the
            school day.
    2.      Each teacher shall lock his/her classroom at the end of the day, and attend the
            other good housekeeping duties such as closing windows, cleaning chalkboards,
            etc. All teachers shall maintain neat and properly decorated classrooms.
    3.      Teachers shall maintain accurate records of all matters and actions concerning
            student grades or discipline.
    4.      Teachers will be responsible for preparation of individual classroom materials
            and other necessary materials. Do not put your duties on the secretary – she has
            more than enough work already.
    5.      Do not schedule any activities without prior approval of the principal.
    6.      Be aware of the contents of the student/parent handbook, the school discipline
            policy and report any infractions.
    7.      Teachers should make certain their students are informed of the rules and policies
            regarding each class. This should be done the first day. Students have a need and
            a right to know what is expected of them.
    8.      Teacher shall maintain adequate records of students’ attendance, plus post the
            absentees outside their door by (9:00 a.m. each school day.
    9.      No student shall be admitted to class after an absence or tardy without a slip from
            the office.
    10.     Teachers will notify the office each day of any error made in reporting
    11.     It shall be the joint responsibility of the student and teacher to make certain a
            student received notice of make up assignments.
    12.     In regard to the amount of homework, it is required that no elementary student
            have more that thirty minutes of homework any given evening. In all cases
            homework shall be graded or marked. Grade promptly and let the student know
            where they stand.
    13.     Teachers will notify the office when planning to be absent.
    14.     Teachers will send a discipline slip with each student that is sent to the office for
            improper behavior.

                          Communicable Disease- Employees
       The School Board recognizes its responsibility to protect the health of students and
employees from the risks posed by infectious diseases. The Board also has the responsibility
to uphold the rights of affected individuals to privacy and confidentiality, to continue their
employment, and to be treated in a nondiscriminatory manner.

Universal Precautions
       The district requires all staff to routinely observe universal precautions to prevent
exposure to disease-causing organisms, and the district provides necessary
equipment/supplies to implement universal precautions (see Student Handbook).

Categories of Potential Risk
        Employees with infectious diseases that can be transmissible in school and/or athletic
settings (such as, but not limited to, chicken pox, influenza, and conjunctives) are managed as
specified in: (a) the most current of the Missouri Department of Health document entitled:
Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases: A Guide for School Administrators,
Nurses, Teachers, and Day Care Operators and (b) documents referenced in 19 CSR 20-20-
030 and (c) in accordance with any specific guidelines/recommendations or requirements
promulgated by the local county health department. A medical release may be required of
the employees in certain circumstances.

        An employee infected with a bloodbourne pathogen such as Hepatitis B virus (HBV),
Hepatitis C virus (HCV), or Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) poses no risk or
transmission through casual contact to other persons in a school setting. Employees infected
with one of these viruses shall be allowed to continue work without any restrictions which
are based solely on the infection.
                Exceptional Situations: There are certain specific conditions (for example,
frequent bleeding episodes or uncoverable, oozing skin lesions) which could potentially be
associated with transmission of both bloodbourne, and non-bloodbourne pathogens. No
employee, regardless of whether he or she is known to be infected with such pathogens, will
be allowed to continue work unless these conditions are either absent or appropriately
controlled in a way that avoids unnecessary exposure.

               Specific Mechanisms should be in place to ensure the following are
consistently done:

       1.              The school nurse, and the designated school administrator when
                       appropriate, should be informed of staff member who has recurrent
                       episodes of bleeding or who has uncoverable, oozing skin lesions.
       2.              The school nurse, and the designated school administrator when
                       appropriate, should be promptly informed of any employee with an
                       illness characterized by a rash.
       3.              The school nurse and the designated school administrator shall be
                       informed of any instance in which the significant potential for disease
                       transmission occurs.

         The superintendent or designee shall ensure that an employee’s confidentiality rights
are strictly observed in accordance with law. Security of medical records will be maintained
and such records will be kept separate from other personnel records. Breach of
confidentiality may result in disciplinary action and/or civil suit.

Training – Employee
       All employees should receive training annually on universal precautions and the
Communicable Disease Policy.

Testing – Employee
         Requiring medical evaluations or tests of employees will not normally by authorized
under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
Schools may require post-offer, pre-employment or annual physical examinations if the exam
is job-related and if conducted on all employees or applicants for similar positions.
Requiring medical evaluations or tests for infection with bloodbourne pathogens is not
allowed by law.
Reasonable Accommodations
      Districts should develop procedures to respond to employee request for reasonable
accommodations when an employee has a disability as defined by Section 504 and/or the

Reporting and Disease Outbreak Control
        Reporting and disease outbreak control measures will be implemented in accordance
with state and local laws and Department of Health rules governing the control of
communicable and other diseases dangerous to public health, and any applicable rules
promulgated by the appropriate county health department.

Approved July 15, 1996

Legal Refs:      SS167, 191, 650-703 RSMo
                 Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.)
                 P.L. 93-112, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
                 19 CSR 20.20.010 through 20.20.060 and 20.28.010

                                           Grading Scale

Grade 1 Grade 2                                                        Grades 3-6: 97-100 A; 93-96
        96-100%       E (Excellent)                                    A-; 90-92 B+; 86-89 B; 83-85 B-       92-95%
        88-91%        S+ (Satisfactory)                                67-69 D+; 63-66 D; 60-62 D-;
        84-87         S                                                59-0 F
        80-83%        S
        79-below      N

                 Promotion, Acceleration, and Retention of Students

The Princeton R-V Schools are committed to the continuous development of students enrolled in the
district’s school, and for a student’s achievement of the skills for the current grade assignment, to pass
to the higher grade.

Student will normally progress annually from grade to grade. Retention may be considered when, in
the judgment of the professional staff, it is in the best educational interest of the students involved.
Parent/Guardians will receive prior notification and explanation concerning the retention. However,
the final decision will rest with the school administration.

State Law required that no student shall be promoted to a high grade level unless that student has a
reading ability level at or above one grade level below the student’s grade level, except that the law
does not apply to students receiving special education services under state law.

The Board strongly urges the staff to see that students assisted in moving ahead as rapidly as they
wish in accordance with their capabilities. While provision for individual differences should be
adequately accomplished within a grade level, it may occasionally be necessary to advance a student
to the next grade. Acceleration ahead in a grade level should be approached with caution. Capable
students may be so advanced but only after thorough discussion with the student’s guidance counselor,
and with the joint approval of the parents/guardians, the principal, and the superintendent of schools.

The district may adopt a policy that required remediation as a condition of promotion to the next grade
level for any student identified by the district as failing to master skills and competencies established
for the particular grade level by the Board. The district may require parents or guardians of such
students to commit to conduct home-based tutorial activities with their children.
Such remediation may include, but shall not necessarily be limited to, a mandatory summer school
program focused on the areas of deficiency or other such alternatives conducted by the district outside
of the regular school day. If the district provides remediation in this manner outside the traditional
school day, the extra hours of instruction may be counted in the calculation of average daily
attendance. Such remediation shall recognize that different students learn differently and shall employ
methods designed to help these students achieve at high levels.

Decisions concerning the remedial reading instruction of a student who receives special education
services, including the nature of parental involvement consistent with a free appropriate public
education, shall be make in accordance with the student’s IEP.

In evaluation student achievement, each teacher will make use of all available information, including
results of teacher-made tests, other measures of skill and content of mastery, standardized test results,
and teacher observation of student performance. They will direct and aid teacher in evaluations, and
will review grade assignments in order to ensure uniformity of evaluation standards.

The superintendent, in cooperation with the professional staff, shall develop administrative guidelines
for the promotion acceleration and retention of students at the elementary, junior high, and senior high

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