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									UT-ATI-CEI Clean Energy Incubator Program Funding Opportunity
Rev 1.3                                                                       20101203

3925 West Braker Lane
Austin, Texas 78759

Please send all questions and materials to Stephen Garten,

Funding Opportunity: Expanding Texas’ Clean Energy Incubation Capacity

The Austin Technology Incubator’s Clean Energy Incubator (UT-ATI-CEI), which is a unit of
The University of Texas at Austin’s IC2 Incubator, is administering a program to launch two
new clean energy Incubators at universities in Texas during its 2011 and 2012 fiscal years
which end 8/31/2012 . This opportunity is supported by the State Energy Conservation
Office’s Clean Energy Incubator Emerging Clean Technology Program (posted in 2010 under
RFP 195d).

The intent of this opportunity is to help existing commercialization programs and
incubators at universities in Texas create dedicated clean energy incubators that foster
commercialization of clean energy technologies and growth of new and emerging
companies in the clean energy sector. This program is not intended to create new
commercialization programs for universities that do not have prior commercialization
track records; rather it is intended to help universities that already have commercialization
capability broaden their scope of activities to include dedicated efforts for incubating clean
energy companies and commercializing clean energy technologies. Universities and
incubators that have a track record of commercialization success are encouraged to apply
for these awards to secure the funds they need to expand their work into the clean energy

The funding for successful applicants is intended to primarily cover personnel costs (in
particular, hiring a director of a new clean energy incubator) along with some travel costs.
It is not intended to cover capital or equipment costs.

             Award size:       $200,000
     Number of awards:         2
  Total program budget:        $400,000
     Proposal due date:        1/21/11
        Project duration:      3/1/11 through 8/31/12
   Qualifying applicants:      1) Universities in Texas or
                               2) Incubators or commercialization offices at universities in

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UT-ATI-CEI Clean Energy Incubator Program Funding Opportunity
Rev 1.3                                                                        20101203

Instructions for how to apply for the UT-ATI-CEI Clean Energy Incubation Grant:

Qualifying applicants must follow these instructions for submitting their proposal to be
considered for an award.

Relevant dates:
12/3/10         RFP issue date
12/17/10        Clarifying questions for prospective proposers due via email by 5:00 pm
                CST to Stephen Garten,
1/7/11          Answers to questions will be made public by 5:00 p.m. CST at
1/21/11         Proposals due by 5:00 p.m. CST via email to Stephen Garten,
2/4/11          Announcement of awardees at the UT Energy Forum, Austin, TX and at
      , and via email to all applicants

Point of contact for questions: Stephen Garten,

NOTE: All questions regarding this program will be made public. All answers to submitted
questions will be made public.

Proposal Format:

Proposals must be submitted in a single Microsoft Word document via email to Stephen
Garten, by the due date (1/21/11, 5:00 p.m. CST).

The proposal needs to have the following sections, in order:

    A.   Cover sheet with program name/title
    B.   Identifying information for applying institution
    C.   Point of contact for proposer
    D.   Description of how your proposed institution meets each of the eight target criteria
         described below (150 words per criterion)
    E.   Proposed program for the 2-year, $200,000 contract (500 words)
    F.   Budget breakdown for the program (250 words, and one table)
    G.   Reporting and governance structure (250 words, and one diagram)
    H.   Bio(s) of leadership team for existing and proposed institutions

Section A: include a cover sheet that includes the program name/title, and proposing

Section B: include full identifying information for the applying institution

Section C: include name, department, title, address, city, state, zip code, phone, fax, and e-
mail for the program point of contact

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UT-ATI-CEI Clean Energy Incubator Program Funding Opportunity
Rev 1.3                                                                     20101203

Section D: Include a description for how your proposed institution meets (or will meet)
each of the following criteria (150 word maximum per criterion):

    1) Incubation track record: Describe whether your institution already has an incubator
       or commercialization program, the track record of success for that incubator or
       program, and whether that incubator or program has a clean energy focus.
    2) Institutional experience with and commitment to commercialization: Describe the
       existing organizational structure and record of performance for all elements of the
       parent institution’s commercialization efforts, including the technology transfer
       office (or equivalent), success of business building programs, history of student
       and/or faculty entrepreneurship, and so forth.
    3) Institutional commitment to the new clean energy incubator: Describe the evidence
       of institutional commitment to the program (for example: matching funds, letters of
       support, other grants, dedicated space, etc.).
    4) Strong energy-focused academic programs at parent institutions: Describe relevant
       energy-focused academic programs, including existing research programs, degree
       plans, course offerings, executive education, and so forth.
    5) Evidence of multidisciplinary collaboration across academic disciplines: Describe
       existing examples of cross-campus collaboration, for example dual-degree
       programs, cross-listed courses, multi-disciplinary research centers, and so forth.
    6) Sustainability: Describe the availability of funding (or potential sources of funding)
       to sustain and/or expand operations beyond this award.
    7) Local Energy Relationships: Describe the strength of the relationship between the
       parent institution and proposed incubator with the local utility and/or energy
       industry, and give examples.
    8) Community-building: Describe the parent or partner institution’s record for
       community-building and outreach related to clean energy (for example through
       public forums, local/regional not-for-profits, local collaborations intent on building
       clean energy leadership, and so forth).

Section E: Describe the new institution or commercialization program you will create with
the 2-year, $200,000 contract (maximum 500 words).

Section F: Give a budget breakdown by category and year for the program. The total
budget is $200,000 per award, broken out nominally to be $80,000 in year 1 (ending
8/31/11), $120,000 in year 2 (ending 8/31/12). It is expected that a great preponderance
of the budget will be dedicated to personnel costs (for example, to hire a director of the
new clean energy incubator), along with costs for travel. If matching funds are used, then
the budget should show the overall program cost, and the portions covered by this funding.
The budget should show total program cost along with explanation of how the UT-ATI-CEI
grant funds would be used (e.g., include source and use of matching funds if obtained). No
overhead or indirect costs are admissible for this program (maximum 250 words, and one
table). NOTE: matching funds are NOT required for this program.

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UT-ATI-CEI Clean Energy Incubator Program Funding Opportunity
Rev 1.3                                                                      20101203

Section G: Describe the organizational configuration, reporting structure, and governance
structure of the new institution (250 words, and one diagram).

Section H: Give brief biographical description(s) of the leadership team for the proposed
institution (maximum 250 words per person, maximum of 3 people). One of those bios

Requirements of Successful Applications

Successful applicants who are awarded funding to create a new clean energy incubator,
must meet the following requirements as a condition of the award:

    1) Consult with UT-ATI-CEI on the primary personnel hire (presumably the director of
       the clean energy incubator)
    2) Work with UT-ATI-CEI to refine budget, metrics, and milestones
    3) Travel to attend:
           a. Training session on launching a clean energy incubator in 2011 at ATI in
              Austin, TX (2 nights, 2 days)
           b. Clean Energy Venture Summit (Fall 2011 and Fall 2012), Austin, TX (2 nights,
              2 days)
           c. At least 1 CleanTX Forum (bi-monthly,, Austin, TX (1 night,
              1 day)
           d. At least 1 SEEN (Solar Energy Entrepreneurial Networking) event (quarterly,
    , Austin, TX (1 night, 1 day)
           e. At least 2 national conferences over the two year period of the applicants’
           f. Summer 2011 University of Texas 3-day energy short course, Austin, TX (3
              nights, 3 days)
    4) Monthly reporting to SECO, with copies to UT-ATI-CEI
    5) Monthly conference calls, based on reports, with UT-ATI-CEI

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