TEN 2010/07

Purpose of this document

The University of East London (UEL) requires the information sought in this
questionnaire from suppliers responding to the relevant OJEU notice number.
Responses to the pre-qualification questionnaire will be used in the first step of
selecting suppliers to tender. Selected suppliers will be invited to participate
further in the procurement.
This is a competitive procurement conducted in accordance with the EC Services
Directive, as implemented by The Public Contracts Regulations 2006, SI 2006

Organisation of this document

This document contains two sections:

1. introduction, background information and instructions for completion;

2. evaluation approach;

Background Information

The University of East London are seeking to appoint an experienced and
competent contractor to manage its cleaning and associated functions across its
mixed building profile within East London.

We would expect the contractor to ensure its workforce is appropriately resourced
with equipment and materials, well trained and supervised and to be flexible and
proactive. Excellent quality systems will be used and fully audited to ensure
consistency to agreed standards. Sound environmental approaches will be needed
to minimise the University Carbon footprint. Excellent communication and timely
management reporting will be expected, with supporting key performance
indicators to demonstrate continuous improvement over the life of the contract.

The buildings are a mixture of styles and ages ranging from Grade 11 listed to
temporary on site accommodation, although the majority of the estate is less
than 15 years old. There are two main University Campuses with a small number
of satellite buildings There are also plans for future expansion with a new sports
complex under construction and a joint development with Birkbeck University in
Stratford. The contract will be designed to enable any associated educational
institutions to join should the opportunity arise.

The current contract expires on 31 July 2011 and there will be staff to be
transferred to the new contract who will be subject to TUPE regulations.

The new contract will be for an initial period of three years with two possible
extensions of an additional year (maximum five years).

Building Profiles
Academic and office space
Residential student accommodation 1170 rooms
Semester conference cleaning and room set up
External spaces
Technical spaces (laboratory and art areas)
Medical area (Podiatry hospital)
Dance studios
Library and IT spaces
Staff and Student bar

Services Required

The following services will be required across its 100,000 m2 estate, mainly
weekdays with reduced weekend requirements:

High level and furniture cleaning
Classroom furniture set-ups
Waste and recycling separation and internal transportation
Ad hoc Portering / General Assistance
General cleaning to all spaces
Deep cleaning and periodic treatments across the Estate
Residential common area
Deep cleaning of residential spaces at the end of teaching year
Housekeeping support for conference / summer school periods
Provision of hygiene services
Provision of all toiletries and waste sacks
Window cleaning

Timetable for the procurement

This is a restricted procedure.
Completed PQQs are to be received by Noon 13 January 2011 by e-mail to
To transfer larger files (over 10 MB), please use the File Transfer System at

We plan to hold a meeting for potential bidders to present an outline of our
requirements and to describe how to complete the pre-qualification questionnaire.
Representatives of East London Business Place will also be in attendance to help
companies who are new to the public sector procurement process.
This will be held at our Docklands campus on Friday 7 January 2011.
To register your interest in attending please notify UEL at

Full tender documents are planned to be issued to successful contenders in mid
February 2011.
The indicative date for tender submissions is 1 April 2011, with contract award
planned for 1 June 2011 and commencement 1 August 2011.
Further timetable details will be issued with full tender specification documents.

Instructions for completion

Responses to the questionnaire should be clearly marked “TEN 2010/07”.
Prospective service providers/suppliers should answer all questions as accurately
and concisely as possible. Where a question is not relevant to the responder’s
organisation, this should be indicated, with an explanation.
Supporting information should be presented in the same order as and should be
referenced to the relevant question.
Questions should be answered in English.
Responses will be evaluated in accordance with the procedures set out in Section
2. In the event that none of the responses are deemed satisfactory, UEL reserves
the right to consider alternative procurement options.
Failure to furnish the required information, make a satisfactory response to any
question, or supply documentation referred to in responses, within the specified
timescale, may mean that suppliers will not be invited to participate further.

Consortia and sub-contracting

Where a consortium or sub-contracting approach is proposed, all information
requested should be given in respect of the proposed prime contractor or
consortium leader. Relevant information should also be provided in respect of
consortium members or sub-contractors who will play a significant role in the
delivery of services or products under any ensuing contract. Responses must
enable UEL to assess the overall service proposed.
Where the proposed prime contractor is a special purpose vehicle or holding
company, information should be provided of the extent to which it will call upon
the resources and expertise of its members.
UEL recognises that arrangements in relation to consortia and sub-contracting
may be subject to future change. Suppliers should therefore respond in the light
of such arrangements as are currently envisaged.
Please provide details of the proportion of any contract awarded under this
contract that the prospective partner proposes to subcontract.
UEL may seek independent financial and market advice to validate information
declared or to assist in the evaluation. Reference site visits or demonstrations
and/or presentations are unlikely to be requested at this stage.
Due to the size of the contract, no prime contractors with a turnover of less than
£4 million will be considered for this tender.

Queries about the procurement

UEL will not enter into detailed discussion of the requirements at this stage.
Any questions about the procurement should be submitted by e-mail to:
If UEL considers any question or request for clarification to be of material
significance, both the query and the response will be communicated, in a suitably
anonymous form, to all suppliers who have responded.
All responses received and any communication from suppliers will be treated in

Supplier contact point

Suppliers have been asked to include a single point of contact in their
organisation for their response to the pre-qualification questionnaire. UEL shall
not be responsible for contacting the supplier through any route other than the
nominated contact. The supplier must therefore undertake to notify any changes
relating to the contact promptly.

Supplier Selection

The objective of the selection process is to assess the responses to the Pre-
Qualification Questionnaire and select potential service providers to proceed to
the next stage of the procurement.
Selection criteria will be a combination of both financial and non-financial factors
and will consider:

1) Company history and organisation.
   Weighting 10%

2) Economic and financial standing – the supplier must be in a sound financial
   position to participate in a procurement of this size as set out in Regulation 24
   of the Public Services Contracts Regulations 2006 (SI 2006 No 5). This may
   entail independent financial checks.
   Due to the size of the contract, no prime contractors with a turnover of less
   than £4 million will be considered for this tender.

   Weighting 10%
   Including supplier acceptability – status of supplier in relation to Regulation 23
   of the Public Services Contracts Regulations 2006 (SI 2006 No 5).
   Pass or fail

3) Statutory and Insurance – the company must demonstrate its conformity with
   Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities legislation and prove adequate
   insurance is in place.
   Weighting 5%

4) Supplier capacity and capability – Assessment of the totality of resources and
    core competences available to the supplier(s).
   Weighting 30%

5) Experience - The Service Provider must be able to demonstrate a successful
    track record of providing similar services to those listed in the Official Journal
    of the European Union (OJEU) notice as set out in Regulation 25 of the Public
    Services Contracts Regulations 2006 (SI 2006 No. 5).
    Weighting 35%

6) Quality systems in place.
   Weighting 10%

Failure to provide a satisfactory response to any of the questions may result in
UEL not proceeding further with the supplier.
The information supplied will be checked for completeness and compliance before
responses are evaluated.
Evaluation of subsequent stages will be undertaken in accordance with the overall
Evaluation Strategy for the project.
Where in the opinion of UEL the response is inadequate the supplier may be
excluded from further consideration.
UEL intends to award any contract based on the basis of the “most economically
advantageous offer – in the opinion of UEL”.

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