Human Impacts on Ecosystems by 43ZdcL50


									Read Handout: Section 3.6 (Science Perspectives 9 by Nelson) – pages 96 - 101.

Define: Pollution

Define: Acid Precipitation

           o   Acid Precipitation occurs when anthropogenic (human made) chemicals are released into the
               atmosphere and create an acid

Define: Neutralize

           o   effects of acid precipitation are:

                       1:

                       2:

                       3:

                       4:

At one time, ‘the solution to pollution was dilution’ was the answer to pollution. In your own words, what
does this statement really mean?

   -   oil spills
           o effects
                   kills sea birds because they ingest it and the presence of the oil makes the birds
                     unable to insulate themselves against the cold

           o   cleaning up oil spills
                                                   involves vacuuming the spilled oil off the top of the water

                                                   involves introducing micro-organisms that feed on oil into
                        the water body

                                                   involves lighting the oil spill on fire and letting it burn away
                        (causes air pollution rather than water pollution)

                                                such as detergents break oil up into smaller droplets that
                        can be spread farther and are therefore less concentrated

       Why is water our most precious renewable resource? (give at least 3 reasons)

Answer the following questions in your notebook using full sentence answers:

Pg. 101 # 1 – 5, 8 and 10 (To answer #10 watch the video: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
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