Sanyo HIT Photovoltaic module by yn5404w


									                                   Sanyo HIT Photovoltaic module!

These Solar Panels have R and D technology adaption to help the cell efficiency so that Carrier
recombination loss, Optical absorption loss and Resistance loss are all reduced. They also have three
tabs application to reduce electrical loss between the cell fingers and tabs and the tabs can also be
made thinner to increase the light receiving surface. The anti-reflection glass reduces any scattering
of incoming light to improve generated electricity levels at both morning and evening times.

The HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer) Solar cell is made up of a monocrystalline silicon
wafer so that the product can provide industry leading performance using state of the art
manufacturing techniques. These solar cells can provide more clean energy than any other
conventional crystalline solar cell for improved friendliness to the environment.

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