COOPERATIVE EDUCATION
                                             WILLIS HALL, ROOM 402B

                                          FINANCE/ECONOMIC MAJORS

TO THE STUDENT: This learning contract outlines responsibilities that you will be assuming in consultation with an
appropriate faculty sponsor and co-op counselor in order to earn academic credit. While it is intended to be flexible and
individualized, it helps you establish readiness for learning, identifies relevant job-related information, and specifies
requirements you must meet to EARN COURSE CREDIT. Co-op Education course registration and development
of a new contract will be required in cases where the employment extends through a second or third semester.

Please carefully complete the Learning Contract as follows. If Sections I & II are not completed you will not be
able to register for the Co-op course.

Please be advised you can get a maximum of 6 co-op credits towards your free electives. However, to get the six credits,
you must register for the co-op course over two semesters.

Sections I & II:
   1. Please fax a copy of Section I to the Cooperative Education/Internship (Co-op) program at
       908-737-4125 or bring in a copy to Willis 402B.
   2. Fill out Section II.
   3. Set-up an appointment with Dr. David Yamoah, Economic & Finance Department, at 908-737-4142. Bring
       Section I & II with you at this meeting.
   4. Immediately after the meeting with Dr. Yamoah, bring Section II to the Co-op program.
   5. The Co-op staff will then speak with Dr. Kempey for his final decision.
   6. The Co-op office will call you immediately with Dr. Kempey’s final decision. If he approves, the Co-op office will
       set-up an appointment when you can come in to pick up a copy of Section II.

Section III (to be done at the discretion of the department):
This section is due within one week after the meeting with the Co-op office:
    1. Give Section II and Section III to your immediate supervisor for his/her final approval.
    2. After your supervisor signs Section IIII, bring it to the Co-op program.

The Co-op staff will give a copy of all sections to Dr. David Yamoah as he will be the professor you will report to during the

Section I - General Information and Job Description
    1. You have taken the following courses: Corporate Finance I & II, and two upper level Finance courses. Please
       submit a copy of your transcript (you can get this from KeanWise).
    2. Please read and sign the Eleven (11) Tips for A Successful Co-op Experience.
    3. Please complete the first two pages of the Cooperative Education application.
    4. The Job Evaluation Requirements and the two samples go to your immediate supervisor. The samples are
       exactly the way the information needs to come from your immediate supervisor.
    5. Please notify your supervisor that a Learning Agreement may be required.
    6. Attached a copy of your resume even though you are not looking to change jobs.

Please note that you can only get a maximum of 6 credits towards your free electives in Economics and Finance. Both
Summer Session I and II must be taken to receive 3 credits.

A copy of this Section must be given to the Cooperative Education program, Willis 402B.

Please fill out Section II and set-up an appointment with Dr. David Yamoah as soon as
Only fully-completed applications will be processed.

                                                                                                                          Intended date of Graduation____________

                                                                                                                                            Today’s Date____________

                                         Student Application for Cooperative Education

Name                                                                                                Phone-Campus

Address                                                                                             Phone-Home

City                                                        State                 Zip               Phone-Business

G.P.A.                                                                             E-Mail

Social Security #                                                                              Student ID#

Number of Credits completed To Date                                     Status: SR.                  JR.               SOPH.

Major (Include Concentration if it Applies)

Are you eligible for work study (only applies if you are a financial aid student and receive this benefit)

Are you an International Student

                            List Work Experience (most recent first) and attach Current resume

Employing Firm                                                 Address                                                        Title                                       Dates

If you are currently working at a job related to your major, would you like it considered for Co-op ?

Yes                       No

If yes, please provide this office with a cover letter and job description to explain your current job.
If you are not currently working at a job in your major, what type of job do you seek:

Would you accept a non-paying internship work experience?                   Yes             No

                                                    Extracurricular Activities: (Campus/Community)

Special Skills:

Fluency in language besides English:

Where did you hear about co-op?

                                                                   Please Return To:

                                                                 Patricia A. Stoudt
                                                              Cooperative Education
                                                          Kean University, Union, NJ 07083
                                                              Willis Hall, Room 402B
                                                               Phone (908) 737-4114
                                                                Fax (908) 737-4125

For office use only:

Placement: (Company)                                                                (Address)

Date of placement                                                                   Job Title

Registration: Semester: Fall             Spring               Summer                Number of Credits

Faculty Supervisor:                                                                Department

                              JOB EVALUATION REQUIREMENTS

The following is a list of student requirements to have a current on-going job experience evaluated as a possible
co-op job placement:

1. A general cover letter on official letterhead stationery from an immediate supervisor/manager outlining
   general information about the student’s job: hours, pay rate, and work schedule. The letter should specify
   the student’s name along with the immediate supervisor’s name, title, and telephone extension, etc. (see
   attached sample). Also, please make sure that the company’s direct mailing address is listed on the cover

2. A specific and detailed job description (officially), delineating duties, responsibilities, skills, outcomes, etc.
   If possible, document should be obtained from the personnel department (see attached sample). This is to be
   on a separate piece of paper and not included on the cover letter.

3. Cover letter and job description should be addressed and forwarded to:

                              Ms. Patricia A. Stoudt
                              Cooperative Education
                              Kean University
                              1000 Morris Avenue
                              Willis Hall, Room 402B
                              Union, New Jersey 07083-0411
                              Phone 908-737-4114
                              Fax 908-737-4125
                                      COMPANY LETTERHEAD
                                   (including direct mailing address)

                                      SAMPLE COVER LETTER

June 18, 1997

Ms. Patricia A. Stoudt
Cooperative Education
Kean University
1000 Morris Avenue
Willis Hall, Room 402B
Union, New Jersey 07083-0411

Dear Ms. Stoudt:

This letter is regarding our employee John Adams. Please be advised that as of April 4, 1997, John has been
employed by A.J. Jones Corporation. His job title is Special Project Personnel. John averages a 24-30 hour
work week and is paid an hourly salary of $7.00 an hour.

Please accept this letter as a valid endorsement of his employment. If you have further questions regarding this
matter, please feel free to contact me at 908-777-2777, Ext. 707.


Alex Jones
Account Supervisor
                               SAMPLE JOB DESCRIPTION



Special Project Personnel (SPP)

Objective: To complete in-store merchandising activities as assigned by supervisor.

These duties will include:

1. Resetting stores to include our new items. A plan will usually be provided. The SPP will use the
   plan, reorder stickers, pegs, pens, and other materials to complete this task.

2. Completing assignments in warehouse where product is stocked. Activities will include resetting
   the shelves, counting inventory, writing up return goods, and stocking.

3. Providing store service as directed. This would include straightening the section, building
   displays, cleaning, replacing missing tags, stocking, pricing, etc.

4. Assisting account managers with headquarters assignments, such as: writing up new product
   sheets testing new planograms, completing administrative tasks.

This is not intended to be a complete list of duties and special project personnel will complete other
assignments as directed.

Work Period: Almost all assignments will be Monday through Friday during normal business hours.
On occasion the account will set an appointment for a specific time and date.
                                        FINANCE MAJORS
                                       DR. DAVID YAMOAH
                             ECONOMIC & FINANCE DEPARTMENT
                         908-737-4140; WILLIS 405 (OFFICE & MAILBOX)

                                             STUDENT STATUS

Any business student requesting acceptance to the Cooperative Education/Internship Program should be a
junior or senior, officially matriculated as a Finance major, with a GPA of 2.8 or better.


 1.   Students will only be accepted into job situations directly related to their majors.
      a. Student must work a minimum of 20 hours per week to receive an equivalent of three (3) credits.
          The maximum number of credits that can be awarded for Co-op in Finance is six (6) credits of free
      b. For summer internship, the student must work both Summer Sessions I and II.

 2.   The student must meet the prerequisite requirements for the Co-op course as follows: Have taken
      Corporate Finance I and II, and two upper level Finance courses.

 3.   Only off-campus job situations will be acceptable for the Co-op program. Family-owned businesses are
      not acceptable as job assignments for the Co-op program.

 4.   Vacations are not allowed during fall, spring, and summer sessions. Students enrolled in Summer
      Session I and/or II may not take vacations.

 5.   The Co-op student is obligated to fulfill all the job requirements on the Co-op assignment for the entire
      semester. If the job requirements are not fulfilled (i.e., termination, health/family circumstances) the
      student is subject to a grade of “F” or an incomplete.

 6.   Students approved for the Cooperative Education/Internship program are required to register for
      academic credit. No Co-op/internship credit will be granted retroactive to the current semester the
      student is assigned.

 7.   The Co-op student is expected to stay in contact with Dr. Yamoah (908-737-4140) during the entire
      semester. It is the Co-op student’s responsibility to notify the Co-op Office ( and
      Dr. Yamoah if problems occur either on the job or of a family/personal nature.

 8.   Any changes in the job situation (new job, new location, new department, new boss, etc.), may result in
      mandatory withdrawal from the Co-op course. Please notify the Co-op Office and Dr. Yamoah

 9.   Complete job documentation materials must be current and on file in the Co-op Office (Willis 402B)
      during the Co-op semester.

10.   The Co-op student is expected to speak with Dr. Yamoah regarding all course requirements. You are to
      hand in all course requirements directly to Dr. Yamoah in Willis 405.

11.   GOOD LUCK!

Student Response: I have reviewed the above statement, and understand how each tip will
contribute to the success of a Co-op experience.

Student Signature ____________________________________________                       Date ______________
Section II - Statement of Objectives to be Achieved
The purpose of this section is to assist you in identifying Learning Objectives to be achieved during the
course of your cooperative education assignment. The process is similar to developing a syllabus for a course
except that the objectives are specific to your personal cooperative education experience.

As you list your objectives, it will be helpful to consider the following questions:
     How will this experience relate to your past or present studies?
     How will you be different as a result of the co-op experience?
     What skills will you develop? What skills do you already possess that will be reinforced or reality
     What new knowledge will be acquired (about your field of study, the structure of the agency/business
        for which you will be working, etc.)?

Learning Objectives should be written in two parts:
    A statement of your Learning Expectations (the knowledge or skill you want to learn) and your
       Learning Outcomes (how you will prove to your faculty sponsor that you reached the Learning

    Learning Expectations--the three basic types:
     Academic/Technical - those related to your major;
     Organizational - those related to the cooperative employment opportunity; and
     Personal - those related to your general developmental needs, which will include a full range of skills
       such as interpersonal relations, communication skills, and personal growth.

    Learning Outcomes--can be any of the following types:
     Evaluative - excerpts from your daily log or an evaluation by the employer or faculty sponsor;
     Descriptive - a written or oral description; or
     Creative - a creative approach.

                                    LEARNING OBJECTIVE EXAMPLES

              Learning Expectations                                         Learning Outcomes
       (the knowledge or skills you want to learn)            (how you will prove to your faculty sponsor that you
                                                                     reached the Learning Expectation)

Academic/Technical                                         Evaluative
a. Proficiency in cellular biology assays (e.g., ALP).     a. My supervisor will evaluate my ability to conduct
                                                              cellular biology assays.

Organizational                                             Descriptive
b. To gain knowledge about the Federal regulations that    b. Orally or in writing, without notes, I will be able to
   must be followed in operating the commodities              describe the various Federal regulations and how
   trading business.                                          they impact commodities trading.

Personal                                                   Creative
c. Development of public speaking skills.                  c. I will prepare a videotape of two presentations (one at
                                                              the start and one near the end of the semester) on a
                                                              topic assigned to me by my faculty sponsor.

Students should provide 6-9 objectives on the next page or attach a separate sheet. These
objectives must be reviewed by Dr. David Yamoah, Economics & Finance Department,
Willis 405. Student must sign the objectives. These objectives must be then given to the
Cooperative Education program, Willis 402B. The Co-op office will speak directly to
Dr. Kempey for his final decision.
                                             LEARNING OBJECTIVES

              Learning Expectations                                        Learning Outcomes
        (the knowledge or skill you want to learn)            (how you will prove to your faculty sponsor that you
                                                                     reached the Learning Expectation)

TO THE FACULTY SPONSOR: Your role is a vital one, since you ensure maintenance of academic quality in our
program. You can help the student identify learning objectives that clearly state the knowledge or skills you want them to
achieve. Please review the objectives with the student. Please be advised that your signature indicates acceptance of
this job position as a Cooperative Education/Internship experience in your department and that the student can register.

        Sponsoring Faculty’s signature & date                            Student’s printed name & signature
Section III – Revision of the Student Learning Contract (to be done at the discretion of the major
TO THE EMPLOYER/SUPERVISOR: You are encouraged to provide meaningful assignments that will aid the student in
meeting the learning objectives specified. Where the objectives are, in your opinion, not appropriate to the student’s
work-learn experience, you may assist the student in identifying new objectives or revising those stated. Please review
this learning contract with the student, note modifications and any new objectives. Please treat the review session as a
preliminary evaluation of the student’s on the job performance and sign your name.

TO THE STUDENT: This review session with your supervisor must occur immediately following the meeting with
the Cooperative Education program. Prior to this session, copies of your learning contract up through and including
Section II must be sent to your faculty sponsor, co-op counselor, and the third copy given to your work supervisor. Upon
completion of Section III, have copies made and sent to the same parties, even if no changes are indicated.

A. Modification or deletion of initially proposed objectives. Please specify:

B. New objectives identified as a result of the student/supervisor discussion. Please specify:

I have discussed the learning contract with the co-op student and provided appropriate recommendations. The attainment
of the learning objectives is the student's responsibility; however, where feasible, assignments and opportunities that may
contribute to the achievement of the objectives will be provided.

        Supervisor’s signature & date                                           Student’s printed name & signature

Special thanks to Carol Martin Rutgers, Director of Cooperative Education, Rutgers University, for giving permission in
using her form as a model.

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