INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM                                     PURCHASING DEPARTMENT

To:      All Departments

From: Steve Brendle, Purchasing Manager

Date:     June 23, 2003

Subject: Maintenance on Fax Machines, Printers and Typewriters

Special Notice: Fax maintenance now available!!
The Purchasing Office will once again offer a self-insurance program to cover your printers,
typewriters and for the first time, fax machines!! During the past few years, we have
experimented with a number of ways to reduce the cost of maintenance on the typewriters and
laser printers in your departments. The least expensive course of action seems to be having
equipment repaired on an as-needed basis. The drawback to that approach, however, is that
budgetary planning for maintenance at the department level is very difficult. Recognizing that
your departmental liability needs to be limited, we have created a self-insurance program for
your equipment. This program provides needed maintenance coverage for your equipment at a
cost considerably lower than that incurred from outside vendors. All prices are the same as last
year. Fax machine coverage has been added at a cost of $140.00 per fax machine per year.

Here is how the self-insurance program will work: Based on the pricing on the attached sheet,
please process an IDO to Purchasing for all of the typewriters and laser printers that you wish to
have covered, using object code 3778. Specify in as much detail as possible the brand and type
of equipment and the serial number(s). Once we receive this IDO, we will assign an equipment
identification number to your equipment and send you a tag with that number. This tag should
then be attached to the appropriate piece of equipment. When service is needed, you will simply
call one of the following companies for service:

    Jeffco Solutions – 1-636-937-4005
    Von Brocken Office Equipment – 645-3611

    Copying Concepts – 633-2000 (ask for Service Department)
    Jeffco Solutions – 1-636-937-4005
    Tonercharge - 298-0809 (Free cleaning when Tonercharge cartridges are used)

We will have standing orders established with these vendors, so you will only need to provide
the equipment identification number. The vendor will then forward the invoice to Accounts
Payable to be paid against the standing order. You will have no further paperwork to handle. The
self-insurance program will cover all parts and labor as needed, but will not cover consumable
supplies or upgrades. No IDO’s for self-insurance will be processed after 9/01/04.

As an additional feature, you will be provided a “Purchase Option” on all major repairs.
When it looks like you will have a significant repair to an older printer or typewriter that is
covered by the program, you will have the option of using the estimated repair cost towards
the purchase of a new device. These situations will be handled on an individual basis, so be
sure to contact the Purchasing Office before proceeding with costly repairs. The vendors
will also be advised of this alternative.

For Departments that wish to have equipment repaired on an as-needed basis, you will need to
obtain a PO for necessary repairs or establish a standing order. We feel that this self-insurance
program provides an excellent alternative to limit your departmental budgetary liability.


Fax machines will be covered for $140.00 per year. Service vendors will be identified once we
determine the types of machines to be covered. The “Purchase Option” will also apply to fax

                              SELF-INSURANCE PROGRAM PRICING

                                                FAX MACHINES

All Fax machines                                                                    $ 140.00 each


Electric Typewriters (IBM, Selectric, etc.)                                         $ 25.00 each

Electronic Typewriters (Olympia, Canon, Xerox)                                      $ 40.00 each

Word Processors w/external monitors or disk drive                                   $ 40.00 each

                                              LASER PRINTERS

All H-P Laserjet Printers except those listed below                                 $ 125.00 each

All H-P Si Models                                                                   $ 275.00 each

All H-P Color Printers                                                              $ 325.00 each

Most other brands of desktop lasers                                                 $ 150.00 each

Most printer share devices or server jets                                           $ 30.00 each

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