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					MEETING OF HATFIELD TOWN COUNCIL                                    10 NOVEMBER 2008
held at the Council Offices, Cuckoo Lane, Hatfield

Members present:
                            Town Mayor, Councillor B Jackson

K Knight                                                 Mrs R Chafen
M Glynn                                                  Mrs J Credland
Mrs I Harrison                                           D Fiennes-Gregory
J Bloor                                                  T Gibbs
J Hart                                                   E Durdy
Mrs P Panks

D Wright, Town Clerk
B Spencer, Deputy Town Clerk


     Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Councillors J Brown and Mrs R


     Councillor Mrs I Harrison declared a personal interest in Minute No. 89, being a
     permanent member of the DMBC Planning Committee.


     No matters were raised by the two residents who attended the meeting.


     There was no representation from the Police or PCSOs.

     Resolved: that a letter is sent to Inspector Adams, head of the Safety Neighbourhood
     Team, expressing concern that neither a police officer nor a PCSO is attending meetings
     of the Town Council.

     MONDAY 13 OCTOBER 2008

     The Minutes of the Meeting of the Town Council held on Monday 13 October 2008
     were approved as a correct record and signed by the Town Mayor, Councillor B


a    Stainforth & Hatfield Neighbourhood Panel

     Further to Minute No 68, the Town Mayor, Councillor B Jackson reported that he had
     been in contact with the Rights of Way Section and it was confirmed that they were not
     aware of this initiative and they are to request that their representative is invited to
     future meetings of the Panel.

b    Skate Park

     Further to Minute No 72a, the Clerk reported that the amount of fill material ordered
     was correct and that the apparent surplus was in fact soil that had been removed from
     the site of the skate park and was to be used to enhance the existing cyclo-cross track.
     Members had received a request for some of the soil to be exported to Wyndthorpe
     Bowls Club. The Clerk suggested there may be an issue regarding the transportation of
     possibly contaminated soil.

     Resolved: that the Clerk makes enquiries of Doncaster MBC of how to test soil for

c    Firework Display – Jubilee Park

     Further to Minute No 72b, Members reported on a very successful event and it was
     estimated that some 3500 people had attended. A number of positive comments from
     members of the public had been made and Members had collected approximately £500
     from local businesses for the lanterns and this is to be distributed to local organisations.
     The Clerk indicated that because of the wet weather, it had been necessary to purchase
     bales of straw at a cost of £40 and it was agreed that this would be paid by the Town
     Council. The Clerk also referred to a meeting held with Sue Rawlings regarding the
     communication problems and he felt that Sue had now a better understanding of the
     procedures to be followed.

     Resolved: that

     i     letters of thanks are sent to Sue Rawlings and her staff at Doncaster MBC, to
           South Yorkshire Police, the South Yorkshire Fire Service, the Air Cadets and the
           Town Council’s own staff.

     ii    the scope of the Working Group previously agreed, is extended to include all
           issues relating to Jubilee Park (Minute No. 61a refers).

d    Parish Plans

     Further to Minute No 72c, the Clerk reported that he had just received the draft flyer for
     the meeting and felt that it was now too late for it to take place on 28 November 2008.

     Resolved: that the Dunsville Parish Plan meeting is deferred until Friday 16 January
     2009, subject to the availability of the Community Centre.

e    Councillors’ Surgery

     Further to Minute No 72d, no members of the public attended the surgery held on 8
     November 2008.

     Resolved: that the next Councillor’s Surgery is held on Saturday 6 December 2008 with
     Councillors E Durdy and T Gibbs in attendance.

f    Cemetery of the Year Competition

     Further to Minute No 74b, the Clerk had met the landscape design company and in order
     to produce designs and a planting plan, the sum of £250 plus VAT was requested. This
     had been agreed by the Leader and Deputy Leader. Just prior to the meeting, the Clerk
     had received information regarding the proposed planting areas but the plant schedule
     and costings were still to come. Members requested that a copy of this is circulated to
     all town councillors.

     Resolved: that the action taken by the Leader and Deputy Leader in authorising the
     expenditure, is approved.

g    Theft of Transit

     Further to Minute No 74d, the Clerk reported that the transit had not been recovered and
     he was awaiting a valuation from the insurance company. A local Renault dealer could
     provide a 10-month old Renault tipper with only 7000 miles on the clock, for £10995
     plus VAT, which is a saving of some £10000 on a new vehicle. Members were
     reminded that the previous Ford transit with an O6 plate and 60000 miles was purchased
     for £9000 plus VAT.

     Resolved: that further quotations be obtained for similar vehicles up to a limit of
     £11000 plus VAT and that these be submitted to the Leader and Deputy Leader who
     would make the decision on which vehicle to purchase.        Further resolved that
     whichever vehicle is purchased, a tracker must be fitted.


a    Planning Applications – Received (no observations)

     Resolved: that the Town Council has no observations in respect of the following
     planning applications:

     Erection of two detached houses with integral garages on approx 0.06ha of land, rear of
     26, 28 and 30 Crookesbroom Lane, Hatfield

     Erection of 2-storey office/training building (17.0m x 10.0m) HMP Lindholme, Vulcan
     Way, Lindholme

a    08/3032/FUL
     Erection of single storey extension (8.6m x 4.05m overall) to rear/side of hairdressing
     salon, 289 Station Road, Dunscroft

     Erection of sail shades to provide sheltered area (2.9m high), 70 High Street, Hatfield

     Erection of single storey pitched roof extension to rear of detached dwelling including
     formation of ramp and decking to form disabled access, Brackenfield, Old Thorne Road,

     Conversion of existing attached garage to living accommodation and erection of new
     detached pitched roof garage to front of detached bungalow (being re-submission of
     previous application granted under ref 08/2673/FUL on 22.10.08), 44 St Mary’s Road,

     Erection of first floor pitched roof extension above existing garage to front/side of
     detached house, 12 Westminster Drive, Dunsville

     Erection of single storey pitched roof extension to rear of attached garage incorporating
     existing garage to side of semi detached house, 4 White House Close, Hatfield

     Erection of two-storey building (18.1m x 12m overall) comprising of ground floor
     restaurant/fish and chip shop and 2 No. self-contained flats to first floor following
     demolition of existing building, 16-18 High Street, Dunsville

     Erection of two storey pitched roof extension to rear of detached house, 17 Harpenden
     Drive, Dunscroft

     Erection of one block of four single storey shop units (15.1m x 9.6m), following
     demolition of existing dwellings, 141 Broadway, Dunscroft

b    Planning Applications – Received (observations)

     Resolved: that the Town Council has observations in respect of the following planning

     Erection of detached dwelling on approx 0.33 ha of land following demolition of
     existing dwelling (being re-submission of application refused under ref 07/03994/FUL
     on 18.03.08), The Villa, Brierholme Carr Road, Hatfield.

     Observations – Countryside Policy Area

c    08/0047/REF
     Certificate of Lawful Use of Land as Domestic curtilage, 12 Lings Lane, Hatfield

     The Clerk reported that there is to be a public inquiry into the above appeal, to take
     place at Danum House on 20 January 2009.

d    07/1257/COU
     Change of Use of disused surface yard to residential caravan park for one
     extended gipsy family to include two static caravans and four touring caravans
     with associated landscaping.
     Appeal against enforcement action for alleged unauthorised residential use of land
     under grounds a and g,
     Rosegarth, Bawtry Road, Hatfield Woodhouse

     The Clerk reported that the appeal against Doncaster MBC’s refusal of planning
     permission in respect of the above had been allowed and the enforcement notice


     The Clerk had been unable to prepare a financial report.


a    Jubilee Park – Lighting of Sports Pavilion

     Further to Minute No 72a, the Clerk had not yet received a revised quotation for the
     provision of lighting outside the Sports Pavilion on Jubilee Park.

     Resolved: that provided the revised quotation is increased only in line with inflation, an
     order is placed with Peter Fowler (Electrical) Ltd for the provision of the lighting.

b    Audit of Accounts 2007/08

     The Clerk had now received the signed off External Auditors certificate in respect of the
     Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2008. A report, setting out the issues
     arising from the audit, was also received and this had been circulated to Members.
     Reference had been made to the administration of charitable money and the Clerk
     informed Members that he had previously advised the external auditors and received
     approval for delaying the accounting for charities until 1 April 2008. The second issue
     referred to the incorrect use of Section 137 Powers relating to expenditure on Christmas
     trees and lights and this was accepted by the Clerk. The report also referred to payments
     made to local sports clubs and the Clerk reminded Members that Section 137 powers
     were not used in these cases.

     Resolved: that the audit report is received and that the Clerk responds to the issues
     raised, drawing attention to the incorrect points raised in the report. Further resolved
     that if the Clerk does not receive a satisfactory response the matter is referred to the
     Town Council’s Audit Committee.

c    Freedom of Information Act

     The Clerk had been advised that a new mandatory Publication Scheme, under the
     Freedom of Information Act, has to be adopted and operated by all councils from 1
     January 2009. Members were reminded that the current publication scheme was
     adopted in 2003 and a new Model Scheme has been produced.

     Resolved: that the Model Publication Scheme is completed and circulated to Members
     for adoption at the next Town Council meeting.

d    Revised Code of Conduct for Councillors and Proposals for an Employees’ Code

     Following the publication of the Local Government Empowerment White Paper, a series
     of Communities in Control consultations have been produced and the Clerk has now
     received a paper relating to proposed changes to the Code of Conduct for Members and
     proposals for an Employees’ Code. A briefing note from NALC was circulated to
     Members together with a list of consultation questions, outlined in the paper.

     Resolved: that to allow time for Members to study the documents, the matter is deferred
     to the next Town Council meeting.

e    Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Joint Strategic Waste Development Plan

     The Clerk has received notice of a consultation document relating to the above plan.
     The plan originally produced was restricted to identifying suitable sites for large scale
     treatment facilities. The new document has widened the scope to include both a wider
     range of waste types and also policies for smaller facilities. The document is available
     on Doncaster MBC’s website and there is a public drop-in session, where officers will
     be on hand to discuss the plan. The session in Doncaster is to take place at the
     Doncaster Trades & Labour Club on 22 November 2008 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
     Following the drop-in session an evening workshop is to be held in the Trades & Labour
     Club on 26 November 2008 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

f    Hatfield Cemetery – Request to plant a small tree

     The Clerk had received a letter from a person seeking permission to plant a small tree in
     the cemetery in memory of his parents who are buried there.

     Resolved: that the request is refused but that other options such as small bushes may be

g    Dunscroft Unite – AGM and Official Launch Day of new Community Resource

     The Clerk had received notice of the above, which are to take place on 19 and 29
     November 2008 respectively.

     Resolved: that Councillor Mrs R Sheppard attends the AGM on 19 November 2008.

h    Dr Waters Gardens – Gate Opening

     Members reported that on occasions the gates to Dr Waters Gardens were not locked
     overnight and there had been a recent incident, involving young people and the Police
     had to be called. The Clerk reminded Members of the current unofficial arrangements,
     which had been in place since before he took up office.

     Resolved: that Councillor D Fiennes-Gregory takes on the responsibility for locking and
     unlocking the gates at Dr Waters Gardens.

i    Rural Action Yorkshire – (formerly YRCC) – AGM

     The Clerk had been advised that the AGM for the above is to be held at Whixley Village
     Hall, Harrogate on 29 November 2008. There is a £10, refundable deposit for Members.

     Resolved: that the Town Mayor, Councillor B Jackson attends the AGM.

j    Meeting Dates 2009

     The Clerk had circulated suggested meeting dates in 2009.

     Resolved: that the dates, as circulated, be accepted.

k    Notification of Pay Award 2008/09

     The Clerk reported that a final pay offer for 2008/09 of 2.45% had been received from
     the Employer’s side of the NJC and it had been agreed that the final offer should be
     implemented with effect from 1 April 2008. The Clerk informed Members that the new
     rates had been paid in the November salaries.

l    PCJCC - 14 October 2008

     Councillor E Durdy reported upon his recent attendance at the PCJCC. There was a
     presentation on the Freedom of Information Act, an update on the adoption of the Joint
     Charter (which has stalled since former Cabinet Member Pat Haith lost her seat), a
     guide to Business Rates and a presentation on the Draft Race Equality Scheme 2008-
     2011. The Clerk reported that, to his knowledge, no parish and town councils had such
     a scheme. It was also noted that no Labour Member or Cabinet Member from
     Doncaster MBC was represented on the Committee. The Town Clerk, who had been
     elected as Chair to the Committee (as Councillor on Wadworth Parish Council),
     reported that since the meeting a Labour Member and two Cabinet Members had been
     elected to the Committee.

     Resolved: that the Clerk makes enquiries regarding the adoption of a Race Equality
     Scheme and that the matter is reported to the next meeting of the Policy & Resources


     Resolved: that the following accounts be approved and passed for payment:

     Cheque No.

      4822        Exchange Vehicle Rental – hire of Transit p/e 10 Nov 2008       411.25
      4823        DMBC – hire of Hatfield Water Park – summer activities         1056.00
      4824        YPO – consumable materials                                       73.47
      4825        cheque cancelled
      4826        Lazer Security – annual maintenance – Cemetery                   86.95
      4827        Sunnybank Nursery – floral displays                             382.92
      4828        Gas & Hire Ltd – gas for Workshop heaters                        44.00
      4829        BDO Stoy Hayward – audit fee 2007/08                            646.25
      4830        Car Care Thorne – keys for Sports Pavilion                        8.00
      4831        Coffee No 4 – breakfast re Twinning visit                        41.25
      4832        1st Dunsville Girls Brigade – grant                             100.00
      4833        Little Tykes Playgroup – grant                                  100.00
      4834        Hatfield Woodhouse Amateur Gardening Society – grant            100.00
      4835        Dunscroft Social Leek Club – grant                              100.00
      4836        Hatfield Church Social Committee – grant                        100.00
      4837        Hatfield Local & Natural History Group – grant                  100.00
      4838        North East Doncaster Citizens Advice Bureau – grant             200.00
      4839        Hatfield Juniors FC – grant                                     150.00
      4840        Dunsville Community Centre – grant                              950.00
      4841        Hatfield Old People’s Centre – grant                            950.00
      4842        Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall – grant                         950.00
      4843        D Wright –                                                     1497.18
                          salary, November 2008                1330.18
                          Expenses re SLCC Conference           167.00
      4844        B Spencer – salary, November 2008                               921.06
      4845        S Williamson – salary November 2008                 1266.72    1180.06
                          Less rental for Cemetery House               (86.66)
      4846        S Briggs – salary, November 2008                               1162.20
      4847        A Briggs – salary, November 2008                               1264.36
      4848        E M Fletcher – Changing room attendance p/e 9/11/08              49.98
      4849        B Rodwell – Office Cleaning – November 2008                      62.16
      4850        SYPA – Pension contributions – November 2008                   1487.90
      4851        Inland Revenue – Tax/NI November 2008                          2240.72
      4852        R L Farmer Ltd – straw for Jubilee Park (Fireworks)              40.00
      4853        Doncaster Garden Machinery – mower spares                         8.65
      4854        B Jackson – Members’s expenses                                   18.00
      4855        Hannah-Reed & Associates Ltd – CDM fee re Skate Park            246.75
      4856        Npower – supply                                                 208.28
                          Council Offices                      115.51
                          Cemetery                              92.77
      4857        Handyman – consumable materials                                  86.70
      4858        Travis Perkins – consumable materials                            23.34
      4859        M G Plumbing & Gas Services – boiler servicing, Council          79.90

         4860           N T Killingley Ltd – Skate Park – interim payment (1)    16959.73
         Dir Deb        YHCC Telecom – mobile phone charges, September               7.25
         Dir Deb        Barriecars – fuel, October 2008                            188.91
                        TOTAL                                                    32742.50

Signed .......................................................... (Town Mayor)

Date: 8 December 2008


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