Field Observation and Solution Proposal by 2KjWcYc


									Field Observations and Solution
          Musheer Ahmed
         Shayna Brownstein
         Lesley-Anne Harris
           Wassa Panont
           Shepherd Center
                           •132 Beds, with 10
                           Beds in their ICU

                           •2:1 Patient to Nurse

                           •Average stay in ICU:
•Rehabilitation hospital
                           4-5 Days, but rehab
located in Atlanta, GA
(Ranked in the top 10)     starts immediately
             Shepherd Center
•ICU layout is a standard U

•Remote stations for
charting, computer use, etc

•Issue with visibility from
the nurses’ station,
especially the low pressure   Courtesy of Shepherd
room                          Center Patient Joseph
            Shepherd Center
Interesting Approaches to Care:
• Remote telemetry monitoring for other units
• On site family housing
• Patients transferred when they are capable of
  starting rehab
Area: 25,000 SF

Completion Date: Spring 2008

Twenty-eight patient rooms each with private bath and family zones
with built-in support areas including desks, daybeds, and storage
for overnight stays

State of the art patient care delivery including nurse stations at
each room with visible access, patient lift in each room, wall-
mounted Hill-Rom latitude booms, and through wall nurse server for
supply storage.
Clinical Documentation
Lack of Communication
Emory University Hospital
Courtesy of Wanlin Xiang
          Piedmont Hospital
• 482 Beds, all private rooms
• 3,000 Employees and medical staff
• More than 800 board-certified physicians
           Shift ChangeInformation
Recording/Communicating Critical
Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance
Common Problems

     Patient Visibility Problems
     • Found in Older hospitals
        Common Problems
       Family Involvement Paradox
• Patient and Family’s Comfort vs. the Staff
    Common Problems
Multitude of Monitoring Equipment
         • Inter-operability
      • Information Overload
           Proposed Solution
• Handheld
• Built-in
• Extension of Existing System

• Monitoring Equipment Problem
• Patient Visibility
           Proposed Solution
Patient/Family Interaction Device:
• 2 or 3 Way Communication
• Real Time Observation

• Family Involvement Problem
• Patient Visibility

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