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									XXX Children’s Centre
   Business Plan


Section                                                     Description   Page
   1       Vision & Values
   2       Context of the Children’s Centre
   3       Core business of the Children’s Centre
  4a       Analysis of the need and demands of the centre
  4b       Key Priorities for the Children’s Centre
   5       Governance & leadership
   6       Parental involvement & influence
   7       Equality & Diversity
   8       Safeguarding
   9       Action plan
  10       Budget Planning
  11       Marketing
  12       Premises
  13       Policies

Appendix                                                    Description   Page

1) Vision & Values
A vision for the Children’s Centre(s), which should cross reference to the Children and Young Peoples Plan, and the Local Authority
overall Policy and Plan for Children’s centres.

2) Context of the Children’s Centre

The locality, demography and 0-5 population it serves, local statistics, a map(s) showing SOAs, and the centres location. A brief
overview of other local services, the economy, housing, transport and recreation.

3) Core Business of the children’s centre

Details of activities, services and information the centre provides in its reach area. This could be taken from the information you
have on the Tracker.

4a) Analysis of the need and demands of the centre

 Provide evidence, which demonstrates that there is a need and demand for the Children’s centre services in the area, using
  evidence and statements that are supported by statistical evidence such as data from local and national surveys, and endorsed
  by the Advisory Board, focus groups of professionals , market research, and other consultations with the community, children
  and families.
 Demonstrate how your services are meeting or will meet the gaps in service provision
 Detail the amount of inter-agency working within the delivery of the services, and show how this method of working will impact on
  the services you intend to deliver.
This section will include a table to show data for National Indicators and local priorities

Data on performance

% of members of target groups in
the Children’s Centre Reach Area,     No. in                                    Previous Years figures (% of
                                                 Total No.   % of Target Group
with whom the Children’s Centre       Target                                    Target Group reached)
                                                 in Target   in area reached by
establishes contact:                Group seen
                                                   Group           centre
                                     by centre
No. under 5s

Lone Parents

Teenage Mothers & pregnant
Children < 5 in Workless
Children under 5 in BME groups

Disabled Children

Disabled Carers


             Performance Indicator
Outcome                                                                                       Centre    Last year
                                                                                              Figures    Figure

Be Healthy   % of children in reception year who are obese

Be Healthy   % of infants being breastfed at 6-8 weeks from birth

             Foundation Stage profile (FSP) outcomes
Enjoy and    % of children who achieve a total of at least 78 points across the FSP with at
Achieve      least 6 points scored in each of the PSED and (CLL) scales.

Enjoy and    Foundation Stage profile (FSP) outcomes
             % gap between the lowest achieving 20% in the EYFSP and the rest.

Achieve      % of children aged 0-4 living in households dependent on workless
economic     benefits
Achieve      % of eligible families benefiting from the childcare element of
economic     Working Tax Credit
             Rate of emergency hospital admissions caused by injuries to
             children & young people
Stay Safe

      Parental satisfaction
      % of parents of children under 5 in the CC area satisfied with services.

4b) Key Priorities for the Children’s Centre

Using the SEF, evidence from section 4a and the annual conversation, this section should detail what the key priorities will be for
the coming year. This could include a SWOT or other analysis here.

5) Governance & Leadership
This section should include information about the governance of the Children’s Centre, including the Advisory Board, Steering
Group & Parents Forum.
The section should also illustrate the staff structure (including volunteers) summarise the background, skills and experience of the
key individuals in the staff team, and a diagram of the staffing structure and highlight the importance of Staff Appraisal, continuous
professional development and training to meet the demands of reshaping services and integrated working.

6) Parental involvement & influence
This section should include how users views influence service design and delivery, how services are marketed, how services are
delivered to meet need, how delivery is monitored and evaluated.

7) Equality & Diversity

This section should include how the centre fulfils its statutory duties; actively promotes equality & diversity and tackles

8) Safeguarding
This should evidence the policies and procedures that are in place for the centre, aswell as the safeguarding training undertaken by
all staff.

9) Action plan

Taking key priorities detailed in 4b, this section aims to plan how these key priorities will be taken forward, looking at timescales,
outcomes, resources and budgets.

10) Budget planning
This section needs to detail how the budget’s design and allocation will be based on key principles to:
    Monitor and track budget
    Contingency plan
    Adapt the budget in light of changing circumstances and centre developments/plans
    Opportunities for centre development from capital fund bids
    Commitment to Value for Money
    Plan for sustainability – e.g. 3 yr budget plan to high-light any risks etc and actions that might need to be taken.

      11) Marketing

This section should give an overview of information sharing and communications to include resources, promotional activities and
supporting information, such leaflets, adverts, posters etc. You could attach an appendix if you have a separate plan.

12) Premises

This section should refer to leases, contracts and any issues arising. Cover any aspects relating to the site, e.g. parking, cleaning
and use of rooms/shared areas

13) Policies
This should evidence the policies that are in place for the centre. Please see the policy index-


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