; New Educational Animated Program Airs on Alternative Kids Media
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New Educational Animated Program Airs on Alternative Kids Media


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   Television News

   PRESS         RELEASE:
   New Educational Animated Program Airs on Alternative Kids
   Thu, 30 Aug 2012, 03:58:08 EDT

   MIRAMAR, Fla., Aug. 30, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- The television
   viewing habits of children and adults alike are changing on an almost daily
   basis. Viewing options abound and parents and teachers are taking notice.
   Customizing a child's viewing habits is becoming easier and easier and Silva
   Animation Studio, Inc., the producer of Color with Leo(R), is reaching new
   audiences through these technologies.

   Color with Leo(R) is an educational and animated series targeting children from
   Pre-K through first grade. The central character, Leo, sets off on a series of
   adventures to learn more about the beauty and mysteries of art and science. In
   the first episode, Leo encounters a young Christopher Columbus who explains
   how ships float and move. Leo continues to draw the ships using basic
   geometric shapes and children are exposed to basic concepts in science, while
   getting entertained too.

   This first episode in a projected series is currently available for viewing on several alternative viewing channels that include
   Ameba TV, also referred to as Smart Kids TV; through an application available on smart TVs; and on Apple and Android
   devices. It is also available for viewing on Kidobi where its technology automatically adapts to a child's unique skill level and
   developmental stage.

   "Parents and teachers really need to take advantage of all of these terrific tools to customize their children's viewing. Of
   course, parents and teachers want kids to learn, but they want them to have fun too," Norman Silva, founder of Silva
   Animation Studio, says. "These various outlets and technologies make it easy. And, Color with Leo(R) makes it even easier by
   providing useful support material such as printable lessons, activities and coloring pages on its website."

   Additionally, with outlets such as Ameba TV, kids do not have to wait for their favorite programs to come on at a specific time;
   they can view them whenever and wherever they want to. There are no annoying commercials and it's easy for kids to
   navigate and for parents to control. The content is fun and engaging and encourages kids to learn at their own pace when
   watching programs such as Color with Leo(R).

   "Our goal is to assist in molding the next generation of artists and creative thinkers," Silva says. More information:
   http://www.silvaanimation.com/ .

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