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									                ANCHORAGE POOL RULES FOR SUMMER 2006
                       Anchor Aquatics 410-956-0744
Pool opens Saturday, May 27th (Memorial Day Weekend)
May 27th through June 13th - School Schedule
     - Saturdays, Sundays, and Memorial Day: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
     - Monday - Friday: 4p.m. - 8p.m.
June 14th Day School Closes - 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
June 15th – Labor Day Weekend - Regular Summer Schedule (11 a.m. - 8 p.m. every day)
Labor Day -11 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. - end of Pool Closing Party

If for some reason there is no lifeguard present at the pool during the above times scheduled, please
directly contact Anchor Aquatics at 410-956-0744. You may also contact Julie Rich 410-280-5379 or
Vernette Johnston 410-263-0478. Other Pool Committee members can be contacted as backup if you can
not reach Julie or Vernette.


    the pool is for the recreational use of resident members of the Anchorage Swim Club, Inc. in good
      standing (community fees paid in full).
    all resident members and guests must sign the pool log each time they enter the pool area.
      Anne Arundel County ordinance requires such a log. Failure to do so will result in pool closing.
    the pool will be closed at the lifeguard’s discretion during weather conditions that threaten the
      safe use of the pool by residents and their guests.
    noodles and kickboards will be allowed in the pool. Any other flotation devices must be
      approved by the lifeguard.


    children under 8 years of age as well as children 8-13 years of age who have not passed the
      swimming test administered by the lifeguard must be in the care of a person at least 13 years of
      age who will remain with the child at all times while the child is in the pool enclosure. It is with
      lifeguard approval and discretion that children over 8 will be allowed in the pool area alone. A
      list of these names will be posted on the general information board.
    children of a resident must be signed in on the pool log by a resident family member. Only during
      regular pool hours, providing overcrowding does not occur, the resident family member is not
      required to remain at the pool after the initial daily registration. It is understood that the resident
      family member will stay in the community while their children remain at the pool.
    grandchildren staying with resident grandparents can use the pool following the same rules that
      apply to children of resident adults.


      the wading pool is for the enjoyment of children 6 and under ONLY. Parents, care givers,
        babysitters and siblings of the children are also allowed to be within the wading pool area during
        this time. At the discretion of the lifeguard, use of the wading pool can be limited if too many
        individuals are in the wading pool area.
     an adult must accompany children using the wading pool at all times. No child can be left
       unattended at any time for any reason.
     children must be toilet trained or wearing a swim diaper to be permitted in the wading pool or the
       main pool. Disposable diapers are not acceptable.


     resident members are responsible for their guests.
     if there are non-family guests, the resident member must remain at the pool.
     community residents with short-term rental housing arrangements and long term guests of
       resident members should consult with the Pool Committee chairperson regarding pool privileges.
     all pool related fees are used to directly support pool operation and maintenance.


All people who enter the pool premises are subject to the following rules and regulations:

1. The lifeguard is in complete charge of the pool area and has the authority to enforce any limitations
   that he/she considers necessary to provide adequate safety. Any disrespect for this authority will be
   dealt with in accordance to the disciplinary procedures.

2. The lifeguard must be on duty before anyone is allowed in the pool area. Entering the pool area at any
   unauthorized time will be dealt with in accordance to the disciplinary procedures.

3. Admittance to the pool office is limited to the pool manager, lifeguards, Pool Committee members,
   and those individuals with permission from the lifeguard on duty to use the pool office telephone.

4. A shower is required before entering the pool. Use of the shower is limited to one (1) minute.

5. Only persons wearing proper swim attire will be allowed in the pool water. Street clothes or cut-offs
   are not considered proper swim attire.

6. Diving is allowed in water greater than 5 feet. The diving area is primarily for diving. Priority will be
   given to those wanting to dive off the diving board. Divers must wait until the person in front of them
   has reached the ladder before stepping onto the diving board.

7. No running allowed in or around the pool area.

8. Each hour, children will be asked to clear the pool. They will remain out of the water for 15 minutes
   from the time the last child comes out of the water. This is to allow for adult swimming only and time
   for the lifeguard to perform any necessary pool maintenance duties.

9. At the specific request of adult resident members and the lifeguard’s discretion, half the pool will be
   made available for the purposes of swimming laps during weekday evening hours.

10. The showers and bathrooms shall be limited to their intended use and congregating in and
   around them will not be permitted.
11. Foul/offensive language will not be tolerated in the pool area. Use of such language will result in the
   person being asked to leave and will be dealt with in accordance to the disciplinary procedures.

12. Inappropriate behavior such as yelling, screaming or continued form of distraction will not be
   tolerated in or around the pool area. Continue of such behavior will result in the person being asked
   to leave and will be dealt with in accordance to the disciplinary procedures.

13. The use of illegal drugs or narcotic substances or the consumption of alcoholic beverages by anyone
   under the legal age for such beverages, on or about the pool property shall be grounds for immediate
   suspension and likely termination of pool privileges.

14. Glass containers are not allowed within the confines of the pool premises.

15. Grills, trash and recycling containers are provided. Resident members and their guests are responsible
    for cleaning the grills after their use and placing their trash and recyclable items in the proper

16. The round tables with umbrellas and chairs will remain on the pool deck near the pool shallow end.

17. Pets are not allowed within the pool premises per county rules and regulations.

18. Bicycles are not allowed within the pool premises and should be kept in the bike rack.

19. The use of all skateboards, roller blades and scooters are prohibited within the pool premises and on
    the steps leading up into the pool area.

20. Games involving the throwing of balls on the pool house roof are not allowed.


    the pool telephone is located inside the pool office. The number is 410-263-8027.
    an outside ringer has been installed to ensure incoming calls will be heard and answered.
    permission from the lifeguard is required before using the telephone to make outgoing calls.


The lifeguards, Pool Management Company, the Pool Committee, and the Board of Directors are all
committed to the safe and enjoyable operation of the pool facilities. Rule infractions or other offensive
behavior should be reported promptly to the lifeguards. The following disciplinary actions will be taken in
response to rule infractions or other offensive behavior:

      First Infraction: The lifeguard will ask the person to sit out for a period of 10 minutes. The
      lifeguard will also document the date, violator, violation, and corrective action taken by the
      lifeguard. The Pool Committee Chairperson will advise the resident family by phone or in person of
      the violation and action taken.
     Second Infraction: The lifeguard will document the same information as above and suspension of
     pool use will be for one day. Documentation of the violation and resulting suspension will be sent
     by letter to the resident family from the Pool Committee Chairperson.

     Third Infraction: The lifeguard will document the same information as above and suspension of
     pool use will be for seven days. Documentation of the violation and resulting suspension will be
     sent by letter to the resident family from the Pool Committee Chairperson.

     Fourth Infraction: Suspension of pool use for the remainder of the season documented by a letter
     from the Board of Directors.

The community officers and Pool Committee intend to fully back our lifeguards and the Pool
Management Company with regard to suspension of pool privileges. Please observe and help enforce
these rules for everyone’s maximum enjoyment. The rules and regulations affecting the operation and use
of the pool by residents and their guests have been approved by the Anchorage Community Board of
Directors. Please note they are subject to change by the Pool Committee, with approval of the Board of

                                  2006Anchorage Pool Committee

                                     Julie Rich 410-280-5379
                                  Rebecca Pendleton 410-268-3445
                                   Carol Goldring 410-268-6858
                                  Vernette Johnston 410-263-0478
                                      Sue Ford 410-268-0039

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