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									                                Daire Conley
P.O. Box 297915 Columbus, OH 43229                                                   614-388-8704
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Acloche Staffing                      Performed assembly line maintenance.
Newark, OH 43229                      Performed assembly line troubleshooting.
Maintenance Tech                      Performed facility interior design and maintenance.
May 2007- May 2008

Premier Industries                    Operated and maintained computer station.
Columbus, Ohio                        Performed maintenance tasks on the mold stations.
Department manager                    Performed administrative assistance.
May 2006-May 2007                     Monitored performance logs and completed daily reports.

Ohio Gift,                            Supervised a team to ensure rapid customer turnaround.
Columbus, Ohio                        Trained employees per company guidelines.
Shift manager                         Performed store closings.
January 2006-May 2006                 Managed inventory.

Ohio Army National Guard              Participated in a search and extraction team.
Chillicothe, Ohio                     Received Hasmat training.
Interior Electrician                  Ensure stability of process control equipment.
August 2001-August 2009               Provided service in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
                                      Received honorable discharge.

                                      Secondary school diploma.
                                      Computer tech, web development & accounting courses.
                                      Qualified for year book staff.

Qualifications                        Currently enrolled in college.
                                      Experience in raw-veganism.
                                      Managerial experience.
                                      15+ years of experience with pc's.
                                      10+ years of experience in customer relations.
                                      12+ years of experience with various office suites.
                                      Linux based web design experience.
                                      Linux based programming experience.

                                References provided upon request

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